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  1. Shelter

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    Sorry to interrupt, but I found a neat little connection here.. See - in that Jeff Beck clip from 2007, the girl playing bass is no other than the insanely talented Tal Wilkenfield. And guess who's playing on her great 2016 solo single "Corner Painter"? Benmont!
  2. Shelter

    FM album cover in thrift shop

    Ah.. Being quite a "crate digger" myself, when it comes to old abandoned vinyl, I really appreciate that story! Perhaps I wouldn't call that sleeve a great find, but again.. good story, and I know the feeling there exactly.. And.. it inspired me to post this "hidden" little gem in TP lore (and.. I don't actually think it's been up here before? not sure)
  3. Shelter

    Random Click Thread

    This.. is.. well.. What about this guy..
  4. Shelter

    Random Click Thread

    ^ Sorry, man.. didn't see that until now. I guess, it's kinda "part of the legend" at this point...
  5. Shelter

    Tom Petty On The Simpsons Short Featurette

    I just somehow thought of this old thing...
  6. Shelter

    I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

    Just stumbled upon Ben's live version from last year.. and went back for the original for the first time in a few months probably, and now I must say that You Can Still Change Your Mind really belongs on this list! I think you can really tell that it comes from the same time and place as The Best of Everything... That it carries some musical dna, that there's something that kinda reveals the fact that they are from the same era. But while most people seem to think that TBOE (that eventually came out in 85) is quite the masterpiece of a ballad, and while Tom himself brought that one out for quite a few live renditions, the closing ballad that actually made it to the album back in 1981, is a sadly overlooked and forgotten song, that to my ear is one of the TPATH best, quite simply. Wonderful version this (I know, it's been up before...)
  7. Shelter

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Led Zeppelin's BBC album, for the ??th time this week...
  8. Some more fuel on the "what-is-a-hit?" fire, perhaps.. I just found this. Bittersweet somehow... http://abcnewsradioonline.com/music-news/2018/8/3/tom-petty-is-the-first-artist-with-a-posthumous-top-10-hit-o.html
  9. Shelter

    Wintergatan (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

  10. Shelter

    New interview with Benmont

    Finally got around to hear this thing start to finish.. Fantastic, thanks for posting! Always loved Ben and I seem to share most of his sentiments. He's such a wonderful man, his head as well screwed on as his playing is perfect! The part about Echo and Howie is such a powerful listen here.. but the thing is full of goodies. Again, thanks! (Dean, though.. I don't know..) Yes! That!
  11. Shelter

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    ^I wonder whatever happened to that double live album "Live 77-83", mentioned? I forgot about that comment... Would be cool if it actually have been "sitting on the shelf" for all these years. Unless the material on that album was already rediscovered and plowed down into the Live Anthology project and released already, at least a digital release would be great...
  12. Shelter

    Question of the day 8/7/18

    Maybe I posted too soon... You meant caught as in actually catching it mid air.. in that case.. nope. But I do catch colds!
  13. Shelter

    Question of the day 8/7/18

    Yes. At least five.
  14. Shelter

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Just saw the Soundstage video yesterday, for the first time in years. Amazing stuff!! Yet so heartbreaking.. seeing some now dead friends on the screen. Both on and off stage, as it were..... very sad... to realize that there is so much death connected with my love for this band now..
  15. Shelter

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    These guys seem to have put on a monster of a Tom Petty show the other day! Great, unusually tight inspired versions for a cover band... from down under!! Check out all the clips. The bass/keyboard interaction in part of these preformances are quite great! Also, harmonies and other details, they have what seem to me like a great understanding of the songs, nice arrangements and.. yeah.. Since, I think pretty much 97,8% of all covers you hear of Tom's song more or less suck, from being too sloppy, bland, missing key dimensions like an instrument.. or an energy.. or a charm... or whatever.. I was quite surprised at the somewhat consistent kick of these guys. They really make a great attempt, brave and mostly successfull effort with the old stuff, I'd say. They rock!