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  1. Hey there, nice to see you back around the Farm!

  2. He looks pretty cool in this video! I'm surprised that the short style doesn't look that bad..........it looks much cooler than in the "Runnin' Down A Dream" documentary, that's for sure. The best though, is the super long style from "The Last DJ" era...... MORE IMPORTANTLY, though.......the song kicks butt....best Christmas song ever.:003:
  3. I love the rain, but not THIS much...:cool:
  4. 1) Epiphone Casino guitars 2) Hammond organs 3) Audrey Taotou 4) Seinfeld (old school, I know, but still...it's on 4 times a day!!) 5) All of the above in a bizarre, crazy, fantasy combination/obsession...
  5. Hahaha, and 2011´s coming, how was your year?

  6. I'm doing very well! Seems like 2009....wait, it's 2010....

  7. Hey, what a surprise! How´re you?

  8. I thought it was great. I've gotten so used to the "clubhouse videos" of Tom and the band jamming away (or Mudcrutch, too).........it's a nice change of pace. (not that those aren't awesome.....but you know what I mean.) Adria does amazing work. 'Great job' to everyone involved! Next project: mass e-mail to Huffington Post editor....clean up the site! I had to read about Mark Zuckerberg being named "Person of the Year" 53 times before I got to Tom's video! lol.:035:
  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adria-petty/tom-pettys-dont-pull-me-over_b_797020.html
  10. Boy.....that's no good, no good at all. I had planned my entire work day around this!!
  11. I'm pretty sure something happened............the main site should have had a direct link to the video....not just to www.huffingtonpost.com it's impossible to find anything!! I've search: tom petty, adria petty, don't pull me over....everything.... and alas....nothing! I really hope they didn't try to pull one over on us.......no pun intended.:035:
  12. Hey YSB.....how's it going? Why is everyone so upset about the tour dates changing?!? I understand money issues, but really......I thought we were all TRUE fans. This is making me frustrated.....you know?

  13. Jefferson Jericho Blues

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