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  1. TomFest

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    Yes, I was referring to her name on the show. She'll always be Teresa Lisbon for me. She had a new show this season called "The Fix" which I liked too. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming......
  2. TomFest

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    That video had 2 things - a great song, and Teresa Lisbon from "The Mentalist". Had a thing for her.
  3. TomFest

    Random Thoughts Thread

    That story about a break-in and theft is not what it seems. At least according to the resident Tom Petty expert at the Steve Hoffman forum.... ----------- https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/tom-petty-heartbreakers-2019-thread.799609/page-13#post-22310651 The story is bollocks. To begin with TP didn't store his personal possessions in some random storage locker, especially his recorded work all of which still safely remains in the possession of and accessible by his estate. The Clubhouse was never burglarized! The storage locker that was raided belonged to a private citizen and it's contents were to my knowledge not connected to the Tom Petty estate. While the soft media was good enough to eventually clarify the issue stating the the locker in question belonged to a former engineer of Tom Petty, it should be implicitly understood that the storage locker that was raided at no time was the property of Tom Petty or his estate. As for the items that were recovered from the locker, if I was to hazard a guess I would say that they were items that were gifted to the owner of the locker either by TP and/or his management. Furthermore as far as the recordings that were recovered are concerned, since the contents of such were described as hard drives, these are no doubt digital copies of Tom Petty/Heartbreakers' music rather than the far more valuable actual multi-track reels themselves. ------------------------ For much of the latter portion of Tom Petty's professional career, much of his musical instruments were stored at the Heartbreakers' rehearsal space "The Clubhouse". The location is kept top-secret but it is known to house most if not all of the band's road instruments. It is worth noting that the one time there was a successful pillage of Petty's musical instruments in 2012, they were stolen apparently in transit as the band was preparing to head out on the road. It had all the ear markings of an inside job as a security guard was later arrested in the caper. FWIW, even in the nineteen eighties Petty kept most of his musical instruments off premises as when his house was claimed by arson in 1987, about the only things he was able to salvage were his musical instruments and private recordings which were kept at a location separate from his main property. This may have been due to Petty's belief in a separation between church and state, as he had attempted in the mid-eighties to record "Southern Accents" in his basement, but it lead to issues between himself and the rest of his family at the time. When Petty relocated to Malibu, he kept two properties and installed a small recording studio in one of them and would keep many of his preferred musical instruments at this location. I also know that Tom Petty's friend Norman Harris (of Norm's Rare Guitars) had several of Petty's guitars in his personal collection, that Petty donated to him at one time or another. There are some other stories as well regarding TP's guitars and the like, but I don't want to tell any tales outside of school so we'll leave it at that. PS: While I have no desire to get into this topic again, it is important that Tom Petty/Heartbreakers fans understand that the reason Tom Petty went on tour in 2017 was not out of some wanton desire or greed. He was a professional right up until the very end. He made a commitment to his band, his crew (both of whom he loved) and his fans to live up to an obligation and he did just that. Nobody was twisting his arm or forcing him to go out on the road. He didn't need to tour because he was in some type of financial distress. To paraphrase Mike Campbell prior to Petty's passing, the Heartbreakers go on tour because that is what rock bands do. I miss TP like hell, but one thing I've learned in the past two years is that it does no good to wring my hands over the situation. Tom Petty made a decision to go out and tour in 2017 and given the circumstances I respected the hell out of him for doing so then and continue to feel the same way today.
  4. ^ That's a different thing than we were talking about, but it's not a good price for what it is. This is the "audiophile" version of the 1st Mudcrutch album....and that's not a good price either.... https://www.ebay.com/i/153661055575?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=153661055575&targetid=541453992652&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9033265&poi=&campaignid=6470552628&mkgroupid=81274342767&rlsatarget=aud-622524042478:pla-541453992652&abcId=1139336&merchantid=119298973&gclid=CjwKCAjw5_DsBRBPEiwAIEDRW_SjB3QAyBk6JE-3OHFPu3NQdzfc6eqFuysSY_8ugFbgBLN0ZJo90hoCy7MQAvD_BwE
  5. TomFest

    Words on the '87 Mansfield Show

    I've used "Audacity" in the past to alter the pitch, but not often. I've only ever re-shared a show once that I did that to. It was a Jim Croce show at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 1973 just a very short time before his death. Great recording that sounds like he's in the room with you, but it needed speed correction. I'm afraid my method isn't super scientific - I make sure my guitar is tuned to pitch and I match the recording speed to it. The Heartbreakers are always tuned to pitch (in concert), so the recording should also be there. I don't consider that I'm "fiddling with the original live recording". I'm putting it back where it belongs after someone else already fiddled with it.
  6. TomFest

    Words on the '87 Mansfield Show

    I rarely listen to that 87' Mansfield show because it runs slightly slow. Almost a full semi-tone flat. I suppose I could quit being lazy and do some speed correction on it. I like to pick up a guitar and play along with the band, but I have to re-tune the guitar for that show. I think running slow also takes some power out of Tom's voice. Can't have that.
  7. TomFest

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    I just bought tickets to see Marty next time he's in town. I really enjoyed him in the new Ken Burns "Country Music" documentary.
  8. TomFest

    Sad News

    Nurk, that player looks like it uses a USB 3.0 connection to a PC, right? Does Windows see the drive? What software are you using? And you're into a USB 3.0 port?
  9. TomFest

    Sad News

    Got mine too. I'm listening to the outtakes discs now. Welcome home!
  10. TomFest

    Sad News

    I second that emotion! Hope you're feeling OK, Nurk!
  11. TomFest

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    ^ Nice. My "super deluxe edition" of the Abbey Road 50th anniversary release should be arriving today!
  12. TomFest

    The three best TPATH shows you've seen and why

    Top 3 is next to impossible, but I'll give it a go. #1 - I'm going to say was '05 at the Gorge on a beautiful summer afternoon/evening. Rated on top not just for the great Heartbreakers performance, but because I saw both shows, and my favorite opener ever - The Black Crowes - were fantastic, and did not repeat a song from one night to the next. #2 - I'll go with the flight to Reno and drive down to Sacramento for the "pre-Last DJ" show. Fantastic summer night again at the outdoor venue in Marysville, CA. They only did one new one (Have Love Will Travel), but what a great show and trip. Stopped off in Tahoe and spent an afternoon there too. #3 - I'm going with the "Echo" tour - again at the Gorge. That place is so spectacular, and the band is always great. And "Echo" is my favorite album. I pretty much left every Heartbreakers concert thinking it was the best I've ever seen the band. They just kept getting better all the time. And I haven't even mentioned the Wildflowers show at the Gorge (brilliant). There I did. Or any of the shows from the 80's. With Bob at the Tacoma Dome. That venue sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I saw the band there again for another "Last DJ" show. And how about the 30th anniversary show at the White River Amphitheater just south of Seattle? Hands right on the front of the stage 10 feet from Tom, and Stevie, and Eddie Vedder with him. So many great shows and memories.
  13. TomFest

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    ^^ Nice article. I like that Klaus Voorman is doing the cover of the Dirty Knobs record. I hope he does some kind of tribute to the Revolver album cover he did. The Knobs do a song off Revolver, so that works.
  14. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    This is great...….
  15. Well at least you apologized. No, "Echo" is brilliant just the way it is. I listen to this album more than any other Tom Petty record. I remember once when someone said to Ben that the band should do a concert of the entire "Wildflowers" record, and Ben answered that he'd rather do the "Echo" album. Right on, Ben.