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  1. I just finished "Life of Pi" - amazing ending. If you ever made up a story to deal with a horrific event in your life - this novel is a great read.
  2. One of the best moments for me last season was when Kris Kristofferson sang - what he said was one of Johnny Cash's favorite songs - "Here Comes That Rainbow Again." Poignant - tear-jerk of a song - and what a chorus - And the daylight grew heavy with thunder And the smell of the rain on the wind Ain't it just like a human Here comes that rainbow again.
  3. This economic downturn is impacted so many aspects of life. It's sad to hear that it is closing.
  4. A friend of mine wrote a book about it - Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction - by Sue William Silverman. It's a good read.
  5. I was on a three week vacation in Europe and left all my underwear in a hotel in the Netherlands on the second day.
  6. I want to read this article over and over again - the depth, the insight - Benmont's and Mike's voice speaking so diffinitively about what they love - their music. How could you not smile reading this article, feeling so lucky to be a fan.
  7. Being careful to touch only the outer rim, I placed the black disk on the beige raised platform, switched the lever to on, and listened to the crackling of the smooth space before the first note.
  8. the beatles - 'Komm gibt mir deine hand' - ('I want to hold your hand' --- i like how it sounds)
  9. getting ready for work - but i don't want to.
  10. ^^Relic - I love that thought - I am going to check credits and listen so closely for Benmont.
  11. There are so many people that need it more than me - I love my old crap - but if he wanted to put on a new roof and refinish my floors - well that would be great.
  12. It's fun - you'll be smiling the whole time and the music fills the theater with energy, nostalgia, memories and - just good old rock and roll.
  13. http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/ Bob Lefsetz's comments on the Live Anthology are finally posted on his site - he says it perfectly - best quote from the passage "You see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers was never everybody's band. They were our band. However large "our" might have been."
  14. Anyone see the movie Pirate Radio? The best part was the Count's (Philip Seymour Hoffman) speech: ..."but all over the world, young men and young women will always dream dreams and put those dreams into song. Nothing important dies tonight, just a few ugly guys on a crappy ship. The only sadness tonight is that, in future years, there'll be so many fantastic songs that it will not be our privilege to play. But, believe you me, they will still be written, they will still be sung and they will be the wonder of the world."
  15. ^you have AMAZING meetings in your life. wow!
  16. Bob Lefsetz put out a comment on the Live Anthology last evening - but its not posted on his site yet - but watch for it... Here is the first couple of paragraphs: Subject: I Want You Back Again The Valiants played "She's Not There" at Ilene Kramer's bat mitzvah party. Held at Hillandale Country Club on a gray February day, I actually danced a few times. I'd recovered from being snubbed by Nancy Moss at Bert's party the month before. But what I remember most is sitting at that round table, listening to the Valiants, the best bar/bat mitzvah band in the land. During slow numbers like "She's Not There" you danced close. This was just before you put both limbs around your partner, when you still held one arm stretched out straight, hands clasped, like you learned in dancing school. I guess we could feel tits, but although we talked about them, we were not quite as infatuated as we'd later become. The party started at four p.m. The sun slowly set. I remember distinctly hearing this Zombies tune. I spent last night catching up with Tom Petty's Superhighway Tour. Seemingly every day, they make another track available for download, or streaming. You can take it in MP3, you can download in FLAC. There are no restrictions, you pay, you truly get all access. Dribbled out over weeks, until the actual release of Tom's multi-disc live album, when you can have the rest of the tracks. But to get it all at once would be unfortunate, because there's too much to digest. You see on every page, there's a little story about the track. A complete set list from the night it was recorded. Reviews. Sometimes not complimentary. And extra pics. And fan photos. And commentary.
  17. Dumbo Cinderella Snow White List your three favorite fairy tale characters
  18. I wish he had a website so we would know where he is going to turn up next - most likely not in Texas - but that is why there are planes and trains and Grey Hound buses. I would love to see Benmont interviewed on Elvis Costello's show.
  19. I also love this one from Benmont... "These are people that I learn from every time I play with them. And outside of that, Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch, Jon Brion, Sean and Sara Watkins, Fiona Apple, who’s remarkable — these are people that just bring my heart alive, and that I listen to and I go blind, and I fall into that space where everything disappears.
  20. Thanks Square One. Love this thought of his... "What I think is really important, and something that Matisse and Bo Diddley had, is the idea that you’re still young in the sense that you’re still present. You’re still spirited. Your best days are not behind you. This is still new and exciting to you." Benmont speaks such poetry.
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