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  1. I just finished "Life of Pi" - amazing ending. If you ever made up a story to deal with a horrific event in your life - this novel is a great read.
  2. One of the best moments for me last season was when Kris Kristofferson sang - what he said was one of Johnny Cash's favorite songs - "Here Comes That Rainbow Again." Poignant - tear-jerk of a song - and what a chorus - And the daylight grew heavy with thunder And the smell of the rain on the wind Ain't it just like a human Here comes that rainbow again.
  3. This economic downturn is impacted so many aspects of life. It's sad to hear that it is closing.
  4. A friend of mine wrote a book about it - Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction - by Sue William Silverman. It's a good read.
  5. I was on a three week vacation in Europe and left all my underwear in a hotel in the Netherlands on the second day.
  6. I want to read this article over and over again - the depth, the insight - Benmont's and Mike's voice speaking so diffinitively about what they love - their music. How could you not smile reading this article, feeling so lucky to be a fan.
  7. Being careful to touch only the outer rim, I placed the black disk on the beige raised platform, switched the lever to on, and listened to the crackling of the smooth space before the first note.
  8. the beatles - 'Komm gibt mir deine hand' - ('I want to hold your hand' --- i like how it sounds)
  9. getting ready for work - but i don't want to.
  10. ^^Relic - I love that thought - I am going to check credits and listen so closely for Benmont.
  11. There are so many people that need it more than me - I love my old crap - but if he wanted to put on a new roof and refinish my floors - well that would be great.
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