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  1. Shelter

    Greatest Hits Vol. 2

    For people interested in this thread, I'd like to suggest the previous threads, on this forum, dedicated to the issue of a GH sequel. I don't particularly like the idea of a GH2 at this point.. Or any point.. what's the point, so to speak. That said... it's a little fun, theoretically.. I think those are good, focused, realistic thoughts if such an album was ever really to be constructed for a market. It's not my type of release, admittedly, but for what it is. Messing the thing up with live records, Mudcrutch or TV appearances is not what would end up in my "Good ideas!" folder. Additional tracks to MJ2LD list would be: - Scratch Honey Bee & Free Girl Now - Swinging(single) - Dreamville (seems key) - Flirting With Time (single) - Down South (seems key) - Good Enough (seems key) - Forgotten Man ("single") - American Dream Plan B ("single") - Mystery Of Love (bonus) - Two Men Talking (studio/bonus) That is.. YDKHIF YWM Walls AD Swingin' R@TT TLDJ Dreamville FWT SG DS ISHKI GE FM UGMH ADPB MOL TMT
  2. Shelter

    Benmont Shows

    Ouch.. Are you serious? I did not want to be part of the two of yours beef here. Very sorry if that's how it game across. Just thought his bringing medication/cure into this made for an absurd, if funny, dimension. And.. alas.. I tried to bring some sarcasm with regards to that and that only. My mistake if it seemed like I was serious, or that I was quoting you. Jeeze, man.. cheer up.. Sorry for trying to be light hearted in this heavy darkness (and for my sub standard spelling, aparently.) For whatever it is worth.. in plain humourless text.. I'm all with you in the other matter, it being less apropriate posting stuff against an artist's will. But please, don't let that get in the way of your mood.. It's all good.
  3. Shelter

    Benmont Shows

    Just hypothetically, if it was, you really would've had to remove it, right! We can't have cures just floating around for the benfit of all, can we? What kinda world would that be? Comon!
  4. Shelter

    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    ^ To my mind that is a perfect analogy. Sure, maybe he did forget - after all, it was a long time ago, so long in fact that I hear that there's gonna be an anniversary deluxe version of Somewhere Under Heaven coming out soon, complete with bonus tracks. Or, again, maybe it's the journalist getting it all wrong. Can't help but struggling to sort out the message(s) here, though. I mean... from what I gather, from a long list of interviews, surely, this "going through stuff" phase was what Tom was initializing back in what must have been 2012 or 2013, right? To prepare for the big 20th of Wildflowers he had in mind? The last few things that was ever heard about the project (in 2016 and 2017) was how much heart Tom poured into it, how it was basically, at large, just sitting on the shelf at that point - signed, sealed, undelivered - and how dearly he wanted folks to hear it, how he had come to realize what great stuff was on there, how they failed with the STO mixes and all that, that he wanted to do the intimate tour thing based on it, and then... The big 41th got in the way (for reasons I think we will never be fully informed about, but that I think include stuff that I don't want to expand on here, for reasons of not wanting to be overly cynical or hurting some delicate feelings, I'm prepared to let all that rest for all eternity and say they truly are all saints, it is what it is now anyway, dammit, and god bless) and then, the talking turned into how a-f-t-e-r the tour he was finally looking to make it all happen. The waiting is the hardest part, right. Love is a looong road. Yet, all along, through all this time, I seem to recall a few times when Tom actually hinted that there were forces (in suits? presumably?) who wasn't as keen on him doing this thing at all, who were trying to convince him to postpone and recalibrate his mind. I don't know. How could I. I'm just fairly certain that whatever's been going down, it has long since become a farce. If anything, for guys now going through the Rubin sessions in search of stuff that may worthy of release, seem somehow like a parallel universe shining through.. where it's like 2012 all over again. In a way.. that would be pretty cool! On a total (well?) sidenote: It really is too bad that the TPATH camp didn't realize way earlier, the benefits of having an "archive officer" of sorts (like Bob Dylan's Jeff Rosen, if that computes). That literally the archival aspects of the band could be served and tended to quite parallel with the here and now of the ongoing feats of moving forward. That it didn't have to be either or. I mean, nothing ever stopped guys like Neil or Bob to keep restlessly working, pushing limits with integrity without much disruption or even distraction from whatever work was being done to explore and celebrate their recording history. Sure, Tom was a perfectionist, he would've needed to oversee things a bit more than most, probably, but still.. the big bulk of work required, curating and preparing could have been done by a trusted someone.* But that, too, is now all too late. Let's just hope that the trustees of the estate and key figures at play, from here on out will care enough about the professional qualities and multitude of the legacy to have stuff released and chronicled for the fans, and that they care enough about the personal and private to do it carefully and with dignity. ----- *Playback could've been the start of such an idea, but I guess, from the start there.. they couldn't quite decide if they wanted Playback to be this grand summary statement - an MCA overview of standards collection, as it were - or a total thrill ride for hard core fans and scholars. So they made it both. Another thread, that. Let's just say that save for the "Deluxe" edition of DTT, they never found the time and interest to do much of the kind.
  5. Shelter

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I bet this here is a fairly forgotten Tom Petty moment...
  6. Shelter

    The Best Cover of All Along The Watchtower

    Ouch.. Jimi hasn't aged that well, has he. He looked much better in the 60s... On the other hand, Jimi's take on AATW from back then really and truly IS the ultimate version of the song. Even Bob thinks so (and he doesn't even think in terms of ultimate versions, so...I'm not sure what that tells you.) Bob changed his way of playing it after hearing what Jimi did to it.
  7. Shelter

    Mike Campbell's fav records

    ^ Now you really summed it up!
  8. Shelter

    Mike Campbell's fav records

    There is a lot to be said for that. This one is actually one of those things in life that goes beyond whether you find it fantastic or not. (Although, liking it helps some.) At least if you are a music fan with any interest in general rock universe navigation. See.. without The Band in general, their friends and allies, and perhaps that Last Waltz film in particular (as some sort of beacon at the end of a movement), it would be very hard to understand anything of what happened to rock music in the late 60 throughout the 70s and on, how the genuinely American folk rock developed and paved way for what was to become the Alternative Rock, the Americana craze of our times. Milestone material? Well.. Let's just say, trying to understand modern American rock without it, would like trying to understand modern sci-fi without the Alien trilogy. On a more "Farming" level, The Last Waltz certainly helps, if mainly by association, in understanding the influences and style references that are soaking through so much of Tom's music. It may also be a pointer towards the rationale behind some of his choice of covers over the years - since, as much as he loved 50s blues rock and the British invasion stuff (in itself in part influenced by Bob and The Band and so on), Tom was himself definitely a child of his times, wasn't he? The traces of Bob, The Band, Butterfield, Bloomfield, Grateful Dead, Little Feat, JJ Cale and all this 70s Americana rock sentiments - the presence of all the who's-who in terms of various inventors of the folk rock scene - are loud and clear, all the way from the first chords of Mudcrutch*. I basically think this stuff was tremendously important to Tom and the guys! "The same mountain stream", yes... that is so very aptly put! Good or bad - the Last Waltz is, if nothing more, splendid context.** No necessity or obligation to think or care about these things at all, of course. Music is fine as isolated bubbles too. I'm just saying.. if one has an itch... this film is one of the places to start the scratching. That said, hearing that clip there out of context, I can agree it's not the proudest moment of either The Band or Butterfield. The don't exactly nail that song, IMO. And as for Butterfield in general, he sure was a key player and he contributed to a lot of cool stuff, but as a leading man and especially as a singer, I do think that he is slightly overrated. To me he is far from the only reason why his namnesake Blues Band is so groovy. Look more in ways of rhythm section and guitar to find my answers. Also. I'm no big fan of long instrumental harmonica jams, so that may be part of it.... Hm.. having said all this, the one thing that surprise me, though.. is that.. I can't think of all those perfect The Band covers that Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers surely must have pulled out over the years. There is some very strange absence there. A hole in my mind, surely. ---- * Come to think of it - slightly tweaked, a song like Up In Mississippi really could be a The Band song. I can hear their harmonies, the Weight or Cripple Creek style vibe taking that song to it's final destination. **Another document that covers a slightly different limb of this alternative/Americana beast, a slightly more singer/songwriter oriented era and context, that is highly recommendable would be the Heartworn Highways movie. Ya all really need to see that one, if only for the fantastic studio photage of Larry Jon Wilson trying to nail Ohoopee River Bottom Land (that voice!?), of Guy Clark doing Forever, For Always, For Certain and Townes of course, the sob fest that is Townes Van Zandt's kitchen table take of Waitin' Around to Die. Oh man… I would link all those.. or the whole film.. but you all have to do some of the work yourself. Cruel world.
  9. Shelter

    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Thanks for posting. I'm adding this to the pile of talk, then. No way!! I heard other people think so too!! What a coincidence - actually, some people thought so already years and years ago, when that single was out, I forget what it was called, promoting the then soon upcoming release of such album! Now they started to go through the stuff and think it may be in there. Blessed be the day! [End of sarcasm] I hope by God this is just another grand example of bad journalism, strange quoting, lack of context and rock writers not knowing sh*t what they talk about in general. I really like how they both (MC & AP) put emphasis on integrity and quality, though! Kudos! Too many rock stars die just to have their legacy turned into a gluttony for the ages, their catalogue ripped to shreds among countless semi licenced low quality ugly releases, put out there for quick profit fest. Let that not ever happen to Tom, thank you. Also, very cool how, of all things, they lift Southern Accents! Here. Of all things going around in the circle, it's kinda new to lift that thought to this level of publicity, isn't it? As has been discussed here, and elsewhere, the SA project is very interesting, perhaps even misunderstood to some degree. Supposedly very different mixes, raw tracks and additional songs exist, that can be an eyeopener in terms of that project, what it was, could have been and all that. A very cool thing and era to revist, if you ask me. Judging from the quality of Walking from The Fire, I hope they put some prio on that, compared to other ideas. But, speaking of Tom's own wishes, how about putting that All The Rest that he spoke so fondly of, that he said was about done, at the very top of the list? When you're done going through the material, to see if there is anything there, that is...….
  10. Shelter

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    Because they played it some in their show? (Chicken or egg?) Because it was b-side off a fairly successful single (off a very album type album at that)? These things are not known to me. I can see, if course, how it was very appreciated, for reasons mentioned. A fun gem to please crowds in the hehehe segment. Successful, I bet! But either way, to me it's still first and foremost a novelty track, a gimmick, rather than a hit record (or even a seriously imaginable album track). I suppose most people on this side of the pond, especially the none-inner TP crowd general public, but TP fans too, would not even know this song exist. Which, again, according to my limited world view is a strange quality for a "hit". But I can accept a flat earth theory and move on. I'm not impossible. So.. please, on with whatever this thread was about.
  11. Shelter

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    They really should've made it the a-side of the single to begin with, shouldn't they. GOLSD that is. Not Gloria. That is such a d-side in my book.
  12. Shelter

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    Right. So we are talking live. Any beer drinking crowd would cheer for anything the slightest on the "wild" side. Humor is a good crowd pleaser. Sex works too. Or celebrities. Namedropping a long line of common (well?) drugs in a kinda witty way certainly should be a barn burner by most calculations. Especially from a band that usually stayed straight and R&R while on stage. Obviously then, very entertaining! But I did not realize we were talking live reaction (rather than "hit" as in general familiarity, sales or radio play frequency etc for the song.) I thought it was the status of the studio version that was up for debate. My bad. But if we are to talk live reaction as the hit definition, I'd say Titanic went over pretty well. People were bending over laughing. And it was even broadcasted. Smash.
  13. Shelter

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    Also... if Whitesnake can release a 6CD+DVD box (!!) to commemorate 35 years of bloody Slide It In.. well.... If I hadn't long since rested my case, now would've been a good time. Thank you. (Must say, though, as for the Girl on LSD skit.... I'm with Tomfest. Really, common. It's possibly slightly more of a hit than was I'm Stupid and Titanic.. It was played on the radio according to late night witnesses? Ok. That was probably because it was put on record, so, unlike those others, it could be played by a naughty, mischievous dog hour DJ. (Gutsy!) Fun song, sure. And a cool move to put novelties like that on single bsides for value to collector fans, certainly! But hit?! Really? I would be very surprised if that song was ever even considered filler material on the complete Wildflowers figuration.)
  14. Shelter

    Thoughts on Playback

    is it something like this?