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  1. Shelter

    "...with a sausage"

    Fooled Again With s Sausage (I Quite Like It) ? Makes me think... if this was a fan forum dedicated to the late great Barbeque Bob....
  2. Shelter

    Something BIG happened!!

    Wow, Indigo, that is fantastic! Good fun times for you guys! Thanks for sharing those moments with us! And for helping the TF's good cause. Way to shred, SG style..! Sidenote. Other than dogs being part this thread, there is also penguins, bears, and stingrays.. What we call virtual good old rock'n'roll circus!
  3. Shelter

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    That was me, surely. Or at least one of my soul mates. Putting the comparison to D&C aside, for the sake of decency, I think many of their songs lend themselves to jams. Melinda IS a jam, as I see it. Perhaps why it never ended up on record. Aside for perhaps certain well and tightly constructed dittys like Yer So Bad, Apartment Song and Big Weekend.. most of them could work. Some are more obvious than others, they could have gone even further than they did with most of that jammy Mojo stuff, Shadow People, Mary Jane, Crystal River, but there are of course less obvious ones that would've have been interesting.. say Luna... Straight Into Darkness would be wild, surely... Can't Stop The Sun for sure.. Lost Children perhaps… House in The Woods... Walkin From The Fire... there are just too many, man. As long as they stayed away from any drum solo longer than 30 seconds and obeyed the general 20 minute per song curfew... that is.
  4. Shelter

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    ^ The Brown Album? Fair enough. --- Btw, perhaps worth adding, if for philosophical measure only: Seen from an LP-era viewpoint, Tom had plenty double albums. If rather short ones. At least Wildflowers, Echo and Mojo (even without the bonus songs) would have been regarded as rather extensive double disc masterpieces, had they been released in any of rock's more youthful decades of the 60s, 70s or even 80s. Just saying, that given a solid sounding and high quality LP side is roughly 20 minutes maximum, he already had plenty albums reaching well into the fourth side... A smacked full double disc CD on the other hand.. if that is what we are considering.. is looking towards some 165 minutes of music.. and with that we are entering the even more rare and exceptional (and frankly quite silly) triple LP format. Just saying, for perspective.
  5. Shelter

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Well. Musically, it's a great song. Moreover, a song that really benefits from a dreamy extended live treatment. So much so that it's pushed into a higher sphere of existence each time. (The way some songs seem to do.. Crystal River, anyone? ) Yet, IGTBK was done a few dozen times too many, in a few dozen ways too few. That is, to me the song itself isn't eternally grand enough; it inevitably became way too routine, way too quickly (within just a few tours....). And. Add to this the painfully few of Tom's greater lyrical moments that are aboard... and, yeah.. no.. it's not enmity, it's just boredom, really. Thus, IGTBK long since reached the point where just thinking about it (kinda like what happened when they included Even The Losers among the titles for ABOVASOS without really including the song itself) is good enough for me. I like it ok, I just don't need to hear it no more.
  6. Shelter

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Your post? Please, I've seen daze:ier and confuse:ier. Even wrote some of em myself. As for your ponderings, it's funny you of all people should seem so.. shall I say sceptical.. when faced with the rare instance of having your dreams served up, all at ones. For a jam man like yourself, not much stuff on this planet top your average Led Zeppelin show. It's all you ever asked for in plentitude. Extend. Expand. Beyond beyond. With me, it's the oddest thing really. I hate all that stuff normally. But with Zeppelin it just occasionally strikes me as overloaded. Most of the time I float on it - easily, yes, that's the word - and it's over in no-time. It seem to me like each 10 minutes of their shenanigans equals the fed-up level I reach from just one minute with most other bands. Sure, I don't particularly fancy any band serving up 20 minute drum solos or 1 hour long versions of rock songs - if that is really what you ask me. Not even Zeppelin could make the outlook of any such extremes seem anything but grim. Agreed. It's so far beyond the tolerable, even with them. That said, it's the most beautiful thing to me, the way they sometimes lose themselves in deep space hyper drive, to the extent that Plant - upon returning from a loong, in-the-middle-of-the-song, back stage break with fruit and sandwiches (!?), have no idea how and when to re-enter the song for his upcoming lyrics to finish off the song. That, to me, is pure poetry. There are times when he just gives up. You give me way too much credit for that idea. And you take it way too far, for me to feel any kinship to it. If I even ever said as much, I'm sure reworking songs constantly was just one of many different, hypothetical ideas, designed to introduce some variation to the TPATH set. (Something most people, including Tom, didn't even feel necessary.) I'm sure TPATH could've tweeked some of their songs into this or that direction, make interpretations or whatnot, for a tour or two - much like they did with Kings Highway and other acoustic rearrangements, just to mention an example concept. But I am pretty sure they would never have been the type of band to go that crazy in reworking tons of songs all the time. And I'm glad they didn't. The type of style switching you seem to suggest that I asked for, is beyond szchizofrenic, the way you put it above. I would not approve of such idea, I don't think most jam bands even do that. At least not the good once, with character. They stay within their universe and prove well enough how vast and expansive it is, beyond the narrow minded idea of how a certain song happen to sound on the original studio LP recording. Nah, I'd say that the idea of rotating more songs - certainly between tours, but also within tours - always was my main core of argument. Just to set it straight. I would have preferred if they treated any live IGTBK the way they treated Even The Losers on the "A Bunch of Videos...." release.
  7. Shelter

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Shelter abides
  8. Shelter

    This is a question.

    ^ right. and quantum leap in these cases spells i-o-v-i-n-e. not that it has anything to do with singing style. just a thought.
  9. Shelter

    Maxwell House

  10. Of course there is. How did I not know or expect that?! Thanks for enlightening me. I guess, in thinking that the RSD concept has starting to derail, I was really on to something. "Shelter's law" apply: I thought it was bad - It was worse. Depending on what you mean by that, you are probably right.
  11. Something like that. However, the official list of what titles/issues that will be 2019 RSD editions, is hardly anywhere near complete yet. So don't worry if you don't find a title in the list, that you heard from credible sources will be part of RSD 2019. Usually titles are listed on the various participating countries individual official lists well into the spring. I guess the last additions was made public just some weeks before the last RSD. The whole concept is to visit a physical record store, dig in physically and hope to find your stuff, hopefully without having to punch someone, physically.. Kinda like in the old days of buying records, but now with a special hype sticker series and hysteria/consumer mentality added. It all has kinda lost it's original authentic charm of some years back (before the general vinyl revival we all see now, bsck when RSD had a real message) and has now become a mad display of "mass produced rarities", but if you know what to look for and what traps to avoid, it's also quite fun! Cool to hear that AAT will be part of next year's hoopla.
  12. Shelter

    What do you need to do today?

    Today I need to keep myself from doing any Christmas related stuff. It's still some ten+ days till I will allow myself to get in the spirit. I will however spend part of the day starting my trying to do this... ..so that I will be able to play it until Christmas. I doubt it's gonna happen, I don't have neither the skill nor axe that this guy has (from what I can tell, I think he does a great job in general with this!), but my RIC 360 and a few weeks may see some improvement here, let's see... So, that's as far as the not doing anything Christmas related yet is gonna go.... chucks... ok, so now, where is that old RIC case....
  13. Shelter

    The TP & Stevie Nicks Collborations Thread

    A new addition to this old thread (thanks mike):
  14. The notes, the high harmonies, that is... The mere speed. Somewhat rare (and fast paced, at some 140+ bpm) performance of A Higher Place, featuring some fantastic Howie singing! Thanks to our friend mikemono for putting this out there. Was this one even played 10 times in total, all career? I think not. This one from Saratoga Springs.
  15. Shelter

    Tom Petty: Long or Short Hair?

    Right. I use to send mine to the Bahamas for a few weeks every year. While it's away I really spoil myself with cozy evenings at home. If forced to go out, to buy some treats or to see the dentist, I'll normally wear a hat. Then, when it's back from it's trip, all rested and ataunt, we usually need a few days to get used to each other again, and people sometimes will turn around astonished to look at us as we fight our way down the street. Wait what are we taking about. Oh.. ok then.