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  1. DID YOU EVER...a-hem, do you ever listen to the Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter and think, okay, sure why not, I'm right here? But when you sing along, do you then think....wait a second now...

  2. Haha.. right. I was thinking along similar lines myself about some of that "reporting". Still, though.. in all fairness, you really think anyone could do better than DT himself in laying bare his bottomless unfitness? I mean, all things Trump himself claims to be a master genius at put aside, when it just comes to openly, even proudly, being dangerously immature and incompetent, he's in a league of his very stable own. No one could ever touch those embarrassing hights of documented silly, and likely no one ever will.. Once he's trampled all rules and moral standards and officially made himself emperor-in-the-nude, he sure 'won't back down'. So, at least for once, I guess I see his rationale in this here issue. But, that stupid "article" aside.. I come to realize that the TP estate's own press release, as I understand it, was being quite outspoken in their judgement, even without any alledged "Marxist" evil journalist to put words in their mouths. I think, for the first time in quite a while, the estate did alright on this one. (Maybe they figured that being lumped in with "Marxists" - no matter how misleading and absurd an invective in this case - is at least better than the raging mad alternative on the podium. Kinda like when "bad" in certain contexts means "good". )
  3. I'm sure you're right. As for early days, there is this fantastic recording of Babe I'm Gonna Leave You from Danish Radio (television?) '69. Later masterpiece.. hm.. Kashmir, Knebworth '79. Somewhere in between those I really have a soft spot for Going to California, circa 1975... Earls Court version? These can all be found on the u-toob for your viewing and listening pleasure, I believe.
  4. Exactly. Still, it is a bit interesting how Mike labels it DK. Even insists on as much when interviewed - despite their conspicous absence on the track. (Supposedly they would all have played on it if it wasn't for corona? But then again....) There is something heartwarming about it. Reminicent of FMF days, and how certain Heartbreakers felt left out then - how that record was destined to be credited sans Heartbreakers - despite the scattered presence of most Heartbreakers, FMF wasn't really a Heartbreakers record, admitedly, but still - it's at least mildly amusing to me that MC now take the complete oposite route by releasing a DK title where he plays everything himself. Did the others even have a say..
  5. Haha! Ok guys.. sorry bout the "won't play" issue. And, despite the "again" part, also for the rehash. All in all, this thread already starts to feel like another attempt in vain, doesn't it.
  6. Very true! Let's hope they will eventually. The narrower, the better, I always say. It's interesting though, that they went with a '14 show, rather than '17.. Supposedly '14 is still contemporary enough not to be vintage, yet a little bit different from the "final tour" that's been the most recent focus with fans. In other words, maybe they tried to offer something not totally obvious with this one, without making it extremely "archival", so to speak.
  7. A great find. Welcome to the Farm! A bit sleepy around here these days - could be a misinterpretation of social distancing, who knows - but a great resource for all things TPATH I hope you will find it.
  8. Another great what-if post, from the mind that brought you the infamous Mindbender. And hey.. that is great thinking! (Hello..? Can I open my eyes now..?) Although TPATH did at least a little bit of leaning that way (with Bridge School, obviously - '88 and '94 most notably - for example) I often thought how nice if Tom did more of the kind on his own, from his own heart and on record. An album like the one you imagine would have been great. It's easy taking the que for such album when hearing that solo Yer So Bad, isn't it. To be fair, though, "American Recordings" even initially - that is before it developed into an arguebly more calculated enterprise and a formula (in part thanks for TPATH, by the way) - was of even looser shape than what you seem to suggest. This can be heard on that first album in the series, and is noticeble from the song selection. That is "play whatever you want" is to be taken quite literally as WHATEVER you want - not only your own songs. Sing us some favorites, please. (Personally I would've dreamed of one or two less obvious songs for acoustic treatment as far as including originals go.. songs I hadn't already heard stripped down to the bones, but that's me, and it's no more anyway.. sadly.) And yeah.. These things ain't certainly something that just happens - let alone ends up on an album. May not be quite as casual as they want us to think. They do involve some script work, some planning, mulitple takes, and such, I'm sure. Even so - a project like "American Recordings", in the hands and voice of TP would have been extremely cool and interesting thing, to me. Glad you pointed at this "place in your mind". Great stuff. Great thinking. Agreed.
  9. Ok, great. I know. How ironic.. Sorry for posting it again then, people. Kinda. Not sure what the quality of saturday's stream will be. They boost it in various places as an "unreleased show", which just made me think it was pro shot. But it definitely may proove to be the same film (+ the charity option). I have no idea. A great show, either way.
  10. https://fans.com/livestream/20200516-tom-petty-and-the-heartbreakers/
  11. Let's try this one again. Amazing quality, sound and vision. Any interest at all?
  12. Yeah, that was something! Sorry I posted it in the wrong thread the other day. Happens.
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