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  1. Tour history 1976 - 2017

    Yeah! Me too! I love this stuff. If only there was a resource available for setlists as well.. to combine this great list with! Such set list history would be next to impossible to complete, but perhaps working on some general list of the main songs and typical list of each tour? I'll try to look into it and see if it's doable.. unfortunately most set list sources for early day shows are bootlegs that are not complete shows, but still..
  2. Neil Young FREE recordings

    Yeah.. no matter the times, no matter how to make money off of your music.. or not... Neil is the man! He seem to record more than is ready to be recorded from time to time.. but again, in terms of being prolific and generous and keeping his less than straight mind straight.. Neil Young is the man. That is not to say he's the best artistically or musically.. but he's up there, among them.. and compared to him, most the others just use their lyrics as an alibi for being greedy, their management and mansions as a "home base" from which they can pose being humbled and easy going, generous everyday people with their multi million agendas.. Someone gotta keep it simple and down to earth, and I'm kinda glad it's Neil. Everybody else is just to darn busy thinking about how things "have to be done" these days, to unreflective and willing to be used. Good for Neil! If you can afford it, that's the way to go. Like the music or not, the idea of it is admirable.
  3. 2018 Jeff Lynne Tour

    Yeah! Let's hear the odds for him digging up a TP or TW tune or two to honor Tom...? While not a huge Jeff fan myself, I think it would be great if he did.
  4. You mean some are missing on the actual record? Make sense, since two LP sides may not hold all that music listed. (About 23 minutes per side is usually maximum, to sound good.) I have some CD versions of this show that do have all 14 songs listed and those should be longer in playtime than a single LP record. While the material seem very representative for the 87 tour - and is really great imo! - I doubt it's the full show anyway. Other shows from that tour is usually 18 or 19 songs.
  5. That's a great show!! Never saw that issue through.. Sweet!
  6. Benmont Tench

    He would play You Can Still Change Your Mind! Gotta love him for it. Great set, wish I was there...
  7. Tour history 1976 - 2017

    I LOVE that you done all this hard work compiling this (and can't for my life believe there can be anything wrong with listing neutral facts like dates or sets). Keep it up, please! I would love a section here at the Farm with the complete list too, when you're done!
  8. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    This guy is some kinda odyssey here.. a tribute project, one song each day in 50 days. Some of them are awesome! Like this one.. Can't quite post them all here, but there are Two Gunslingers, Scare Easy, Walls, You Got Lucky, even an electric Last DJ in there.. and today he's about 32 songs in.. trying on Magnolia.. so... go check him out why don't ya. A poor man's Jack White of sorts. With a heart so big it could crush this town? Quite possibly.
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm blue from holding my breath...
  10. iPhone X

    If I got an Apple, I'd eat it...
  11. Question of the day 10/14/17

    I guess, while seeing how some of us has an average of seeing 2 shows or more per year (yeah, dollardime seems to have a staggering 3.66 on average, if in a rather short period of time!) - and others have seen a lot of really old shows - both aspects of which are making me a bit jealous, admittedly - I guess, even with my own very modest average of 0.3 shows per year, I was quite happy to catch them as far back as Touring The Great Wide Open! And I suppose every hard core European fan knows how hard the waiting was - over 20 years it was, between 1992 and 2012, for any substantial touring overseas to happen.. And from that perspective I also count myself very lucky! And when I think about it.. my average, over the years I spent in the states, is actually about 1 show per year. That sounds like the what used to be the UN declaration of Human Rights, to see Tom Petty at least once a year, no? Either way, it's gonna feel empty and sad not to be able to add any more dates to the count! Too bad it was all over so soon...
  12. "Makin' Some Noise" Mudcrutch Recording from 1974

    Yeah, clearly it's Randall.
  13. Question of the day 10/14/17

    That is a great, fantastic span! Not sure if you caught them all, but to have seen them in the 79-82 era must have been really special! The breaking big tour of 79, the first tours as an established, yet young act in 80 and 81. To me, the 1982 tour specifically must have been so cool. Has to be a real peak, at least in some ways. They had gathered some real pro experience by 82, but they were still young and wild to some extent, rocking out no limits. AND they were riding on the back of one of their best and finest ever albums (imo)! Plain to see in the old Heartbreakers Beachparty documentary from the same era - the energy and creative juices were all just a mad wonderful blend. Those versions, from Breakdown to Kings Road to Straight Into Darkness.. Oh, my my.. "Let that sucker blast!" like it was said... It's interesting and fun to follow this thread that way. To get a sense of how long people been following the tour trail, so to speak, how intensely people been at it and so on. One observation I've made, is that a most fellow fans that I've met or encountered over the years, who have been attending more than 20 shows, has been comparatively late comers to the cause. Very few of the "obsessives" I've met saw the band prior to 1995. Most didn't see them til the 2000s, even among people who are considerably older than myself at 40+. Perhaps this is somewhat unexpected. For one thing, TPATH as a classic rock act must have had tons of obsessive traveling fans even in the old days of all their gruesome far and wide touring? Especially considering how comparatively new and fresh experience you got for each tour you saw them up until somewhere around the late 90s. Save for American Girl and perhaps Breakdown and Refugee, every tour, every set was new, more or less and to me it was bound to be exciting for this reason alone to try to see them at least two or three times every tour. After the mid or late 90s, the core of performed songs have grown very static even from tour to tour, but still people seems more inclined than ever in this era to follow the band for multiple shows and collecting 20, 30, 40 shows total personal counts. This is a cool fact to me! And a very cool accomplishemt for an older band like this, to keep adding to their fanbase all the way to the end, new groups of younger fans perhaps being part of the explanation for what I think I've encountered. Another one might be that the band has gotten better technically, which I believe they have, the shows more exciting despite the setlists, that people find traveling easier and more affordable in recent years? I don't know. Then we have the recidency type shows that pretty much started with the Fillmore runs of 97 and 99 and then the Vic in 2003 and the Beacon and Fonda in recent years.. that must have been totally mindblowing to experience, but that are comparatively few dates even for the rare few who went to several of them. (Unless you went to all of the Fillmore dates...) To me those recidencies would explain a lot why some people that may "just" (haha) have been fans for 10 or 20 years, still have so many dates. But, I still have not met a fellow fan that has attended more than a handful of such shows. Then we have people outside of the US, like myself, that spend most of their lives waiting for TPATH to come around at all. Living in USA helps. I know, cause I tried for many years and my statistics got considerably better . Unfortunately I came around only when my interest to see more than one show per tour (if even that) was a bit on the decline, due to cost and repetition reasons, I guess you could say. If I had lived in the states in the 88-99 era, I am sure I would have collected dozens of experiences. And if I would have been old enough to go in the 76-85 era, there would be no limits to how many shows I would have seen, I'm sure. Then again, the real perk of being in LA in the 2000s was seeing them close to their homebase and most of all - experience the magic that was the reunioun of Mudcrutch at the Troubadour. Musically that beats all the huge arena rock shows I've ever seen. Those contemplations aside, what is plain to see is that most people have kept seeing them, once they started, once they've got a taste. It's a hard habit to knock, is what we learn and what we know!
  14. Random Click Thread

    how's this for an unexpected headline... http://www.heraldmalaysia.com/news/pope-taps-inner-tom-petty-on-forced-migration-a-sign-of-the-times/39216/4