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  1. storminn0rm

    of the Day - 03/10/10

    She played a good role in "Adaptation"
  2. storminn0rm

    Tom Petty talks MOJO in Rolling Stone Magazine

    I can't wait for it!
  3. storminn0rm

    of the Day - 03/05/10

    I'm tired of being tired this morning. But that's what I get for closing down the bar at pool league last night.
  4. storminn0rm

    Friday Five - 03/05/10

    1. What's the last item you snail mailed? taxes 2. Who has made you smile recently? coworkers this morning 3. What's the weather like outside? cold right now, but supposed to be beautiful later today 4. Do you consider youself a good judge of character? yes 5. What's your favorite memory of elementary/primary school? playing baseball
  5. storminn0rm

    Logo for 2010 Tour

  6. storminn0rm

    Question of the Day - 03/04/10

    No and would never get one
  7. I got an email from Citicards this morning that said they have a VIP presale for TPATH also. For people that want more than the fan club's alotted 6 tickets, this may be the way to go.
  8. storminn0rm

    The Tour Announcement and Dates are Up!!!

    I finally got an email with my code last night. Unfotunately I'm in group B. But maybe by next week when the presale for my show is up, they will upgrade me. Keep your fingers crossed.
  9. storminn0rm

    The Tour Announcement and Dates are Up!!!

    How do you enter credit card info to be ready for the presale? I don't see it anywhere on the site.
  10. I haven't received the email yet. Anyone else still waiting for the presale code?
  11. storminn0rm

    Question of the Day - 02/26/10

    Morning DJ
  12. storminn0rm

    Happy 13th Birthday, Smokey

    Happy Birthday Puppy!
  13. storminn0rm

    Friday Five - 02/26/10

    1. Overall, how are you feeling? I feel great today! The tour announcement yesterday will keep me happy for a while. And the beerfest is tomorrow and it's Friday! 2. When is the last time you went to the doctor? Maybe 6 months ago, sprained my knee pretty bad 3. Have you ever broken a finger or a toe? Broken almost all my fingers and 1 toe 4. Have you ever had surgery? Tonsels and adnoids, and wisdom teeth 5. When was the last time you were in a hospital because you were ill? Long time ago
  14. storminn0rm

    The Tour Announcement and Dates are Up!!!

    Thanks. I was getting worried because I haven't gotten the email yet.
  15. storminn0rm

    The Tour Announcement and Dates are Up!!!

    I'm just waiting for the presale email. I wish I would have not procrastinated so long about getting a membership. I would have been in group A. Oh well, at least I can still get presale tix.