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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get some advice from my peers (i.e. married or in a relationship ) How do you do your household expenses ? In mine I pay all the bills...unfortunately I don't make enough to do so, so I am broke every month, and in the hole in most. My partner refuses to work more than 20 hrs a wk (even though she could, and did before we were married ). One of the things that attracted me, was that she was such a hard worker. Now she merely complains that we have no money. She said her mom never worked, why should she ? My mom always worked, and I was raised in a home where both parents worked. I thought we both should work and split the bills, so for example if ours bills totaled a $1,000 each person would be responsible to come up with their $500. I figure if we were single we would have to pay at least half of that to live. What do other couples do ? I've asked for adivice here before and was always given good advice. I know in a situation like this, there is no correct answer, but I would love to know how other couples do this. If you want to pvt message me instead of putting it on this thread that would be fine. Thanks for your opinions.
  2. I once new a guy who re-married his ex-wife...does that count ?
  3. 'Friday On My Mind" has always been one of my favorite songs, ever !!
  4. PMS in men ? same time each month, could be a reaction to the woman's..LOL
  5. Yea, but the actor who played 'alfred" on T.V. did not play him in the 80's movies ...
  6. Thanks Nurk !! My band just performed in a Tribute to Buddy show ( yours truly as Buddy ) . We opened for the Edsels ( Rama Lama Ding Dong ) the Shades of Blue ( Oh How Happy ) and the El Dorados ( My Front Door ) all classic Do - Wop acts. It was a great time and we were hired to open for the next 3 shows ( featuring The Drifters, and The Crystals ).....Can you find a video of any of these acts ? ( I saw the Crystals are up above, you must be a mind reader !! )
  7. I name mine after the person who I seen play it ( and why I probably bought it in the first place ) so my Fender Jaguar is called Carl and my Epi Riveria 12 is called Mr. Wilson......my RicV64 is called George, but so are my other George models ( Grestch Tenny, Fender Tele Rosewood ) My '68 Epi Casino is called John, and my Ric 320 is called Mr.Sullivan....my Hofner is called Paul and my Ric bass is called Paul too. My Bill Wyman model Vox Teardrop is called "Bill" and my Grestch Bass is called "jack" cause my friend Jack owned it originally !! My '54 Strat re-issue is called "buddy" and my Grestch Blackhawk is called "blackie". My Gibson SG is called "cherry"..crazy.....no wonder my wife was scared when I named our sons !! There's more guitars and more names but thats how I do it.
  8. Wow, what a collection !! So many songs that my band is still doing. Any Buddy Holly ? I'm performing a tribute to Buddy this Saturday !!
  9. It was toss between Candy and U.S.41 I like em cause they remind me of early stones .
  10. Yes, the side that my wife is not on. She complains loudly if I get on her side !!
  11. Good article, but the writer seems to think without Howie, Del Shannon, would've made a comeback......if you read about him, he had his own demons to deal with. It almost sounds like Howie's getting blamed for Del's suicide, and it also sounds like Tom is getting blamed to for taking Howie, when both Tom and Howie were making a career move. I don't think anyone can prevent another person from harming theirselves, be it drugs or drink, it has to come from within, some people find it, some never do. Stan does come off nice, but then again he agreed to talk to the writer, Tom doesn't so he gets painted as uncaring. Maybe he doesn't think he needs to talk about Howie's death anymore ( he's already done it in interviews, documentaries, etc. ) .
  12. I didn't think he was in the Hall as that is suppose to be the original members only.
  13. I said Andy, but Ozzie Nelson is a tie for me, plus he was really the Dad, he wasn't acting. He also produced Ricky's records and made sure that they would sound good coming out of a TV speaker, and he also helped promote rock n roll as something that everyone could enjoy . ( He was also a bandleader himself ).
  14. None, but the persons wallet would be required to get the key.
  15. A good review. I think I like "the last DJ" better when I first heard it, where as this CD is taking some time to get use to. I, too , have been listening to a lot of blues lately ( muddy waters and chess records ) and I am reading a book by Bill Wyman ( blues Odyssey, a history of the blues ) and at times it sounds like Tom is trying really hard, maybe to hard, to sound authentic . ( check out the review at all music guide ) . These songs don't jump out and grab me, liked some of the ones on "highway companion" too. I think after 8 years there would be something more catchy than these songs. I still can't believe its been 8 years since "last DJ"
  16. 1. family 2. no, I don't carry cash 3. as stated, cash I do not carry 4. a bank, but not sure if I 'trust' them 5. i've been both 6. a Pegasus ( stud ? LOL )
  17. i'm having a pool party next week if I can find someone to put air in the pool !!
  18. Running 2 miles, I walk all the time !!
  19. I like being able to look up music information and of course the videos on You tube !!
  20. 1. Family ( my estranged daughter returned home this past Sunday ) 2. the band that I'm in and the fun that I'm having. 3. Finally finding a full time, permanent job.
  21. I taped it on the same tape that I just made of TP on SNL back in '79'80 season. SNL was so much funnier then. Thats the first thing I noticed, having just watched the classic show with the original cast. Maybe its time NBC ends the show, and looks for a new concept. They kept announcing 35 years, but I think that would be more true, if it was 35 years with the original cast. Its like a rock band that has no original members saying they've been together X amount of years. Someone mentioned Tom's nervousnes ( which he appeared to have at the Super bowl a few years ago ). I wonder if its his hand that he injured has a twitch to it, or does he have something that makes him twitch ? It seems people don't notice it when they see him live, but on TV with the close ups, its noticeable. ( I think he was also twitching on Leno a few years ago ). It might be nerve damage in the hand that he had damaged ( his chording hand ). I'm glad he did 2 new songs and took a chance, instead of playing 2 "hits". I liked the 2nd song better than the first. The first reminded me of the Yardbirds. I'm hoping to make a VHS tape of all his appearances then get my friend to copy it to DVD !!
  22. We've had them about why we're fighting so much !! Go figure !! Or sometimes she'll have a dream and wake up and be mad at me 'cause I was doing something with someone else in her dream !! Bizarre !!
  23. I always wanted to sing...from the days of watching Ricky Nelson on the adventures of Ozzie and Harriet !! and now today, I still enjoy it ( and do it weekly, I just got 4 bookings at 4 different places in the past week !! )
  24. Does anyone have a list of his other appearances ( year and songs ? ) I've taped one from a DVD from '79 ( he did refugee and don't do me like that ) I'll have the tape player running for this.
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