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  1. Hm.. and here I was picturing the type of food fight scene from Animal House. Corn dogs and Shepherd's pies flying I the air..
  2. I don't know.. Was hoping for some more chopping, dicing and braising from your response.. some smoking and curing for sure. You just gonna let it stand like that, raw and hardly plucked??
  3. Shelter

    Ben's section?

    Isn't it about time Ben gets his own subsection here? Much like The Knobs have? I know I would peek down the "Good Street" as often as I could. (Better name than Welcome To He'll, arguably.....) Just an idea.
  4. Shelter

    Echo In The Canyon

    Some good stuff...
  5. Shelter

    Best three days.....

    Wait you actually attended that show, witnessed that set - and still it doesn't make top three?? And here I am thinking how folks that never got to see the pre Wildflowers TPATH (before the no vacancies sign was hung over the set, so to speak) were the ones truly missing out on some crucial aspects of the glory. Not that it's easy to rank these things.. and not that there will ever be objective truths.. but still.. A Thing About You.. comon..
  6. Shelter

    Flirting with Thyme and other Petty recipes....

    I always did my best to Shelter all of them... But, let me just say: When my corn dog barks And my cannoli sings I'm out there with Chinner He's pulling my strings
  7. ^ Ok, great. Perhaps if you could help work some Snickerdoodles in there, that would be awesome. I'm off the crackers here.. In all seriousness, it's not me needing help though.
  8. Yeah... really.. what are the chances of vegetarians making some noisette, anyway? Even the lobsters? All you can curry..?? Anything that's Casseroll's fine... Oh, coffee, you say. Right you are! Too good to be brew (and probably so unwhipped, that it's probably whipped, so to speak..) but I really feel they need to take a break and focus on what matters: Baked goods. Quit acting like two bunslingers, already! Give me some sugar! I need to feel a whole lot butter about this whole thing. It's bake up time! American cream, plan B. Official Live' Egg. Almonds or nothing - just go nuts with the wildflours in the mix - when we're yeast expecting it. Don't tell me it's the wrong thing to dough. It's the zest of everything, I say, could be the only thing that's meal.. Just into the great wide oven with the old forgotten pan. I knead to know that there's gonna be something good coming. I don't wanna fight, I'm a baklava, lava lava… I'm a victim of cookie pans. Louisiana grain is sprinkled at my feet. I've been wrapped up in confection, I've been tied down to my bread.. So, let's get to the point, let's cinnamon roll another joint. This is a good sweet! If you don't know how it feels, then just talk to the girl on ascorbic acid. She's gonna listen to her tart.. Cake that connection! Hungry no more Moonpie
  9. I don't believe the good times are over I don't believe the grill is all gone...
  10. At least there is always the A Wasted Life clinic in Switzerland...
  11. Make It Better (Forget about Meat)
  12. Ok ok you had me at 'salad dressing'