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  1. This one is quite a deep cut, in terms of TP.. A very silly little song, featuring a few cool cats though..
  2. Myself, I love the covers in general. And this one in particular. One of the best tracks of the PUTP releases. Very special and slightly different groove for TPATH too.. Here's for all you soul mates out there.. And one of the sources... really.. explosive too..
  3. Shelter


    Been thinking to get one of those myself, but so far I have not bought one. The best ones I've found at used gear audio stores. As a great lover of vintage audio play/rec tech, I also frequently visit this site for cool reads and odd machines: http://www.ultraelectronicactive.com/elx/Vintage-RecChangers-HiFi.html And, while I never in a million yeras saw myself as an advocate for Amazon.com.. (or those old-design-modern-hollow-plastic budget machines, for that matter) But Amazon do seem to have had "retro" stack/changers like this one for sale, seem well bulit enough, but alas.. no more.. At least it could point you towards a brand or type of played to look for elsewhere.. https://www.amazon.com/Crosley-Collegiate-Stack-Matic-Turntable/dp/B0002344GQ/?tag=leosm1-20
  4. "What an ugly baby!" Seriously, for an album that shaped much of my early fascination with this band and therefor is part of the "lore" in my world, this release hasnt aged that well. The film of course is an important document from the time, but it's not my favorite, I must admit. The LP even less so. Nevertheless, happy birthday! It is a LIVE record after all. Something TPATH should've done a lot more. Wait what.. was there an original 1985 realese on CD?? I thought maybe they didn't go digital until 1987.. interesting..
  5. Not to be like that, but in my experience that would go for most all stages. The .com/HCC skits always was the parsimonious clunker to the majestic mother ship. If at times with new cool flames covering the lack of performance. Basically, if you think TP was a control freak or a perfectionist, look no further than the semi social grease monkeys at the TP site/club/shop for a brief idea of what he let pass for acceptable at the worst of times. I always wushed he would've told his official .com peeps to "be more basic" and just.. well.. officiate. It's a good thing he never treated his music anywhere near as carelessly. Personally I feel be really was a control freak. One who used to like living drummers, but who gradually came to shift preference on that particular issue. He had a vision of what he wanted and what he wanted to put his name on. A very far reaching level of control and the unusual level of integrity and charm that was his (in all fields but IT managing seemingly, where his name at times went with some crappy product) is really beyond doubt in the case of TP, I think. For better or worse. Mostly better, ey?
  6. That's exactly what's on top of my personal wishlist this year!!
  7. Not sure what you think you don't hear properly... but I wish you did too. Thanks, though, I think.
  8. Yes. It's interesting, in hindsight. Like I've said elsewhere when this was discussed, at the time Grohl felt like the perfect man for the job in some way, given his attack and at least somewhat Stan like temper and approach. A man worthy the task. At the same time it felt too late. See, already in the aftermath of the Lynne era, there was this certain feeling that Tom was really looking for something else, something new. Both in his rhythm section and his line of songs, him/them entering a new phase, at least in terms of said drums. As discussed, this may be overly obvious seen from the vista of here and now, but already then, I remember, it seemed Tom's experience with Lynne, or just his general outlook, where he was in life had turned him suddenly (well..) more favorable towards a time keeping boom-smack-boom-smack sonic ideal.* Some of us did probably wonder, at least slightly, how the magical sound of ITGWO album really left any room for Stan's personal magic and what that meant for the future. All in all of course, back then, at least to me, most things seemed to suggest that Stan leaving the band really was musical rather than personal, when in fact it probably was both.** The release of YDKHIF then, from the first smack, really seemed to close the case. Given that background, it was obviously as puzzling as it was exciting to tune in for SNL and find no other than Dave Grohl behind the kit, reading that at least for a short moment he was considered for the job. "What?! Man, didn't they just spend the better part of a decade slowly working themselves out of that line of aeastitics anyway..??" Well, some of us simply thought that TP had decided on a new path with his rhytm section, production style.. Cutting Stan some slack even, in a way, since then it was not personal anyway.. (relief to some of us, not yet familiar with Stan's frosty relationship with Mike and all that..) And then, there at SNL, for a short moment it seemed like they were not about to abandon the "wild child", integral drumming after all... Very confusing that was. Of course in hindsight, with Bisquera sitting in also and Steve fairly soon finding his place and the years passing.. it seems obvious that whatever change in sonic/drums preferenses that hit TP around the time for his TW/JL experience, was to become more or less the "new deal". Dave would not have made it, stylistically, any further (or happier?) than Stan would've, for the better parts of what was to come (all the way up to Hypnotic Eye, where again a slight door seems to open..). For a moment there, excited as I was for the energy of it all, given the feeling at the time, it almost felt like a slap in Stan's face. I mean, just moments after he let go, after some 6 years of haning on despite next to nothing new to do or to work with, the guys go on national television, cranking it up and signaling they were still lean and mean positively rocking with the drums as a fellow instrument. I remember feeling very odd at the time. Again, hindsight does make everything easier. ----- * The drums as more of a steady hanger than an integral piece of apparel in it's own right, to paraphrase myself. A sturdy fixed skeleton on which to hang the ensambles on, rather than a working with an outfit that kept itself in suitable swagger. Geeze.. the methaphors of it all... **If anything, maybe Stan gradually gravitating away from TPATH orbit - on a personal level, what with his relation to Tom and Mike and what have you - may actually have helped strengthening and specify what may be viewed as Tom's new approach to the drums. On the other hand, Tom doing what he did with Jeff, working with that newfound inspiration and method, that style, if you like, at the same time excluding Stan, may again turn the instigating momentum over on Tom anyway... So it certainly feels fair to say that the split happened for both musical and personal reasons and from both sides to a degree. No surprises there.
  9. ^ Great! Those SOB's sure have some swinging grit to their thing! Love how it kinda skids into place.. Not sure about the lead vocals.. but hey.. (hey hey hey...)
  10. Shelter


    Why do I sometimes get the feeling that you work for amazon.com? But sure, that really IS a decent table for the money...
  11. Not bad, hu. As it turns out, she had an album out in 2017, where she did not only on Tom, but on Lucinda, Bob, Cash, Elvis and the whole lot of 80s classics too.. all in quite a remarkable way I think. Called.. Leave Me Breathless. Quite a find for a cover album.
  12. Amazing! Yeah.. think I better leave my guitar building to the pros, though.. Positively rings better that way. On the other hand.. I may as well string up my suitcase.. and start myself a good old Traveling Band
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