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  1. Modified from an actual billboard from 1969 when Boeing was in a down cycle and laying off thousands. It said "leaving Seattle...".
  2. Yeah, the order of the songs is curious. They were in the studio for 18 months doing this record, and rolling tape the entire time probably. I feel like it's really unlikely that the tape boxes labeled M1 through M7 are the original tapes? More likely like that the songs were mixed down eventually to these 7 tapes, and this is the order of the mix down. At least that what I'm thinking.
  3. Love the snips of "Something Could Happen" and "Leave Virginia Alone". I think I'm going to really like those. I'm not too worried about things we have several versions of already - like "Thirteen Days", but I do look forward to rolling in the "She's The One" songs where they belong.
  4. Nurk - from what I can remember, the B7 is the Bigsby that most use for both the Epiphone Casino and Gibson Les Paul. I wouldn't think the B3 is right for either one, but I'm no expert on fitting a Bigsby. I only have one, and it's on a Gretsch Chet Atkins. I rarely play that guitar, and even more rarely touch the Bigsby. But do you really want a Gretsch branded Bigsby on an Epiphone or Gibson guitar?
  5. I wonder if anyone ever asked Lenny Waronker and/or Mo Ostin at Warner Brothers if they still had the original Wildflowers running order?
  6. I haven't seen that body style before. It's not Paul's Beatle bass, and it's not Tom's Hofner "Club" bass that he played with Mudcrutch. Is that a solid body?
  7. "American Girl" with a wire to wire victory. Hard to beat with that head start over "Refugee". But look at the Full Moon Fever tracks finishing 3-4-5 with the closing speed.
  8. I've just been deconstructing the song a bit, and making a chart for guitar (HINT: capo on 3). I'm starting to like it a lot. I can kind of hear "To Find A Friend" in a couple places. We already saw that in the "Wildflowers" home demo. All of these songs and chord phrases were swirling around in his brain and they came out in different forms at different times. I really like the vocal in the "we'll wake up singing a brand new song" lines with the harmonies. Very nice stuff. And the solo bit has an interesting sound. This song is worthy.
  9. That is just a perfect FireGlo finish. One of the best I've ever seen, really. They are often leaning toward "pink". My 360/6 was in that pink spectrum. The red to amber fade is ideal, and this one is gorgeous. I also love the checkerboard binding on the top. You nailed it with this one.
  10. That is gorgeous. I would leave that out and hanging on the wall when I wasn't playing it. It's a work of art.
  11. In other news, turns out the earth is flat, and the moon landing was also a hoax. Every news agency and health organization in the world are lying about the hundreds of thousands of deaths. How could we be so stupid to believe Covid19 is real? The geniuses that created this global hoax must really be raking in the money now, huh?
  12. That last song on the show - "Change Your Way Of Livin'" - is giving me a "Sweet William" vibe. Anyone else hearing that? I could see it morphing into that.
  13. I'm sure I have this. I know the CD, the LP, and the VHS tape all had some differences and I digitized the cuts I needed from the LP and the VHS. I'll check when I get home.
  14. Ryan Ulyate kind of teased that there will be more, just not right away. He's got some other surprises coming...
  15. You could always move over to the official Tom Petty forum? It's been opened up to all with no subscription fee any longer. Better than the cesspool that is Facebook.
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