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    Let's get serious for moment. What this Farm needs is a kennel.
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    Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    These guys too can nail a few notes...
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    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    Thanks! Don't recall seeing that one before.. nice find. Seems like VH1 had some good lengthier TP specials back in the days..
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    1989 MTV News promo for Full Moon Fever

    Yes, and Israel... This might be it:
  5. Yes.. but the 8 songs listed by blistersoul has 5 songs from KMA, moreover - and all of them are included on the brilliant 2disc Mojo edition. In other words, to me those 8 songs mentioned, wouldn't be the hardest songs to find by a long shot? I could be wrong, of course. (While I do have the CD and the vinyl, I don't have any possibility to transfer them to flac - no usb turntable and alas, computers with disc drives are a thing of the past around here.. I'm afraid I can't help out, sorry. So, by all means.. maybe they are hard to find for the file hoarders, I wouldn't know.) Those last songs that Tomfest mention, however ("King's Highway", "Driving Down To Georgia", "Breakdown", and 'Runnin' Down A Dream") would be the real hard ones to find, no? Since they are the only 4 songs of the original HCC bonus bundle (of a 14 songs total) that wasn't issued physically at all and that way was kept exclusive. Unfortunately it seems I miss those 4 in my collection myself.
  6. Shelter

    New TPATH Releases

    Actually yes. That's what I think. It's amazing how the scandal tinged news coverage seem to distract even the most deep heart fans - like us here - from pondering the really interesting information that seeps through here. I'm not so interested in their personal differences (other than whatever it implies for the jeopardized future of archival releases), their tantrums or their possible psychological or financial reasons for fighting. What strikes me as both interesting and important is rather what the plans are (were) for the music. What ideas are worked on and what ideas are opposed. At least that will give us a rough map of the possibilities. It seems to me: * Dana's grand vision of honouring Tom's legacy (and his fans, and the estate/trust profit, let's not forget) seems to be blending her idea about Tom's wishes with the wishes of the label and the band and the fans... the world outside, as it were. That is, to explore with dignity the vaults and set a series of releases up due to anniversary chronology and/or what may have been Tom's own priorities or interest in projects or eras. Starting then, ideally (according to her and Jenkins and Ben & Mike and...??) with Wildflowers - All The Rest in 2019. Further - she also, despite (or humbly because of?) her own lack of professional experience in all this, seem very keen on involving Adria, Anna-Kim, Ben and Mike and Ryan in all of this, making sure that the lot of them together pass judgement of what can and should be done close enough in line with the spirit of Tom. She seems to think that this would be key to Tom's desires. So, I suppose if this team, which to me seem pretty much like the same old team (save for Tony and Tom himself.... damit) was to run things, we could perhaps expect All The Rest to come out, at long last, towards the end of this year and then if and when they find another batch of quality and integrity stuff, a good enough context and concept, a year or two down the road - who knows what the schedule will be, it's of less importance as long as the integrity flag is flying - there would be another release, perhaps a live set or some Mudcrutch set (both Ben and Mike seem to be into both those ideas and they speak about these things as if Tom would have been into that as well), or what Adria mentioned about Southern Accents vaults being so full of goodies (another All The Rest type of box then perhaps?) for the 35 years anniversary perhaps, late next year.. and so on and so forth. I'm just speculating, of course. But in general terms, this seem to be Dana's agenda and wishes with the archives. Probably a great way to honour the legacy by showcasing a deeper level of Tom's genius and an additional dimension of The Heartbreakers story, if you ask me. (I wonder why they didn't.) Also probably the best way to make some money out of all this, no doubt - In cases like this, profit and integrity is not really opposite entities by necessity. Oh, hum.. *Adria's grand vision seem to be very similar to her personal vision. That is, it's her dad. And that tends to make it complicated. The sisters' talk of "not selling out" seem to reflect a very understandable private defence mechanism in relation to the material, but also some confusion about what selling out really mean in this case? How to understand it? Is a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers credit over a Tom Petty credit selling out? (Didn't they also die in a way? Isn't it their legacy too, even if Tom was the mastermind and the one we want to remember especially right now?) Is releasing anything that Tom didn't explicitly OK in advance selling out? Anything that is not strictly private would be selling out, right? Well, if one wants to play the devils advocate one could argue that they already did sell-out, then.. or at the very least that a repackaging focus on the material is problematic.. One could also argue, from an artistic point of view that the Dana/management/band side also work quite hard to prevent any selling-out, with all their apparent efforts and interest in the artistic dimension, the expanding the legacy over just repacking it. Either way, whatever they mean by selling out, if indeed the first idea was to honour Tom's memory and musical heritage with a 2 disc set of previously released album deep tracks only, supposedly very personally selected at that (which could, for a few of us, be quite interesting in itself,) that would, from a market point of view be totally nuts. If sales and money worry Tom's extended family just half as much as it seem in these documents (Dana doesn't pretend that money is of no importance, she spells out the numbers that could be earned to the trustees from her vision, and Adria seems to care less.. but still she express worry that they will all starve unless she takes over and run things more competently, professionally, in effect) the idea of such a no-hits/no-news revue selling many copies is laughable. I am sorry, but despite a lot of other most understandable aspects and the tons of love and respect I feel for Tom's daughters, if this double disc mentioned indeed was the best idea, this does not speak for her credibility and judgement in any way. It does not speak for great deeds to come. Despite all the big words in her presentation of her (rightfully!) importance and role in all this, a few things does not seem all that professional to me. (But I'm aware that it is also how Dana wants her to come across, so..) On the other hand, it does seem very genuine and human, and it's hard to argue with that. Unfortunately it's also hard for anyone involved, judging from the situation as presented in the document we have (biased as it is in nature) to know anything about nothing, impossible to run anything professionally and smoothly, if all this huge complex apparatus and decisions are gonna be on-hold, dependent on the emotional whims of one (or two) people. "When do I feel like what? Let's see... I'll call you back." Needless to say, though I have no indications whatsoever that the sisters are in any way uninterested in showing the world more of Tom's hidden treasures in due time, what seem like a heck of a combination of irrational behaviour, self-asserted creative ambitions and (inherited?) severe control issues, makes it impossible to speculate what and when they would have anything in mind. Not to mention how impossible it would be for other involved to adopt to and work with. Again, pure speculation. But, these speculations about their view on releases and material aside.. it strikes me that Adria's email (quoted apparently at large in the legal document) really seems to disprove a lot of the claims to professionality that is it's meant to convey. Quite paradoxical that way. But that may be just me. Finally then, all this means, as I understand it, that both sides, given the chance to have last word, may produce some highly interesting releases in the future, full of love and respect for Tom's work. However, it does seem, for now, for whatever personal or rational or emotional reasons, or whatever they have in mind for later, that the sisters want to.. wait, I take it.. while the Dana/management/band side seem more interested in slowly moving along, exploring the unissued sides of Tom's work, of having a plan, a professional outlook, as it were. Paying Tom respect by displaying unknown sides of his work and the band's, basically. And, speaking of adopting professional outlook on frequent archival releases, how endlessly ironic then, that according to her own claims, Adria is the one who's been consulting Jeff Rosen! Hahahaha...! It's just too crazy. As a very final plead, in all humbleness - in order to steer away from selling out, please, no more swag, tumblers, pins, coasters, visors, bags and hats with Tom on them.. Let the music talk, thank you! (Disclaimer: Should anyone feel upset about anything I just wrote, that I put the Dana section first, or anything else that may be sensitive, please be assured that I have the utmost respect for anyone involved in Tom's estate/trust, his life and music and I did not, with the above ramblings, try to pass judgement on anyone on a personal level or point one single person out as better suited to decide (quite the opposite, actually, and that may be the problem, come to think of it...). Again, it's all in good spirit, trying to ponder what all this could mean for us fans and the future of Tom's vaults, his music, heard and unheard. Simple as that. I really wish it would not have to come to law suits and silly behaviour like this, over any of it, and I sure don't wish to contribute to a mini-version of it among us fans. I am sure all think they have their reasons and they are so entitled. Not to mention there are surely a lot of stuff that we don't know of. (If it hadn't been for the fact that the "accusing" document had so much to offer in ways of letting the "accused" speak, I would surely not have said even as little as I now have. It's not fair basing a whole load of ponderings on one side of the story. I realize this and really try to take it into account. So.. don't shoot me, is all I'm saying, for trying to rationalize all of it just a little bit, trying to keep what's important in the hundreds of pages that rightfully seem to overwhelm (bore and frighten) people, in focus - that is the future of the music. What could us fans be looking at here..? That's what interests me. And worries me some.) Be good, stay friends, love and respect to all! Don't be selfish, unreliable, drug addicts, and I try to do the same.
  7. Shelter

    New TPATH Releases

    The initial link/article really quoted stuff in snippets and somewhat out of context.. for the slightly disturbing/chock effect of the wording, no doubt. In the the legal document the email in question - to Ben and Mike, supposedly - is presented more or less in its entirety. And it paints a picture that's frankly no less disturbing...
  8. Shelter

    New TPATH Releases

    Woah.. is THAT a morning well spent!! Sh*tstorm... Must say though.. depressing as it reads, it actually does shed quite a bit of light upon a few things I've been wondering about lately. Very interesting that way. What it does not, however, is offering much hope in terms of this being just a minor scratch on the beautiful beast that is Tom's estate. Seems to me bitterness already has taken all the scalps necessary to make this a real wound, unfortunately. Erratic and rude, not to say snotty, being the name of the game, apparently. Self-assertive artistic ambitions that really should have no part in this, seem to peek through as well. And even if quite a lot seemingly genuine and warm intentions (obviously!) seems to shine through as well, on both sides, there seems to be quite a few tracks derailed here, a few manners coming off their rockers. Even if the one's claim - that the other is basically lying - turns out not to be the whole truth either... it certainly feel like some is in way over their head, and that they need this professional executive someone to run the ship, before rambling paranoia take lead. As for Wildflowers - All The Rest, we're already beyond the point where this release surpassed Chinese Democracy in the field of the legendary absurd, here and now entering hyperspace. To read in plain text what so often been hinted at - that Tom's original vision of it was ready to rock, so to speak, already back in 2015 - is at the same time sad and reassuring. What is said about Dana then finding more demo type material from the era - a real treasure trove - that Ryan's then been assigned to go through (probably what Mike was talking about in those weirdly/grossly edited a la mode interview snippets recently) - presumably to expand an original +10 songs edition idea into a full box set to commemorate the 25th Anniversary this year - is also very good news, at the end of the day (sounds like the perfect, honourable and dignified idea, to me, actually). Something good coming (as it were) from the grieving process and the sadness over losing Tom.. His creative spirit being allowed to still be with us, somehow.. All this, given that the forces at work won't ruin everything before we get the chance to hear it, of course. After all, without further ado (well..) Chinese Democracy finally and quite suddenly (as I recall) came out, after some 10 years. 10 years, moreover, of a saga so strange and terrible that by the time it was out almost no one in their right mind had the slightest interest in it anymore. The myth surpassed it many times over and it couldn't possibly live up to it's own legend. Alas. Wildflowers -All The Rest is a totally different creature of course, an archival release at that, an invincible legend that way.. but still.. by now its saga already turns even stranger and more terrible than ever Chinese Democracy's. So, let's just hope that it's all for the best. Let's hope this is a much needed wake up call for everyone, as to what is needed to salvage the project and projects to come, to make good to it, to each other and to Tom. It has to get worse before it gets better kinda logic, that is... Some guidance over here, please!
  9. Shelter

    New TPATH Releases

    You mean you want MORE orchestra in there?? Yeah, me neither. I think I heard what you said and think my reasoning went agreeable rather than controversal with it so to speak. It's a matter of priorities, surely, and I suppose the creative dimension should, to me, and to you I take it, take front seat over repackaging, if the idea is that you have to pick one over the other. I did not mean to contradict you at all. Right. Me too. From what I gather though they too got more than their share of the stinger, in whatever has been going down... So..
  10. Shelter

    New TPATH Releases

    Yeah, it's hard to tell what's cooking exactly.. much like your iconic avatar suggest it goes back and forth, probably. What you wrote just there, in terms of "cheapening" made me think two things: 1. A set like TBOE must, by all available or conceivable standards, be seen as a lot bigger "cash grab", than any imaginable Wildflowers edition. (I know, I know.. they pretty much had to let TBOE out there, in order for them to be able to make An American Treasure happen.. but still.. Just saying - as a project it has got nothing of true passion, integrity and plain.. value.. no a concept like "All The Rest". I've heard Tom speak of it enough times to feel sure about that part.) Also, wasn't Adria the one recently talking of what a treasure of unreleased gems that the Southern Accents sessions was, or did I dream that? I'm sure she was thinking a few years ahead.. but like you seem to agree... wouldn't high quality projects like that, artistically and integrity-wise, be more important than "timing" or mass hits repackaging then... Especially considering how two fairly vast-yet- repackaging-heavy releases made it out in a few months without it bothering anyone too much... Then again - like I said to begin with - I don't know the details enough to say anything final, really. One side says, we should have a new release out every third month to keep the brand hot? And the other is saying no every third year, not to water out the brand? What a silly dimension to occupy. Like you say, if it's good and from the heart and in line with what Tom was on about, I'd say go for it! 2. If the cash-grab aspect is what's worrying Adria, it's a good thing, that at least personally, most things I'd like to see released probably won't make them any money at all!
  11. Shelter

    New TPATH Releases

    Well put. Still, the type of language used, the actions taken - unless, again, this is TMZ click hunting scandal constructing - all seem to suggest a somewhat deep trench across all of this, wouldn't you say, a wider sense of divergency, a rot of sorts, implied by the name calling and tone in all this. I hope in my heart it's all just another case of lower league journalism, but somehow.. this particular dog seems to do some yelping of it's own..
  12. Shelter

    New TPATH Releases

    Oh behave! If there is anything to this, beyond sensationalist reporting, that's just plain pathetic. However, not being able to tell exactly who's who and what's what here.. I mean who, supposedly, is selfish, who is unreliable and who is a drug addict (yeah, right) and most of all who is surrounded by all of the above.. it's quite hard to say anything conclusive about nothing. Cept it being a sad drama, totally unworthy. What does it even mean?Are we still looking at a Crystal River here, or a puddle of muckā€¦? Or rather, was An American Treasure a foreshadow of Something Good Coming or was it all just Too Good To Be True..? Personally, I would lie if I said I am not worried by this sad display. Disappointed.
  13. Shelter

    Songs not on Normal Albums

    Yeah.. I wonder. Can't help but notice how, potentially, very fitting titles like that one, Alive Again and Showtime.. would seem, given the loose The Last DJ album concept. Interesting also, since the left over LDJ material, however much there might be in total, is so rarely talked about, not much known or rumoured beyond those two or three titles, really, is there.* ---- *Of course, given the obscurity of the LDJ info available, there is also the stray chance that Back Into Los Angeles could in fact be the same song as one of the other two. This type of name confusion riddles several of the pre Heartbreakers songs from the mid 70s, where several certain Mudcrutch demos are known under different names, despite being the same song. Again, though.. I know next to nothing about the additional LDJ material, but I'd love to know more! This album/era seems to grow on me with time.
  14. Shelter

    Songs not on Normal Albums

    Speaking of Boat song.. There are the also the "jokes", that may or may not be included on such here list. Jokes, as in: Titanic (performed at Storytellers) I'm Stupid (performed on the road in home video, published as side material in the A Bunch of Videos (ABOVASOS) collection The San Fernando Valley (spoken word piece/video, in typical FMF style, made for ABOVASOS collection as well. Iguana Song (Last DJ sessions) (And.. while not an original TP/TPATH song at all.. Ben's and Tom's backstage performance of John Fogerty's The Old Man Down The Road (in Italian?!) at the beginning of the Pack Up The Plantation concert film, is quite groovy... ) To my mind songs like Moon Pie, Girl On LSD and even Heartbreaker's Beach Party kinda.. sorta.. belongs to this category as well.
  15. Shelter

    Songs not on Normal Albums

    Right. I've seen those. I have no other credible sources for those titles, though and I have never heard them myself. I have them as unconfirmed on my list. However, that JP site also lists There Ain't Enough Money and Goodbye Little Rich Girl, both from the LMU(IHE) sessions, and those just skipped my mind for the above post. They are mentioned elsewhere as well and even played live, so.... (The latter were played quite a few times live in 1987, the first one, to my knowledge, was ever only performed once.. also in 87.. and that one I have never heard.)