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  1. It's Christmas Day! Here are my Christmas wishes for everyone.
  2. As 2018 dawns here in Philly, it's TP+1 as in the first year of forever without Tom Petty walking this earth. A sadness, an emptiness and still in a state of shock at his sudden passing. So I have to say that between the loss of Tom and what's been going on in our country, 2017 was a bummer of a year. That said, we have all those great concerts to listen to and all of the episodes of Buried Treasure as well! So even though Tom has passed away, he is still all around us. Let's hope for some peace and love in 2018.
  3. Is it true? First Las Vegas and now this! It's a black day in October for sure.
  4. It seems like a day doesn't go by this year without losing another great performer. Today it is Sharon Jones (of Dap Kings fame). She lost her battle with cancer. Very sad. We saw her last summer open for Tedeschi-Trucks Band, was awesome. Light a candle, please.
  5. Another great one gone - Mose Allison has passed away. A "regular" on Tom's Buried Treasure Show. Now, "everybody is talkin' bout the 7th Son..."
  6. Very sad, another great one gone
  7. You totally rock, Marion!!!!!
  8. I would love to have this one as well! We are going to see Dylan tomorrow night should be interesting he is on the downslope of his touring days me thinks.

  9. Thanks so much! I can't wait to listen. Many smiles
  10. I sent you a PM about this - thanks! Adam
  11. Please send to me! I avoided the show simply because I dislike the venue and their way of doing things there. Thanks Marion.

  12. Would love to see them in Philly - BUT the venue choice is not one I will patronize. The Fillmore is a standing-room-only new place policed by thugs in the guise of doormen who have taken the "stop and frisk" policy to new heights. It's a zoo in there as well. Too bad, what a shame to miss out on this - wishing they had booked the Tower Theatre or some other smaller venue with great sound. Oh well, will wait for the bootlegs to surface.
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