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  1. Just to wrap up 1977 in Seattle for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, here is the rest of the story...... In the paper on August 13th, there was this announcement... ...but then, 2 days before the show was supposed to happen....... ================================================= They did come back for 1 more show opening for J.Geils Band, as the rock critic mentioned......After raving about how great J. Geils Band was, here are the comments about Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers performance.. ============================================= ....and that is the rest of the story for 1977. I wonder what happened 1978?
  2. To illustrate how much the rock critic liked our band's debut performance, in his year-end "best shows of the year" review he ranked this unknown band's opening set as the #3 best show of the year. Remarkable considering how much he disliked the headliners performance - and considering all of the amazing artists that did shows in Seattle over the course of the year. I was at the Led Zeppelin show a couple of weeks before this show, and that one ranked #8 for him.
  3. I mostly agree about the Ramones. I did like some of their songs and we played one or two in my first band around that time. Their songs do have a "sameness" about them though. But I do think Johnny had some skill. I would challenge any guitarist to play that high speed strumming for 45 straight minutes. Can't do it.
  4. The Seattle Times has just recently put their old archives on-line for the first time. I've been having fun poking around and searching for things. This is the review of the first trip to town by this new band - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. The Times "Rock" critic Patrick MacDonald was usually not very kind to rock bands, and he rips The Ramones to shreds here. But he loved Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. I wish I could say I was at this show, but I was not.
  5. Yes, it was called "Sunburst '59". Sunburst 59 - Good Enough.mp3
  6. O-U-T spells out.......cracks me up. Just like the old Beatles Christmas fan club recordings.
  7. Hi TomFest.  My name is Ryan.  Just like you, I have enjoyed seeing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the Gorge.  In fact my first show was September 5, 1999.  I have been looking for the setlist to this show and have been unable to find it.  I do come across the September 4th show, but nothing for the September 5th show.  

    If you have the setlist for the September 5, 1999 show I would appreciate it.    

    Thanks much!



    1. TomFest


      Sorry Ryan - I wasn't in the habit of writing those down at the time.  I'd like to see it though.  



  8. Looks great to me! My phone takes better pictures than any camera I've ever owned. But then I've never had an expensive camera. With 3 toasters I bet that thing chimes like Big Ben!
  9. Excellent - we'll be expecting pictures!
  10. Ryan - thanks a million for making this forum one of my favorite stops. And to everyone else that I shared a minute with. Good luck in whatever life brings!
  11. OK, this is weird - I got a haircut today. They opened for haircuts here. I was going to just let it go and be a hippie, but the wife said my hair was a crime against humanity, so OK. Actually feels pretty good to do that though. Semi-normal.
  12. Look what came in the mail the other day! Just the scarf. I only put the Knobs 45 in there for size comparison.
  13. Nurk - the version of the McGuinn with the on-board compressor? Or was that a 370/12?
  14. Well the band hasn't been able to get together for many weeks now so we decided to try something new - a remote recording project. I charted up a song we've never played before, an old Pink Floyd song called "Echoes". Pre "Dark Side of the Moon". It's well over 20 minutes long so it never got radio airplay, and only hard core Pink Floyd fans know it. But it's got kind of a creepy minor-key vibe and I always liked it. Anyway, I recorded an acoustic guitar track and a lead vocal, and put it up in our shared dropbox folder, The rest of the guys (except drums) grabbed and recorded a bass track, a violin track, an organ track, and a harmony vocal. Our version is less than 4 minutes, and after a rough mix, here is what it sounds like. We're having fun with this...... Echoes v13.mp3
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