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  1. TomFest

    Question of the day 6/9/19

    We're in full purge mode. They sent Encarnacion (leading the league in home runs) to the Yankees a couple of days ago - for a kid we used to have on our roster that they traded away. I'm pretty sure they'll dump Dee Gordon (2nd base) as soon as possible - and anyone else that has trade value. All for re-stocking our minor league system - which was universally considered the worst in all of baseball. 42 years of never winning the penant and we're in last place with the worst farm system in all of baseball. It is hard to be a Mariner fan.
  2. TomFest

    Unheard Song From The Mojo Sessions?

    Haven't heard it yet, but Sonny Boy Williamson is one the greatest harp players ever. Those are some big shoes to fill. I'm looking forward to hearing it.
  3. TomFest

    Question of the day 6/9/19

    Yeah, he was tough last year - but never boring. Not a lot of 1-2-3 innings as I recall. Yes, he throws 100 mph, but these guys can hit a fastball. It's about location, and if he's in the middle of the plate, guys will hit it. But he's likely to run off 20 saves in a row too, hence the love/hate relationship with your closer. I'll say one thing, we sure miss him this year. We can't hold a lead to save our a$$.
  4. TomFest

    Question of the day 6/9/19

    How about the first time you ever attended a professional sports event? For me I'm pretty sure I went to a minor league baseball game here in Seattle at old Sick's Stadium in 1968. They get paid so that counts. But for one of the major sports at the highest level, it was the Seattle Pilots in 1969. Our first Major League baseball team, and they left after 1 year to become the Milwaukee Brewers. I never forgave Bud Selig for that. I saw the Yankees for sure, but sadly Mickey Mantle had retired in spring training that year, so I never got to see the Mick play in person.
  5. TomFest

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Recovering nicely, thanks.
  6. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A short break from looping Neil's new record for some fantastic Bobness.
  7. TomFest

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    Sorry to hear that Nurk. Condolences to you and your family. RIP Cousin Joe.
  8. TomFest

    TP in new Elvis Doc

    I forgot about this - thanks for the reminder. I watched both parts last night and really enjoyed them. Tom sure talked a lot from start to finish!
  9. TomFest

    Love this caricature of Tom.....

    Good one. Nice work on the hair and eyes. I like this one too.......
  10. TomFest

    Question of the day 6/9/19

    Seattle Mariners home opener this year.
  11. TomFest

    Analyzing "Something" by George Harrison

    I only watched a few minutes and I don't know if he got to the solo or not. That was a really fun one to learn. We still play the song once in a while.
  12. TomFest

    Analyzing "Something" by George Harrison

    Music theory bores me to tears. I do watch the occasional instructional video just to see how somebody thinks the artist played something. Often, they're wrong though. This is maybe George's greatest song ever and the beauty of it speaks for itself. But the guy sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher to me.......wha wha wha wha.......is what I hear. LOL
  13. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Streaming Neil Young's new one - Tuscaloosa - from the NYA website. Everything in his entire catalog is available to stream in high definition - for $20 a year to subscribe. An incredible value if you're a fan of Neil. How much would we like the TPATH camp to do the same thing? 20 bucks? For a year? But back to Tuscaloosa - a live show from early 1973. A mixture of "Harvest", "Time Fades Away", and "Tonight's The Night". My favorite period of his career. This is holy grail stuff for a Neil Young maniac like me. The record will be released in another day or 2.
  14. We'll find you some help, Shelter....
  15. OK, but I am drawing the line at the "Benmont French" salad dressing.