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  1. thanks for the info were is located? That is cool that they are naming wildflower
  2. i am not sure if i am putting this in the right place but i will be going through gainsville soon and was wondering if there were any places to do with tom that i should drive by and check out? If any one can tell me that is great.:confused:
  3. i always took it as a love song. that speedball was looking to just have a love affair that lived in the moment. never really finding the one place to rest his heart.
  4. i like this one. i think he is a little dirty in some of his lyrics. I watched the movie and i agree that the music is not in there enough.
  5. i love the whole thing but i guess i like The Wrong Thing to Do the most.
  6. i kind of like the dreads... at first i was like what is he thinking then i don't know i guess they just grew on me
  7. i love that movie and i just don't see how they think remaking it is a good idea. it was so far out there then and now i just don't understand what the point is.
  8. i made mine on a website it has a quote on the back and a pic of tom from the front of the book
  9. that is so cool that mike has a mudcrutch for president shirt and i have a tom petty for president shirt
  10. i have been to 2 other shows (wish i could have gone to more but that is another story) and i have to say by far this is the best one i have been to. I had a blast i thought we were going to be way in the back and the guy just kept walking and said here is your seats and we were 11 rows back. i was so happy. It was great
  11. i used to think he say "Baby gained weight" in hometown blues but then i realized he was not saying that
  12. gator hugger i am a chick who wears pink tom shirts and i have to say that i love the older stuff but all i am saying is that there is good new stuff you can't say that just because girls like to wear pink shirts with his pic on it they don't like the music because i love all of the music i just went to the atlanta show and it was great he rocked not just stuff from the first 5 but everything tom is a rocker
  13. i agree with some of that gatorhugger. i think that the music has changed and i love all of the older stuff, but i also think if he had just kept making the same type music never changing than that might have gotten old and fans and maybe even tom himself might have gotten tired of it. Music is change and sometimes it is for the worst and sometimes it is for the best. in this case i think tom could make just about any type of music and i would love it. It speaks to me and makes me feel great. I just love his music fast or slow.
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