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  1. TomFest

    Question of the day 8/10/18

    ^ That's funny about the cereal. I did the same thing when I was a kid. They used to have 3D baseball cards in cereal, and I'd beg Mom to buy those. Also, for a while you could get a record from the cereal box itself, I think. Seems like you cut them out of the box? Anyway, it would actually play on my crappy little lunchbox record player. For some reason, I'm thinking there were some of The Monkees? Now I have to go down that rabbit hole and look for those....
  2. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I've been powering through The Cars first four albums. Great power pop. I remember seeing them in the late 70's and they pretty much stood still like mannequins, but played the songs perfectly. I would link something from Youtube, but I hate that they make you watch commercials in front of everything.
  3. TomFest

    Question of the day 8/10/18

    It would definitely be in 1973, the summer I turned 15, and Mom took my younger brother and I on our first ever real vacation - a flight to San Francisco (my first time on a plane), a game at Candlestick Park (against my favorite team the Big Red Machine, but sadly Willie Mays was no longer a Giant by that time), all of the tourist things in SF (Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, cable car ride, Lombard Street), then another flight to L.A. and my first time at Disneyland. Our "rich" Uncle (Mom's brother) lived in San Francisco, and I suspect he helped pay for everything, otherwise I have no idea how Mom pulled this off. I had worked a part-time job that summer and had some cash. There is a picture of me holding a fistful of 20's just prior to this trip. $300 in my pocket, as I recall. Best vacation ever.
  4. TomFest

    Question of the day 8/7/18

    The closest I came was - I left for a beer and when I came back, my son had caught a foul ball. Of course I took it from him. LOL I still have it.
  5. TomFest

    Question of the day 8/7/18

    No, and I've never caught a foul ball at a baseball game. I can't even catch a cold. Wait, that's probably a good thing.
  6. TomFest

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Shelter - did you just quote yourself? Party foul. Anyway, I always liked "Car Phone". I'll pause right now to listen ........Yeah! fun song. I like the 12-string riffs teasing some old Byrds tunes. The voice at the end that you refer to? Sorry, I never watched Twin Peaks but I doubt I would have made that connection anyway.
  7. TomFest

    Photo of the Day Part III

    And don't forget everyone smoked in those days. I've heard it said that John Wayne could do a carton a day. Can you imagine?
  8. TomFest

    B'Day Guitar

    I also had a NGD for my recent birthday. I picked up an "Inspired by John Lennon" Epiphone Casino. These are an upgrade over the regular issue Casino. It has Gibson USA P-90 pickups, and a couple of other different cosmetic touches including the black ring around the pickup selector switch. I'm really enjoying it so far. I was trying to think if Mike or Tom ever used a Casino on stage, and I don't think I've ever seen them do that. Tom used a Casino in a couple of videos - I think the "Walls" video, and maybe the Mary Jane's Last Dance video from the living room? I'd have to double check. If anyone has a picture of Tom using one on-stage, I'd love to see it.
  9. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Just picked up "Bear's Sonic Journals - The Allman Brothers Band Fillmore East February, 1970". Any chance to hear new Duane Allman recordings......I'm in. This is an early one - over a year before the legendary Fillmore East live album was recorded.
  10. I've been hearing "Runnin' Down A Dream" on a new commercial. Not Tom and the Heartbreakers version, but that song. This seems to be a departure from the past. I wonder if they can do that without permission if it's a different artist performing it.
  11. TomFest

    Were the '81 and '91/'92 tours the best they played with Stan?

    After seeing the live show from '82 that recently surfaced in pretty high quality, I have upgraded my respect for that era. Those were great versions of the songs, and Tom's voice was absolutely top notch.
  12. That site makes me buy a lot of music. Every time I read some enthusiastic review of something, I end up buying it.
  13. TomFest

    Discussion of a Possible 'Greatest Hits, Volume 2'

    I'm sure I'll buy anything that comes out, but please - no "Girl On LSD". That is a joke song, and has no place in a greatest hits type of package.
  14. TomFest

    Test Poll

    I picked test answer 2. What did I win?
  15. TomFest

    True or False

    Not as far as their wives knew.