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  1. Cool! I never would have thought Jeff Jourard. Based on what I read at Marty's website, I think the pic is from the Nightro days. It says Jeff was with them briefly. Seems like a rare pic!
  2. I found this pic of TPATH from the 70's, but it shows them as a six piece. Any idea who this guy is between Ron and Tom?
  3. Here's some info about the songs. This came with the files as I downloaded them a while ago (they're the same songs in the same order). I don't know who originally wrote it. I think it's interesting that some of them were on the demo they took with them to LA - that's the way they sounded when they got all those rejections! ------------------- The outtakes on this set range from 1973-1977. Here is the correct track info on songs. Track 1 - Is an outtake from TP's solo album Track 2 - Is from the demo Mudcrutch took with them to Los Angeles. Track 3 - I need to double check this with a friend I'll get back to you asap Track 4 - Is an outtake from sessions at Shelter Church Studios Track 5 - Is a demo from 1978 - There is also apparently a studio outtake of this song from the "You're Gonna Get It" era but that doesn't circulate among collectors at this time Track 6 - Is from the demo Mudcrutch took with them to Los Angeles. Tracks 7-9 - Are outtakes from the "You're Gonna Get It" LP sessions Track 10 - Is a Danny Roberts song from sessions at Shelter Church Studios. There is also an alternate version of this where TP sings the middle eight. Track 11 - Is an outtake from TP's aborted solo album 12 & 13 - One of these is the original Mudcrutch demo while the other one is a remake that most people think is from 1977! - I'm inclined to agree 14 - Is from the demo Mudcrutch took with them to Los Angeles. 15 - Is from a Mudcrutch rehearsal in 1972. It should be noted that the version here slightly differs from the version on the Mudcrutch rehearsal tape. It might be someone's personal dubdown. *From tp.com* -------------------------
  4. I was shocked by this too. This was my first concert in the UK - I've seen TPATH 8 times in the US, and I'm used to being on my feet the whole time, singing every word to every song, just like everyone around me. I couldn't believe how calm everyone was Monday! I didn't want to look too out of place by standing and singing, but I could barely contain myself sitting down and not singing! I was one of those brave souls who stood to clap at the end of each song. How could you not? But something about "Refugee" made everyone go crazy...
  5. If you have Flip Board via Iphone or Ipad, you can subscribe to any Twitter feed without a Twitter account yourself. I've subscribed to several that way, including Benmont's. I love seeing his updates!
  6. Thanks! And happy birthday to Bob Dylan too...we share the day. :003:
  7. Congratulations Susan. I'm totally jealous, but so happy for you too. I think I would cry if I actually got to meet Tom!
  8. I ordered my shirt yesterday and CafePress sent me a code for free shipping today. Here it is in case anyone wants to use it: TAK1206 Hopefully it will let you since you're not me. :003: It's only good until midnight on Wednesday, 12-8. Oh, and it's only good for $25 or more.
  9. Thanks for posting that, SLQ. Tom didn't come off well there, but it was told from the perspective of Howie and his family and I appreciate that. I learned a lot reading that article and I'm sure there's a lot more we'll never know. Very sad. :085:
  10. Happy birthday, Marion! Hope you have a great day! :heart:
  11. Thank you for the soundtrack of my life, Tom. Happy Birthday and hopefully many more. :heart:
  12. I don't know who I feel worse for, Tom or everyone who had tickets and was looking so forward to going tonight. :085:
  13. I've read this thread a couple of times now, and I'm stunned. How awesome was that tour and those photos! Looks like y'all had a blast! Hey Marion, I'm gonna be near Gainesville Oct. 30 - somehow I got roped into going to the GA/FL football game - think a tour could be arranged then?
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