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  1. What "8 track edition" are you referring to? I'm still not clear on all of the live tracks we actually got from the Mojo Tour. There was that 12 song "Tour Edition" bonus CD in Europe, and the 7 song "Kiss My Amps" vinyl. I think all of "Kiss My Amps" was on that European 2 CD "Tour Edition". In addition to those 12 songs, somewhere along the line , we also got "King's Highway", "Driving Down To Georgia", "Breakdown", and 'Runnin' Down A Dream". Not sure where/when those last 4 were recorded. So 16 live songs total? Does that sound right?
  2. TomFest

    Keith Richards tuning

    Yeah, I've watched that one before. It's quite old I think - he name checks "MySpace". But I keep my Custom Esquire in "Keef" mode. 5 strings, open "G". Good fun and good for ya!
  3. I think I paid about $10 on eBay for that CD. When I look now, someone is asking over $30. The CD apparently grades out at DR12 instead of the DR9 grade of the regular Mudcrutch 1 CD. (DR means "Dynamic Range" for those that don't know.) I have ripped it to FLAC, but I couldn't tell you how much "DR" gets lost in the process. Send me your e-mail address in a PM and I'll shoot you a dropbox download link for it, if you still want it.
  4. TomFest

    New TPATH Releases

    OK, well this is NOT good news........ https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/celebrity/tom-pettys-widow-at-odds-with-his-daughters-over-unreleased-music/ar-BBVxF1j?ocid=ientp
  5. TomFest

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Um..."you snooze, you lose?" LOL
  6. TomFest

    Random Thoughts Thread

    On a lovely Saturday, March 31st, 1984, my best girl and I both said "I do". The next morning of course the first thing I said to her was "APRIL FOOL"!!!! So yesterday we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary with a nice dinner out. This morning as I kissed her goodbye and ushered her out the door with an "I love you", my last words were of course "APRIL FOOL". 😁
  7. Happy April Fools Day everyone (and of course 2019-04-01 is the only way to display the date in a way that sorts correctly). The question of the day - and this is an actual discussion I've had: If you're home alone, do you still close the bathroom door?
  8. Sounds a bit like the album "Pickin' On Tom Petty" with all instrumental bluegrass versions of his songs. Some of those took me a second to figure out which song it was. I quite liked that one though.
  9. TomFest

    EPI Casino history

    I had one years ago in the cherry finish, but never really bonded with it and we parted ways. When they came out with the "Coupe" version few years ago, I grabbed one of those and still have it. A slightly smaller body size and still the playability and sound of a full size Casino. Then I saw an 'Inspired by John Lennon" model full size Casino on Craigslist for super cheap so I bought that. I really like both of the ones I have now. Which Casino(s) do you have, Nurk? Or anyone else? Let's see 'em!
  10. TomFest

    Mike Campbell's fav records

    Paul Butterfield's first album is a classic. I've spent a fair amount of time myself playing along with that record. He was a legit Chicago bluesman.
  11. TomFest

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I was reading a story about 80's fashion, and saw this. Of course I was surprised to see what I thought was a certain rock star's name across the tongue! Fooled me though. It really says "Competition".
  12. TomFest

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    Umm.....huh? "Girl on LSD" could never have been a huge hit. I doubt it's ever been played on the radio. Unless Tom played it on his show? That is a song that is meant for the live show so people could cheer for their favorite drugs. I fully expect it to be on the eventual Wildflowers release, but it's a joke song that once you've heard it, you never need to hear it again.
  13. TomFest

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    I'm tempted to pick a Partridge Family song since I also just read both Danny Bonaduce's book, and David Cassidy's book. But Hal Blaine played on so many hits I don't know how to pick. I'm sure he played on some Monkees songs. I know he was on "Mr. Tambourine Man" and on "Good Vibrations". And on and on. RIP, Hal Blaine.
  14. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Neil and Old Black are fierce on this tune.