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  1. Shelter

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Sure. They would certainly need to get paid a l-o-t more, were they actually to play by themselves. Goes without saying. Again, not a dig.. Just saying.
  2. Shelter

    Lotto tix

    ^ Nurk, that would mean more dollars for guitars for you... Or a new warehouse or two to keep em in. Plus maybe setting up a shop or a music school right? Didn't you mention that at some poiint? Hmm.. As for me, I'd just take a 13888 years long vacation from working. Now that's some money well spent! Or, I suppose, I could just hire Fleetwood Mac for a night, but the budget will be tight for that one. Would be fun though.
  3. Shelter

    Highway Companion the great lost opportunity!

    Gotcha. It's a weird place. So little room, yet such vast amounts of beard.
  4. Shelter

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Leaving the old dysfunctional core of the lot aside for a moment, focusing instead on the new cool guys, the hot blood that could revive all of them if put to use properly (although I'm still not 100% positive, sorry for saying so, that it's so far the landslide some may have hoped for), I hope that Neil and MC will find their place and that they will grow into their new roles before too long. I still don't feel the chemistry between SN and NF too much, judgeing from clips, and that is really a bummer for the experience, must say. Mike, although he feels like he's partially in a dimension of his own a lot of the time, is serving the music beautifully, as per usual. His Oh Well, is a very cool element of the show. Anyone here who know the SOP for FM when it comes to the setlists. I haven't paid much attention to them as a live band in the past, myself. Will they keep a largely same set over the course of the tour, supposedly just like it has been this far? (They do strike me as the kind of band that prefer a neatly scripted display to hustle around with, and that the fan core may expect them too as well. You don't get paid $12 millions to be creative or take risks, I take it..) Or will it perhaps start to change gradually and eventually? Or is there likely to be legs that has different setlist focus? I guess it's already too late for anyone to hope for a more floating approach this time, and maybe they never have been playing that game? Either way, I'm sure MC can handle it. Most of this is fairly new to him anyway, so even if they stick to the same set for all 50 dates, that is a situation that he is more or less used to, from recent tours with his previous employer. To some extent - contradicting my own patented logic, here - vast repetition may even be a good thing for the moment, working up that certain instinct and almost supernatural feel for the material, that he has for some of the TPATH stuff that he played every day of his life for 30 years or more. I guess a certain rotation of songs may not hurt, though. For anyone. (I, for one, really hope that MC will get his moment in the spotlight with Albatross before this flight is over!) Being the utter pro that he is, the music will get what it needs from him, no matter. What he may not be used to, though, is 50 dates of 24:ish long sets. Hard work for anyone, and these guys are not super young, so to speak. The last few TPATH tours may have been long stretches too, but each show then was usually held at 18-19 songs, and I suppose that makes quite a difference over time. I am very confident though, that MC will manage, whether the shows stick to 24-25 songs or becomes somewhat shorter with time. Again, I don't know the FM SOP with that.. As for Neil, I have no idea what so ever.. I suppose he always takes the weather with him, so.. let's hope it's gonna be a fair trip!
  5. Shelter

    Highway Companion the great lost opportunity!

    Since I've been revisiting, and reevaluating, Highway Companion a bit lately - this happens every now and then with me, and for most albums - and since I just yesterday read some insightful remarks over at the "best lyric" thread, about HC being a goldmine of great lyrics, I realized a resurrection of this old thread may be in place. I've come to appreciate HC quite a lot. In a few more ways and places than I used to, that is. Some of my demur in this thread, from a few years back, still stands. Sure. That is, I still don't think Jeff and Tom gave the material the quite optimal treatment for it to really shine in full, to come alive dynamically, organically and so on. I still would have loved to hear some of those songs recorded more "live", perhaps some crunchy guitar more, some Ben magic added, a lot more high harmonies, too. Part of which, of course - and this may go just a bit beyond my personal belief - has to do with Jeff's production style. (To further delve in that discussion, see above). I also still find Saving Grace to be a somewhat strange leading off number, considering the overall context of HC, but I guess I've gotten used to it. I still haven't gotten used to Jack, though. I still think he's a little stinker, who's presence on HC, while the likes of Home was sitting on the shelf, is rather weird.* Other than that, I think that somehow I've started to find more and more amazing details in the album. Not primarily lyrically - since I've known all along what great stories Tom tells on this album, or rather what poetic imagery and moods he creates. It really is smacked full of his best way with words. And "every punchline has your name" too.. Probably one of his best albums that way. Perhaps the best. He's on fire with some of those funny and artful wordings. As for the sound, though, I'm not sure what may be due to remastering (or perhaps even some remixing, that hasn't been made official, though, but I doubt it) but, just as I have commented on with regards to Echo, I seem to hear a few more things in the mix these days. There are somehow "new" qualities to the sound itself. Not that I'm as thrilled over the production as I am over the lyrics or some of the compositions, but the whole audio experience actually HAS come a bit to life for me, it HAS become a tad bit less flat, claustrophobic, thick.. or whatever the word might be - which goes some ways to balance some of my previous "sonic critique" of this album. For example, what really stands out for me these days, is the tasteful, yet extremely intense little guitar solo in Down South (starting at about 1.55 min, I never quite appreicated that sound enough, if I even heard it properly.. even if this song has been one of my all-time favorites since day one.) Also, the harmonies on the Big Weekend chorus.. Have they really sounded that full and awesome, all the time? I guess I owe Jeff one, for that. Also, not news exactly, but worth mentioning, is that while I have my doubts about how the album is being kicked off, it really ends on a high note. The Ankle Deep/Golden Rose back to back ending, is really among the best ever in the history of Tom Petty albums. Not only are they really good compositions, with such a wealth of evocative lyrics and soaked in these very intense stories and atmosphere.. perfect to sail out on - my only sorrow being how Golden Rose is faded out at the 4.30 min mark, instead of just going on.. for at least some two or three more minutes - there is something almost spooky in the sound here too, something that has been intensified with me lately - as if they worked a little extra to make the Golden Rose soundscape extra full and dynamic, at the same time as the slightly claustrophobic-yet-grandious Jeff qualities of it all is exactly what strenghten the thrill even more. There's a rift there somewhere, and it may be among the best stuff Jeff ever did. It's as if the whole experience enters dream mode, the driver finally falling asleep behind the wheel and in the split second before he drives over a cliff, or crashes into oblivion... these mad dreams play out in his head.. It's just fantastic! Sidenote: I wonder if the thought ever occured to.. well.. anyone... that Flirting With Time would be the perfect Roger McGuinn single. Right? Right!! Still could be. To me, there's something about that whole song that is very Back From Rio in quality and atmosphere. There's even that famous McGuinn RIC sounding guitar there (at about 1:42 min) to prove my point. FWT is not even among my favorites of Tom's, mind you, or even of this album. The verse is fantastic, by all means, but the chorus, somehow, being it vibe or structure I don't quite know, isn't the best match for Tom, as I see it, it losing in gravity somehow. It got some Wilbury element to it as well.. but I guess that is just what we can call the "Jeff-chakra" shining through, the way it so often does. But still.. it was enough to make me realize who could take this song some place... Roger! Roger that. ----- *To put Home in Jack's place would - as I see it - have been a clever move in many dimensions. One, it's a better song, both in terms of composition and in terms of the production dynamics. Two, it would help increase the energy level of the album a little. Three, the energy balance of the album would be better, in that Home would indirectly make Saving Grace a lot better opening song, the flow and dynamic of the album a lot more in line with the ride that SG seem to promise the listener.
  6. Shelter

    Mike's Instagram is blowing up, y'all!

    I like how he spends these clips dropping more or less obvious TPATH references and shamelessly promoting the Knobs, instead of even a single mention of the Mac.. I guess he knows his audience well! 😄
  7. Shelter

    Desert Island Disc

    Do I sense a big rock candy mountain coming..?
  8. Shelter

    Desert Island Disc

    Why can't it be a dessert island... I'm hungry...
  9. Shelter

    Lyric Question

    Very true! And I agree to most other things said too..
  10. Shelter

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    just ran across this old classic:
  11. Shelter

    The Brigde School Benefit Thread

    And this again.. just HAS to be up and running. Legend!
  12. Shelter

    The Brigde School Benefit Thread

    Some of these links are dying.. Here's another sample from 2000. Awesome, right?!
  13. Shelter

    Lyric Question

    "Sailed a dry river over the falls"
  14. Shelter

    Saving Grace Rehearsal 2006

    Good for you, man. I usually have an ear for what's 12-string and what's 6, in music, but in this case I do neither hear it nor see the need for a 12 in this song, but I guess they fooled me on this one. (What do I know anyway, right). That's part the reason I asked..since I know Roger's is a 12string.. and I thought this looked the same, but I was thinking "why".. The difference between 370 and 360 I was not aware of though, must say, so thanks you guys for info! My own handful guitars, are so few and humble in comparison, they are mostly kindling with strings really.. and they haven't come with much statistic, historic or technical know how.. or playing skills But I won't complain, I manage.. Again, thanks Nurk, Tomfest, for always sharing good stuff on guitars! An inspiration.