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  1. What do you need to do today?

    Nurk - you have over 100 guitars, but only one Lester? Maybe you just haven't found the one that speaks to you. Maybe this Epiphone will do that.
  2. What do you need to do today?

    ^ and how many Les Pauls?
  3. Neil Young FREE recordings

    I already have most of Neil's material, but not everything. I hope there are some new things in there. I keep waiting for the "Time Fades Away" stuff to be re-released. I have a needle-drop recording from vinyl, but I'd love a pristine new copy. Neil Young is absolutely one of the greatest artists of our lifetime. Period.
  4. What do you need to do today?

    It's real purty. But I'd have to feel the neck, and see how it plays and how it sounds. The guitar I'm currently lusting after is a fireglo Rickenbacker model 1993 Plus. A 12 string with the wide neck like the 660.
  5. 2018 Jeff Lynne Tour

    A Wilbury tune seems certain. I'm bummed he's not coming to Seattle.
  6. '95 Saratoga Good Sound Quality with brief soundcheck

    That download doesn't work for me. I've downloaded it a few times and when I try to unzip, it says the file is invalid.
  7. Benmont Tench Solo Shows in NYC

    I haven't seen a setlist but there was a pretty solid review over on the TPATH site.
  8. "Makin' Some Noise" Mudcrutch Recording from 1974

    This is very cool, thanks. I don't think this is the same recording that has been available for years on Mudcrutch outtake bootlegs. This one is in a different key (G -vs- F#) although that could be because the tape speed was messed with on one or both of them. But I think I just hear other differences in the performance. I really like this song. Regarding the photo - who is the guy above Tom, and who is on the far left. I assume one is Danny Roberts.
  9. Tour history 1976 - 2017

    I was never quite sure about the band's first trip into Seattle. There's never been a Seattle stop shown on these Tom Petty lists of gigs for 1977. It has Yakima by itself, but there's no way the band comes up here and only plays Yakima. Since the one gig in Washington State for 1977 shown on the list is opening for J Geils Band, I looked for their tour stops in 1977 and found some! I'm still not sure that was the first time in town. I'm thinking they were here in the spring of 1977 playing a smaller venue than the Paramount. But I have no evidence. The Paramount did have this series of "Rising Stars" concerts for $1. I went to several of them, but not Tom Petty. If they had one, I missed it. ============================================================== 10/27/77 – Paramount Northwest Theatre, Seattle, WA – w/ Tom Petty (*) 10/28/77 – Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR – w/ Tom Petty (*) 10/29/77 – Yakima Valley Community College, Yakima, WA – w/ Tom Petty (*) 10/30/77 – Eastern Washington St. College, Cheney, WA – w/ Tom Petty 11/23/77 – Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – w/ Tom Petty Source: http://thejgeilsband.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_2.html ===============================================================
  10. Rock N Roll Drive-In

    I love that first song. Too bad the recording is so poor. Or maybe they just didn't have time to get the soundboard mix right.
  11. Question of the day 10/24/17

    Yeah, all of that. It's about a feeling when you're at the show. The band is in a zone. It's the mojo....
  12. Thanks for the tip on the Gram Parsons book. I just ordered it.
  13. Question of the day 10/14/17

    I'm really sorry, Szafira. This band in their prime on stage was exhilirating to experience. Really something amazing. I'm sorry you didn't get to experience that in person.
  14. I've been looping Echo in my car, to and from work. I've always loved this record.
  15. TPATH Guests

    ^ There you go - The Black Crowes might be my all-time favorite opener for Tom Petty. Back to back shows and they didn't repeat a song. Another great one was Joe Cocker. Tremendous performance by Joe Cocker.