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  1. You guys.. How come no one cracked "You´re Gonna Get It", yet..?
  2. Why you guessed it just right! And while the tap is running.. Let me repost this.. seems like link above died.. (probably some virus)
  3. ^ Haha! Yeah.. and just think of all the dirty knobs. Now, this is some good clean fun:
  4. No, yeah, no worries. I do have my eduction down on these things, though. Thanks. Microbiology is my middle name, strange as it sounds. It's not really that. I's just, quite philosophically, weighting the real, actual numbers, reactions and behaviour in people. I might find some of it interesting. Some even somewhat insulting. Asking uncomfortable questions is not the same as giving simple answers. As you well know, I take it, this thing ain't going away. Closing the planet dead is about buying us as society some time, some control. Right or wrong, I don't pretend to know. In short, it's to kill how many in order to save how many?
  5. Ha! That serves anyone who thought the likes of Desolation Row or Highlands to be rambles. Goodness... Still.. to tell Bob he uses too many words, is like telling George he uses too many strings.. sort of..
  6. Don't worry, this particular sick does not transmit over those platforms.
  7. https://www.health.com/condition/cold-flu-sinus/how-many-people-die-of-the-flu-every-year Spoiler: "Globally,WHO estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year." It´s weird, isn´t it. These horrible numbers don´t even seem to register with most people, normally. This year though, the Corona virus didn´t even claim 10.000 lives before we started closing down the entire planet. Eternal damage to society as a result. Sure, we are up to 20.000+ deaths now and still counting. Sure it´s scary, not knowing what to expect. Sure, we need to slow this spread, for health services to keep up if nothing else.. But still.. the proportions of it all.. Something does not compute.
  8. For the record, I forgot to put a smiley on there (or a "like" on your post, for that matter) - I found it funny. Also - I´ve gathered you´re not in Denver, I don´t know where you stand with Warren, and it seems you are doing well. So all things considered - bad joke, sorry! That song, as a "quarantune", just jumped on me when seeing the title of this thread. Anyway, moving on....
  9. "Things To Do In Denver When You´re Dead" among them?
  10. Great posts here, guys. Endlessly depressing, but great. So what does it all mean? It means that the mob knows best? They know it all, as a matter of fact. The mob - as in those who vehemently question scientific authority and obvious truth, but have no problem believing any and all things POTUS says. (The problem with any mob - even the less crazy ones - is that they are just mass of individuals. They are not society, not even a group. In fact they normally hate any notion of "us", when there is an "I" to be had. An I for an I, is their creed.) Sanity is not a tool in the box, sadly. It´s hearsay from bygone days. Mobs just know stuff, that´s what they do - so God help any real expert. Mobs also hate a lot in all directions, eager to an equal distribution of fear in the world. Something to build on for their kind. As for the rest of it, they guess. And they shout. Oh, the level of crazy in the world is deafening, right now. The level of self destruction dizzying. In fact, this is must be the ultimate stress test for the post truth world, that we have created. It´s a smooth and tender blend of ego, greed and boundless desinformation technology. It seems to me, we don´t need really artificial intelligence, or a space invation, to destroy us. We can simulate ultimate havoc just as effectively ourselves. Just give us something to panic about, some facts to confuse us and then press enter. Hurry up. That said - stay clean, stay well, be careful.. The truth is out there. No doubt. Love to all!
  11. Worn in the USA, then? My baby.. is a lint roller.
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