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  1. TomFest

    New Neil Young LP

    Yep, hotly anticipating some new Crazy Horse. Supposedly a "Ragged Glory" -ish record, which would be great with me. Nils Lofgren replacing Pancho Sampedro on guitar, so almost a "Santa Monica Flyers" reunion as much as Crazy Horse. "Tonights The Night" era songs will likely be heard (on the as yet unnanounced tour) with Nils along for the ride. Those 2 albums rate very highly in Neil's catalog for me, so this should be a blast.
  2. TomFest

    Abbey Road 50th Anniversary

    Nice write up. Interesting that Benmont doesn't like the remix idea for these Beatles records. But Ringo and Paul sure do, so I'll go with that. I've pre-ordered the deluxe version. The Sgt. Pepper and White Album deluxe packages were great and I expect this one to be as good or better. Then I guess we'll get a 50th anniversary version of "Let It Be" along with hopefully a blu-ray of the movie. I'd also buy a package like this of the "Hey Jude" album if they decide to do one.
  3. TomFest

    Echo in the Canyon

    Yeah, I don't know that I need to own this, but I do want to see it. There have been a number of documentaries or short features about "the canyon" over the years, and they all pretty much tell the same stories. This one has Tom narrating quite a bit, apparently. It also doesn't have much of the original music from the time, but instead Jacob Dylan and company playing the songs. That doesn't have a huge appeal for me.
  4. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Here's Lonesome Dave hisself from the Energized album. I wore that record out and this song is still a favorite. We were huge fans, and saw them around this time. I was glad to see the Heartbreakers do a song about Lonesome Dave - even if they were poking fun at him.
  5. TomFest

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    They were a good band. The first time I heard this I thought it was interesting how they go back into that little jazzy vamp between songs. I guess that was a thing for bands back then. Plus you got "Revenge of the Nerds" guy dancing on the right.
  6. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Now it's down the rabbit hole a little with Bruce. This version of "Lost In The Flood" from the Live in NYC show.....best when played loud. This one gives me chills...
  7. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Love the "Plantation" version with Stevie's harmonies, but there is one part after it modulates up that she can't quite reach. That keeps it from being perfect, but she's still super hot (sorry, not sorry) and sounds great overall. I do love the original version by the Searchers too, but I haven't heard any of those others. I was thinking Bruce had played this live, but I'm not finding it. It seems like one the E Street Band would kill.
  8. TomFest

    Sad News

    Nurk - great to hear your voice again. Sorry, I've been off-line for a while, but thinking about you. Glad to see you back on your feet. Now, start healing!
  9. TomFest

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Just picked up the "Year Of The Horse" live Crazy Horse record. I can't believe I didn't have this already. I only knew the acoustic version of this one.
  10. TomFest

    Guitar of the day 7/11/19

    Another of the University of Florida "Gator" guitars on eBay. You don't see them often. This one is asking $225, but accepts offers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/163798501793?ul_noapp=true
  11. TomFest

    Did anyone read 33 1/3 Southern Accents? What did you think?

    Fun Fact - or actually, "Sad Fact" - this is the very last time Levon ever sang that song.
  12. TomFest

    Official Tom Petty forum down?

    I joined years ago for the opportunity to buy concert tickets early, and down close to the stage, and that always worked great. Plus we got "fan club only" live recordings a few times. But they haven't asked for renewal money for several years. Since Tom passed, they have pretty much moved all communication to Facebook, Instagram, etc., so there's been very little going on over there. The forum has been almost completely dormant, but I still check it once in a while. The last few days, the forum won't come up at all for me. I assume it's that way for everyone?
  13. ...or is it just me? I can't get into the forum anymore. Anyone else?
  14. TomFest

    Benmont's Summer Tour 2019

    I guess Iovine got the last laugh. Didn't he make like a billion dollars off of those "Beats by Dre" headphones or whatever they are?
  15. TomFest

    New news on Learning to Fly video? Extras etc.?

    Cool article, thanks. I don't remember reading that. This line was interesting. I wonder who he was referring to?