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    It's Xmas time

    I would love a great set of speakers and a turntable/stereo to listen to my LPs on. I have a portable record player, but it sounds terrible. I have a little bluetooth speaker that sounds a lot better. I'm not asking for this from anyone, though. I will get one eventually when I move out of my dad's house if I can justify the cost eventually. I am just collecting a few great records as I go along. I would love to have a Wildflowers LP (even if a reissue). I just got the reissues of ITTGWO, Last DJ, Echo, and She's the One this year. I think the only album I'm missing on LP is Wildflowers. Wouldn't mind some over-ear noise cancelling bluetooth headphones, either. I have some by Bludio. They don't sound terrible, but the bluetooth part quit working and they aren't noise cancelling. lol But like I said, I am getting none of these things for Christmas, LOL.
  2. Liberty

    My New Book-Tom Petty And me

    Thanks. Here it is for anyone else who wants to read it. I haven't been popping on the farm too much recently, so my apologies. https://www.thepettyarchives.com/exclusives/tom-petty-and-me-review
  3. Liberty

    Maxwell House

    Bonus... He's said that about Maxwell House to more people than Zanes. I think Tom was genuine about it. We have an article on the Archives that dates back to before Tom mentioned it to Zanes where Tom tells a similar story in an interview.
  4. Liberty

    Maxwell House

    I hate Maxwell House. It tastes bitter to me. Well, I'd say Tom has had a lot of coffee in his day, and a LOT of it depends 1) personal preference 2) the coffee maker, preparation, and storage of the coffee. There are so many different ways to make coffee. At my house, we just have a crap little 4 cup drip and my dad drinks Maxwell House. Choc full o Nuts used to be his favorite when I was a kid, but he says he wants something stronger, so that's what he drinks now. I'm not a coffee connoisseur. I usually have decaf with plenty of flavorful and sweet and creamy additives, so the coffee gets a little lost in the mix, lol. Though, I did have some cheap, light coffee one time at a local Mexican restaurant with just a little Splenda and loved it. I guess I like a lighter roast, smoother coffee. I think Maxwell House tastes bitter and burnt.
  5. Liberty

    My New Book-Tom Petty And me

    I read this book and enjoyed it, BTW. I keep meaning to put a review up on the Archives but I haven't done it yet. I'm behind on absolutely everything right now, so I'm not sure when I will get around to it.
  6. Liberty

    The song "Strangered in the Night"

    I have this exact same reaction to this song. I always skip over it. It feels out of place and I just don't like the lyrics. It's probably the only song by TP that I just don't like.
  7. Liberty

    A big question

    Probably. Dana used to be on the official Tom Petty forums. They're pretty much empty/dead now. I think she and Adria are both members of Tom Petty Nation on Facebook, but I'm not. I don't like the founder of the group for many reasons. I really wouldn't recommend trying to contact them, if that's what you're wondering. I'm a very private person, so I generally try to promote respect from a distance when it comes to the fan/hero relationship. There's nothing worse than being the creepy fan, IMO. I'm not assuming you are. Just bringing it up as a point in general. My rule of thumb is to stay at least one degree away and then if someone notices you and wants to reach out to you, they can.
  8. Liberty

    Tom Petty & Movies

    Tom was a huge movie fan! I would love to know more about his favorite movies and such. I'm not friends with Dana on Facebook, but we have mutual friends and she was recently talking about different old, old horror movies they liked to watch. I think it would be interesting to know more about this topic. The fact that Adria went into film probably also has something to do with his love of movies and being around when they made music videos. Tom and the Heartbreakers have some of the coolest music videos, heck, they pioneered the music video. I don't think it's a coincidence that Tom is such a big movie fan and that his music videos have always been so neat.
  9. Liberty

    My Aunt

    You have my condolences, Nurktwin. That is a long life! I'm 23, Dad is 63, Grandpa is 91. I can tell my dad has a rough time dealing with Grandpa getting older. My dad expects Grandpa to be more put together than he is. I keep telling my dad, "You can't expect ___insert task/mental clarity here___ of someone who's almost 92." My dad constantly worries Grandpa is getting dementia or something, but I feel like it's too much to ask of someone to be all there by the time they're in their 90s. Grandpa still drives and Florida just renewed his license last year. He couldn't start his truck and so he called my dad and he went over. Dad started it right up. He thinks Grandpa might have been turning the key the wrong way and my dad gets so overwhelmed about this. I know Grandpa shouldn't be driving, but I cannot convince him and he absolutely refuses to live in any kind of center. I think Grandpa would actually LOVE living in a retirement home. He would have people to talk to. He is so talkative. He could play cards and he wouldn't have to worry about getting stuff to eat and it would take so much pressure off of his children, especially my dad who is his main carer as one brother is a deadbeat and the other three don't live around here. Anyway, I think the big thing that bothers my dad, maybe subconsciously, is that he's becoming that generation. His mother (my grandma, like a mother to me, too), passed away almost three years ago and my Dad only has one aunt. Her husband passed away a couple months ago. So, Grandpa and my Great Aunt are the only two left of that generation and I think my dad struggles with it. Who wouldn't? My dad has already lost a lot of friends to cancer, heart disease, etc. Grandpa only has one or two friends left. He still goes to his alumni every year. I think there is only one other from his class still alive. He's a WWII veteran and has delusions that he talked to General Patton and held his hand as he was being carried out of the car wreck that ultimately killed him like a week later. Several years ago, Grandpa's story was that he was patrolling the Autobahn and saw a car wreck up the road and a solider further down told him, "General Patton's been in a wreck," or something of that nature. I don't not believe this, because it was a story he told for years when I was younger, but now his story is that he was holding Patton's hand, talking to him, etc. I wouldn't put it past my Grandpa to have knowingly fabricated this since no one can cooperate it and it makes him feel good since Patton was a hero of his. I have no qualms with him telling people this story. It makes him feel proud and at this point, there's no reason to correct him or tell him he shouldn't have an extra scoop of ice cream. He's almost 92, we just let him live his life how he wants it. He's incredibly accident prone... a few years ago, her rode his lawnmower into the pond. His head went into the bed of the pond and his belt was attached to the mower. He got himself out. I'm surprised he's still alive. I don't think anyone would have guessed he would have made it this far. Grandma always said he had a guardian angel looking out for him. This comforted him. He has found religion since Grandma passed away. None of us are religious. Grandma used to take her kids to a Universalist Unitarian church on Sundays because in the late 50s, that's just what you did--went to church. I was not raised to be religious at all. I don't think anyone in the family is, really. But a Methodist minister (? priest? vicar? pastor?) told my grandpa he knew for sure and had it on good authority that she had gone to heaven. Grandpa takes a lot of solace in this. I'm happy that it comforts him. I just wish he wasn't so stubborn and would open his mind to staying in assisted living so he could spend time at the clubhouse with people around his age and talk. He gets so lonely.
  10. Liberty

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    Okay, fine. Nice. They're basically releasing a new greatest hits collection... but WHY is it not in chronological order?! My brain... my brain... it's melting. šŸ˜µ (No need for me to buy since I already have all of this and can probably buy the unreleased versions easily as digital tracks).
  11. I want to be excited about hearing new songs... But I'm just sad. I finally listened to it last night and just sobbed my way thought it. So grateful to have this. I feel comforted by it, but the wound is still raw.
  12. I haven't listened to Hypnotic Eye in a long time, but "Sins of My Youth" was my favorite song. Absolutely love the tone and sound of the song. The saunter of it. Just lovely... dark and light. Killer song.
  13. I hate to be that person, but if anyone could share some pics or scans of the booklets, maybe some highlights, I'd love that. I was only able to buy the digital version. I have been so busy I haven't even been able to listen to it yet. It just seems like I can't get into the right state of mind and have a nice, empty evening to myself to listen to it. I want to listen straight through in the order they were arranged in order to respect the arrangement and get the full experience.
  14. Liberty

    Tom Petty Quiz

    I didn't think Benmont was in the Sundowners. He would probably have been too young, right? He only came aboard for Mudcrutch, right? I don't remember. That would make two questions wrong, if I recall correctly. **And the tree one, because in the past five years Tom disproved that somewhere. I don't remember where. Some interview.
  15. Liberty

    Tom Petty Quiz

    I don't remember where it was originally mentioned, but he says it wasn't true or that he doesn't remember it.
  16. Liberty

    Hi I'm new.....

    Welcome to the forum.
  17. Liberty

    Where are you all from...what's your story

    I'm from Ohio (Near Cincinnati and Dayton and the Indiana border). I became a TPATH fan after watching the RDAD documentary in '08 or something like that. I'm an English major at Indiana University. I watch too much tv and movies. I live on a farm with my dad and my dog. Aimee @nobodyinparticular and I run thepettyarchives.com and I am mostly busy doing studies and side jobs. Hm, I'm not sure about #4. Yes, I'm quite stubborn but rational. I like things to be justified and reasoned. I don't know about "at great risk" though.
  18. Liberty

    Question Of The Day 9/4/18

    "Red Light Fever" by Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders. He's the drummer for the Foo Fighters. He drums and sings. This was their second album. I didn't care for the first album. It has a very airy, California sound. Lots of "space" on the record. I believe a member of Queen or two are on this album, also. I honestly like it better than any Foo Fighters album. This is one I just like to put on and listen straight through. My favorite track was always "Hell to Pay" but I haven't listened to this album in a long time. There are a lot of more rock songs on the album, like "Way Down." It's a sort of punchy rock album with some airy guitar. The ones uploaded on YouTube sound really flat. It sounds good in the car from the CD. It's just this sort of random side-band second album that I doubt people know about.
  19. Liberty

    Question of the day 8/17/18

    It looks cool! I'm thinking... Sherlock (BBC)... Fox Mulder (XFiles)... etc. lol
  20. Liberty

    FM album cover in thrift shop

    It was pretty lame. I have the VHS. Maybe I should find it and do a giveaway on our FB page, lol. I also have a LaserDisc of A Bunch of Videos and Other Stuff
  21. Liberty

    Question of the day 8/10/18

    I have no idea. Maybe, just the feeling of being at my grandma's house laying in the shag carpet, watching the dust dance in sun beams as they come through the window, hearing people in the distance, and smelling my grandma's cooking. Just a sort of sensation rather than a memory. One of those "everything is alright in the world" things. Dreamville.
  22. Liberty

    True or False

    I hope so. LOL
  23. Liberty

    Question of the day 7/20/18

    What do you mean?
  24. Liberty

    What do you think of Hypnotic Eye four years later?

    I am a big fan of Mojo and I often compare it with Hypnotic Eye because they're the only two Heartbreakers records released since '02. But they're both excellent and have a different sound. I haven't listened to Hypnotic Eye straight through in a long time. I remember Sins of My Youth always being my favorite, though. MJ2LD, I quoted you because you mentioned Mudcrutch 2... and I've actually NEVER listened to it yet! It kind of slipped through the cracks for me when it came out and then eventually I just realized I had a full release I have never heard and now that Tom's gone, I feel like preserving it for sometime in the future as sort of something to look forward to.
  25. Liberty

    AUTOGRAPH authentication

    It does vary quite a bit, but there's two things that really stand out to me about Tom's signature that I'm really not sure about. I've never seen his Y curve into a loop and he almost always has emphasis on an upstroke (like the Ts in Petty). Is that an MC for Mike Campbell (doesn't he usually sign something that looks like his full name?) or is it an MT? And why is it on there twice? Not sure what the one at top is. A C or a G with an i and a T and then something else? ----- I personally don't see the point in buying something autographed. The fun of it is getting the autograph, and even then, I'd rather just have a moment to say Thanks and shake their hand or get a picture rather than an autograph. With younger people these days, the cell phone picture is the new autograph. Autographs, other than maybe book signings, seem to be going the way of the dodo bird. I have two autographs. Leon Russell's on a T Shirt (no proof because it was sent into his RV with him) and Benmont Tench's on a CD cover insert for You Should Be So Lucky because I was one of the first 50 to buy the CD on tompetty.com. Again, no proof that it's his real signature because it was just mailed to me. It's more about the personal value than the intrinsic value, unless it's Babe Ruth's baseball. It's all about the value we give it as a society. I, personally, have never been interested in paying extra to buy something because it's signed.