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  1. Shelter

    Mike's Instagram is blowing up, y'all!

    ^ Yeah, I believe they are the "Webb sisters" of the Fleetwood Mac tour, so to speak.
  2. Shelter

    Mike's Instagram is blowing up, y'all!

    Some more awesome singing right here. I'm starting to think that the unlikely event of a string bending harmony bonanza bluegrass ballads album by Mike w/ Marilyn and Sharon would not be such a bad idea! I love these little gems!
  3. Shelter

    For Real

    Hanging on to that thought.. Unless I'm mistaken The Trip To Pirate's Cove (based on real events or not) was an even longer time ago. I mean, I do have a hard time picturing a millennium Tom hitching a ride with someone all the way to Mendocino, just to cut Surrender in a studio with chirping Llamas outside, in order to have something to slap onto Anthology. Nah. I guess some hotel maids know the answer, but nevertheless.. the very idea of describing the cutting of a ripe song as "harvest" strikes me as utterly beautiful. Gonna be high on that one for the rest of today.
  4. Fantastic, thank you very much TomFest! That is truly great stuff, so great to hear!
  5. Shelter

    For Real

    I'm thinking: "I got a friend in Mendocino, and it's getting close to harvest time"
  6. Welcome to the Farm! And thanks for digging those out!
  7. Shelter

    For Real

    Having it all sink in - the song as well as above info - the latter strikes me as some amazingly detailed insight. As usual, may I say. Kudos! For all the rumors and gossip (some TP collectors always talk wide and grand, others share wide and grand), for all actual tracks/files or list of song titles - gathered from people over the years, in terms of outtakes and unreleased recordings, session info etc, For Real was one that I had never even heard of until the promotion for the new compilation set hit the market earlier this winter. While still not a total favorite, FR has grown on me a little, since first listen. At least a little. And... may I ask then.., campbellfan1, in your understanding, who might the song be about? Usually I don't care too much about such things, but considering the structure and content of these lyrics, it would be very to know in this case. Who did what for real, so to speak? And then.. could it be that the obvious risk that listeners would confuse the song character with Tom himself, was part the reason the song was never returned to or used further? I mean -- even if this song is to be heard as "in character", Tom wrote more stuff of a similar general type, with at least partly related themes or messages to them. Perhaps especially so around that same era. Songs, that he did use, more over. Among which most notably are Echo's No More (in character or straight up confessional? I never doubted for a minute it was suppose to be simultaneously raw/personal and universal.) or One More Day, One More Night. Perhaps even This One's for Me can be heard in the same vein of slight self boosting morale or martyr-strikes-back type of sentiments.* Now, with FR, the details are too specific to make it as universal as the ones mention, but of course it could technically be about anyone or no one. The freedom of art.** ----- * This sub genre of Tom Petty songwriting may be well worthy of a topic in itself... someone, please hit it! ** In-character songs, "I", are somewhat difficult to pull off.. In general, rock audience down the years have had a problem with separating Person from Work, so to speak. (Born In The USA, anyone?). And maybe that's what I - being the non-reflective kind that I sometimes am - did in the FR case, here. Apparently. --- Tom usually worked the lines of biographical, personal and poetic tall tale spinning, like the best of them - sometimes you can sense he's telling a story, sometimes he sounds just straight, true and honest, a lot of the time it's the great mysterious blend of both. Always with the poetic touch, or sly remark up his sleeve. A-WAY-WITH-WORDS. Great love songs work that way, of course, they are based on personal experience, or at least personal feelings, real people being involved directly or indirectly, but they are expressed in a general enough fashion so that anyone can feel it and dig the vibe. And... anthems that can move the biggest crowds don't even have to say anything, beyond stating an attitude that the music already carries (I Won't Back Down, anyone? Makes Queen's We Will Rock You, play out like nobel laureate stuff, right..) Speaking of perspectives: One story has it that "The man Who Loves Women, for example, is about George Harrison. If I hadn't heard that, I wouldn't have guessed as much. No matter, I'm just glad that he went with the "he's", rather than "I'm", in terms of who love's women so much. Small word makes a huge difference in that case. Still think that song is one of his weaker and more silly efforts, but had it been "I'm the man who loves women - women, women, women", it would really have been embarrassing. Kinda like similar to the effect I get from hearing FR at face value, literally believing he sings about himself - heard that way it doesn't work too well for me, so it kinda helps a little to hear that it's about someone else. But about whom? That said, I love women too.
  8. Shelter

    TP Question

    Or why not shorter. Just, please don't cut any of the good stuff..
  9. Shelter

    For Real

    ^ Hu, interesting.. I thought it sounded slightly Last DJ ish on the vocals... Thanks for info. (Long time no see, btw) And, then my remarks on the lyrics may.. well, miss the mark at least a little. Still, not great imo.
  10. Shelter

    For Real

    Oh, musically it does feel kinda kin to Damaged by Love, doesn't it?
  11. Shelter

    For Real

    Yes it is nice, very nice! Nice to hear some "new" Tom again! That very special feeling.. Thanks for posting! Not sure this goes far beyond "nice" though.. Sound is close up and fascinating, very cool little arrangement, melody on the standard/flat side, perhaps.. but most importantly, those lyrics.. feels.. much like The Woods, for example.. quite a bit short of the truly brilliant and characteristic writing of his. Apparently it's an attempt at the painfully intimate and true, but the resulting phrases border on empty, for me.. or at least overly self-righteous. Quite ironic, coming from a man who could use very general wordings to hit extremely specific spots of the mind, or even make the most obscure and strange reference echo with significance. This, though.. sits kinda akward with me. That is not to say that he doesn't mean what he sings, though. Nor that I doubt for a minute that he was in fact for real, of course. But this just doesn't say it half as well as most other things he wrote. Point taken about the song message, of course, but posted at the long last of a packed full set of hits, it's gonna be a strange way to end the listening session. Still glad I got to hear it, of course. Again, thanks!
  12. Shelter

    Random Thoughts Thread

    There's nothing to beer, but beer itself. 🍺
  13. Shelter

    Remembering Mindbender - 25 Years Later

    Is there a Pokemon called Gloria too?
  14. Shelter

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Sorry, man. I can feel it. I love trees too!