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  1. My understanding is that Tom wanted the opportunity to write a soundtrack and put the word out - to whoever you put that kind of word out to. So he initiated it. I remember him saying something once about this being a different way to "jog your mind" into writing. Something like that.
  2. My 3 LP set finally arrived today and I'm enjoying it now. I'm up to disc 5. I have never had the vinyl of Wildflowers so I'm experiencing it in a different way. I kind of appreciate the record in a new way. Wildflowers listening party of 1.
  3. Book says it was written in 1992. Date of the recording is unknown. A home demo that never made it out of the demo phase. I do like the chord progression.
  4. Let's see 'em play that one on MTV. Wait - does MTV even play music videos anymore?
  5. "Honey Bee" was great! Dave Grohl coming full circle from playing that with the Heartbreakers on Saturday Night Live. What a blast! Lucinda Williams was cool too. And Dani Harrison! A bunch of great performances.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! For the record, I never hated Yoko. In fact I like all of her songs on "Double Fantasy". It's their best album. And yes, I wear a mask! And I voted!!
  7. Yeah, I couldn't wait. I've listened through all of the songs a couple of times via the HD download, and some of them several times. I'll go through all of it again with headphones next. Then when the 5 CD package gets here, I'll do it again while reading through the book. This set is so good. It's unreal that songs this good have been sitting on a shelf all these years. Wow.
  8. I love how "There's A Break In The Rain" has lyrics that eventually made their way into "You Don't Know How It Feels", then followed immediately by lyrics that made up the chorus of "Have Love Will Travel". Words and phrases were like Lego blocks for Tom. He took them apart and put them together in different ways to make the best songs he could.
  9. They may play dumb, but I'm pretty sure both Mike and Tom were always on the hunt for cool vintage gear. They were both guitar hounds. I'm sure they were hitting up guitar shops in every town they toured through. I know a shop in Seattle that they both visited. He just misspoke about the Rose Morris right there. I don't recall seeing Mike play a guitar with a Floyd Rose locking trem system on it. I'm sure he must own at least one, though.
  10. That is killer! He sounds great - both vocal and guitar. He called it a "Floyd Rose" model, but of course he meant "Rose Morris". That was great!
  11. I haven't received any shipping notices either. I guess they aren't going by when you ordered it, because I jumped on it pretty quickly. Many people have received shipping notices and some have received the records.
  12. I haven't decided what order I'm going to listen to everything. I ordered 2 packages (3 LP & 5 CD), so I guess whichever one shows up first. If both arrive together, I'm thinking I should do the 3 LP set. I've never listened to Wildflowers on vinyl. Of course the original vinyl was cut from the digital files, same as the CD. But now the 15 tracks making up Wildflowers on vinyl will be all analog. Should be a little different listening experience.
  13. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad and tragic and true. I don't care if you're red or blue, that man has to go.
  14. That crime remains unsolved. Where is CSI when you need them? No DNA left at the scene?
  15. I always thought it was a little weird that the drums go on for so long before the rest of the music kicks in. Now we know why! More trivia - Bob Crane eventually married Hilda.
  16. Mom said I had a head full of useless trivia, so here's one. Bob Crane played the drums that you hear in the opening theme song of Hogan's Heroes.
  17. Yes, Mr. McCool over at SHF seems like an insider - which is fine. He gives information and also withholds information at times. And Ryan Ulyate posts there also, which makes it really worthwhile to check in over there. But as far as the official Tom Petty Forum, I don't suppose it will ever be anything more than it is right now.
  18. I was hoping the official Tom Petty forum - which is now open for all with no subscription fees - would pick up the flag and run with it, but I'm just not seeing that. Nothing happening there. Everything from the "Tom Petty camp" goes to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and I don't see that changing. The Steve Hoffman Forum also gets direct input from Ryan Ulyate (TP producer), but the TP Forum seems like just an afterthought. The only thing I see there are announcements for the schedule on Tom Petty Radio on Sirius XM. And I'm not a subscriber.
  19. ^ Looking forward to that one after I heard the brief snip in here.....starts at 2:20
  20. I just read that the show with Rick Rubin was a repeat from 2017, so I guess there wouldn't be any spoilers in that show. But I didn't hear the actual show, so? But I am gobbling this stuff up as fast as they're releasing it. And I can't stop listening to that TP Radio show that Ryan Ulyate did. I have played that a dozen times. I love that stuff with Tom just making up lyrics on the fly. Those songs would be longer if he could have thought up a 2nd verse!
  21. I don't have Sirius XM but I thought I read that another song from the upcoming "All The Rest" was going to be played? Not sure about that, but I expect if there was another new song, it will be on YouTube and other streaming media sites after 24 hours.
  22. Modified from an actual billboard from 1969 when Boeing was in a down cycle and laying off thousands. It said "leaving Seattle...".
  23. Yeah, the order of the songs is curious. They were in the studio for 18 months doing this record, and rolling tape the entire time probably. I feel like it's really unlikely that the tape boxes labeled M1 through M7 are the original tapes? More likely like that the songs were mixed down eventually to these 7 tapes, and this is the order of the mix down. At least that what I'm thinking.
  24. Love the snips of "Something Could Happen" and "Leave Virginia Alone". I think I'm going to really like those. I'm not too worried about things we have several versions of already - like "Thirteen Days", but I do look forward to rolling in the "She's The One" songs where they belong.
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