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  1. I met Dick Van Dyke brother but I don't think that counts. I know Patty Duke because Duke is my maiden name. Ha Ha Ha!!!!!
  2. I'm allergic to my husband......
  3. Steve is the man. I have never seen a man play a set of drums the way he can. The force with which play with is amazing.
  4. Beautiful simply beautiful....
  5. Murphy's Law ruled my life all week long. At lest I have my health. whoops I threw my back out today...... I should have stayed in bed all week long.
  6. Emme let's have you get violated and see If you don't have a different outlook.
  7. I would like to talk to the person who voted for gladly turn her in, idiot.
  8. All of the above. I guess that's the reason why they made a list of all of them.
  9. I am a firm beliver in miracles and that God places people in your life to start a fire. Keep your fire going.
  10. Have you heard of a psychiatrist that is amoral. Or is the study of that medicene amoral?
  11. The last time Howie was in the band was when they recorded echo. Howie's last proformance was the rock and roll hall of fame in New York City. Same with Stan. I'm not quite sure about Scott. Petty has made reference that scott has been in the band for 15 years. There it is you have picked my brain.
  12. It is just so amazing how parents use children as pawns. My heart goes out to the father. Seeing how badly my father sucks it truly gives me hope that there are some great dads who realy give a dame about the safety and lives of there children.
  13. They won They won They won!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Tom and all concerned are all so very happy. Way to go Tom.
  14. Viva Viagra- do I have to say anymore.
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