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  1. Liberty

    Question of the day 7/20/18

    We've had a lot of the Beatles, so I'll try to mix it up. The Hollies Dave Clark Five The Who Bob Dylan Alternatively, The Animals Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Ray Charles The Yardbirds
  2. Honestly, yes. This ^ I've been dabbling in the "minimalism" lifestyle lately. I'm done being weighed down by stuff. I have a LOT of the songs from An American Treasure. If I even buy it at all, I'll probably get the 4 CD Digital Download. I love the idea of the 4 CD Box Set, but I have the Live Anthology box set and it just sits in storage and I listen to the digital copies. There are so many awesome Petty fans; I'm sure if there are new/exclusive photos or info in the books, it will surface online as pictures or scans. I really don't have the money to be spending that much on music I've mostly already bought. I just got smacked with another unexpected big bill today and another unexpected one a couple weeks ago... 😕
  3. I think because TOM PETTY runs vertically down the left of the artwork, it's more like: "Tom Petty: An American Treasure" Which I LOVE. ❤️ So great. They've always been so underrated and it's so understated how Tom Petty is so quintessentially American with his lyrics, his stance in the music industry, and his constant fight for justice.
  4. Liberty

    Tom Petty Wishlist

    I have a book similar to this about the Beatles, but it's just all chords and lyrics. I don't play anymore, but I would love that for Tom's songs. I have this little book but I'd like a lot more.
  5. Liberty

    Tom Petty Wishlist

    I'd love a Long After Dark tour tee shirt since it's been one of my favorite albums for a long time. I would also love to have a full audio bootleg of one of the four shows I attended. I've never found one yet. Cincinnati 2010, Noblesville 2013, Noblesville 2017, Cincinnatti 2017.
  6. These are the main ones that I'm particularly excited about. CD 2 Straight Into Darkness(Alternate version from The Record Plant, Hollywood, CA—May 5, 1982) Rebels(Alternate version from Southern Accents sessions—1985) Deliver Me(Alternate version from Long After Dark sessions—1982) The Best Of Everything(Alternate version from Southern Accents sessions—March 26, 1985) CD 4 Sins Of My Youth(Early take from Hypnotic Eye sessions—November 12, 2012) Good Enough(Alternate version from Mojo sessions—2012) __________________________________________________________________________ Another thing: I'm quite surprised to see "No Second Thoughts" (album version) on here. As much as I love Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, this is one version of a song that I think sounds like a terrible take. The live version from the Live Anthology was so beautiful, touching, well recorded--a favorite gem from that release. But the studio version from the album? I just don't like it at all. On the album, it sounds like they've only ever played it once and are trying to get a feel for how to make it work. But the live performance is sublime.
  7. I get that sentiment, too. While I'm not super happy that this included a bunch of album tracks, I can tell looking at the track list that it was arranged with care. I think I remember that Annakim was always a huge fan of "Alright for Now" and so I think many of the songs included are there for a reason, as a tribute. It's more than just a vessel to get out unreleased tracks. I think it's a sentimental look back at the past 40+ years. It's not trying to be one thing, but just an encapsulation of what TPATH was all about, from the albums, to the unreleased, to the live experience...
  8. And I guess it doesn't help that I can't tell orange and red apart. LOL I did count 18 the third time. Either way, close to a third and way too many album tracks, IMO.
  9. 20/60 (one third) is album tracks. This upsets me. I feel like we're paying extra for stuff we've already bought... EDIT: I might have counted wrong because I only counted once. Mikemono's figures are probably more reliable than mine. LOL EDIT 2: I counted 19 album tracks the second time.
  10. Yes, there's a vinyl version.
  11. I thought this, too.
  12. I'm excited. I wish it wasn't so expensive. I definitely can't afford the box set this time around like Live Anthology. Hopefully we can get pictures/scans of the extra booklet. But I mostly agree with @MaryJanes2ndLastDance. I hope they're mixed well and clearer than the average bootleg, but there isn't as much new content as I would have hoped from a release with a big fancy countdown.
  13. That's my thinking, Mike ^ Well, that's my HOPING. edit: sorry those are so large, lol. I can't seem to make them smaller.
  14. The photo they turned into a silhouette for the countdown is from 1995, I think. Perhaps that's a nod to Wildflowers: All The Rest if whoever made it is that detail oriented. It could even be part of the artwork.
  15. Liberty

    'Llamas hold each other tight' and other mondegreens.

    I've always heard "I can't hold out forever." It's possible he changes it up, too. I prefer the live version from the Filmore in '99 so that's the one I listen to the most. I honestly don't care for it as a pop/rock song. I prefer it as an acoustic song; it's so much more poignant that way.