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  1. Hi Farmers, I am going back to UCLA this Spring, and I need help with tuition. You guys have always helped me in the past, which is something I really appreciate. If you guys could help me out with this, I would be forever grateful. I created a blog where people can donate to help me with my tuition. Whether or not you can donate, perhaps you can pass this blog onto your friends who maybe can help. Link:http://sendstephanietoucla.wordpress.com/ :100:Thanks so much Farmers. :heart: Stephanie
  2. Thanks guys! I am legal now! No more sneaking into shows! But Thanks for all my "mom's" over the years! haha
  3. No. America's is actually longer than what is sang. The rest of it is fantastic though. It's a bummer that it's not included in the actual performances of the song.
  4. Usually the face unless of course they have a great body.
  5. Auctions are up for the lunch with Mike. I want it so much!! I need to start fundraising...maybe pretend to be homeless off a highway ramp.
  6. Happy Birthday Beamish!!! :113: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K6_YgBtrfI
  7. (((Susan))) Men do have their form of PMS...some have it monthly and some have it weekly. lol Ugh doctors.
  8. I didn't know that I was going to go to this show until 1:30 that day. Thank you SO much Ames...and you too Lotta for the hotel. I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to you both. I have to say that Farmers are some of the nicest people in the world and I'm grateful for you all. The Knobs were smoking last night! It was such a great mix of new and old, and the new songs were amazing. I loved these new songs more than the ones at the Imperial Ballroom show. They were just so catchy! The "talking" between Mike and Matt, and Mike and Jason on "Walkin' Shoes" was just fantastic and fun! I have to agree with Lizzie, Mike does seem to have a huge confidence boost lately. He does seem more comfortable on stage. Mike had a new song that I originally thought was "Interstate", but it was his own version of it. No idea what the song was called, but it was really good. A huge highlight for me was Mike's 12 string Vox! What a beautiful guitar!! It was a pleasure meeting all of the DK virgins out there! Also it was great to see the older Farmers too. I wish you could have been there Linda. I was fortunate to get sick early this morning with the stomach flu, after all the fun at Knobs.
  9. Her daughter told me a few days ago that she has had a cold and been busy with work.
  10. I can't wait for Friday! I get to see Shianne. hehe
  11. I hate my stomach because it apparently hates me.
  12. Baby You're a Rich Man - Beatles
  13. I wonder how awkward Friday will be.
  14. I confess that the subpoena I got is really freaking me out.
  15. I wish this cold would go away!
  16. I can't believe it snowed in Salinas enough to have a snowball fight...My mind is still reeling!
  17. I love that I can finally get rid of that client! Woooooo!
  18. My 3/4 Fender acoustic I named Tom (before I knew TPATH). I didn't have a lot of stuff in my room so the guitar really stood out. I always felt it was kinda like a peeping tom, so I named it Tom. Then I have a shiny black Fender acoustic, which I named Severus because it gets really oily when hands touch it. It fit. Although I suppose only Harry Potter fans get the reference.
  19. I'm sorry Shianne, I'd talk to the RA. Something has to be done, because what your roommate is doing is ridiculous. I'm so over being sick again. Ugh...
  20. Thank God my client canceled. I need to just drop this case.
  21. It's both. Unless you have seen alcoholism first hand day after day, year after year, you don't really get it. You can't say it's a choice because it's not anymore for these people. I have lost some of the most important people in my life due to this disease. To me, it is as devastating as cancer.
  22. Cereal for sure. I try not to though. Nurk, that is seriously the way to go. haha
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