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  1. That metal nut is because someone set it up for slide. I've got one of those. It can easily be removed for straight playing.
  2. Got tickets for the 2nd show at the Troubadour. Looks like I'm off to L.A. in April. My wife is off work that whole week so I'll either try for the new Star Wars exhibit at Disneyland, or maybe a ball game. I've never been to Dodger Stadium. I need to check if they're in town then.
  3. Here's an old Belden from the 30's that sold on Reverb for $160. There's a video included where the guy talks about it. Pretty cool old blues sounds he gets out of it. https://reverb.com/item/1480563-belden-unknown-1930-s-2-tone-sunburst
  4. TomFest


    Party at Nurk's house!
  5. Sounds like a Russian wedding song or something. I can imagine a line of Cossacks doing that thing where they kick their legs out with their arms crossed across their chests. I saw it in a Bill Murray movie once.
  6. Love that guy. This is a great tune from his last album.
  7. I was a pretty big fan early on. My favorite Rush album is their first - which Neil isn't on. I saw them way back in the mid-70's and had their first few albums. I was never much of a prog-rock fan although I had some Yes, and some ELP also. I prefer the straight ahead rock stuff like the first Rush album. By the time of Tom Sawyer, I was off them. But I do acknowledge that Neil Peart was an amazing drummer - with the biggest drum kit I ever recall seeing. RIP Neil.
  8. I'm not seeing details about when the tour goes on sale. Is that posted somewhere? They're apparently not coming near me, so it looks like a road trip if I want to see them. I guess I'll try for the Troubadour if possible.
  9. From the Knobs website you can pre-order CD and/or vinyl and get a t-shirt too. https://thedirtyknobs.shop.redstarmerch.com/store/
  10. Rock and Roll. Got my pre-order in. I hope they add more tour dates. None of those are near me.
  11. Every time I've picked up a Fender acoustic, I've been underwhelmed. I haven't tried a vintage one from the 60's though. But I do like the hockey stick headstock.
  12. Jaguar is short scale, if you like that. Jaguar is a little rock machine though. I enjoyed the one I had, but traded it away wanting to try new guitars whenever possible. I'd own another one if it comes along at the right time. My one was heavy though. I'd like to go lighter next time.
  13. I'm not big on the Ric 330. I prefer the double bound Rics. Same with Telecasters - I like top binding and those Ultras have that. I prefer that "Cobra Blue" color that they offer, but I you can't get it with the rosewood fretboard. I prefer the rosewood over the maple fretboard. So I guess my answer is - none of the above. LOL
  14. What I'm hearing is that pre-sales for the record starts Monday and you get a download of this new song. I haven't heard it yet.
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