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  1. TwoGunslingers

    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Enough! Or maybe it's just because time seems to go by the faster the older you get. I really don't get what's so damn hard about a WF re-release. It's not like they (the Petty camp, Tom Petty Inc., or whatever you might call "them") have no experience with archival releases at all. They did, imho, really good jobs with Playback, The Live Anthology and An American Treasure (The Best of Everything is good, too, but it's more of a no-brainer than AAT or the others). It's just becoming tragic, is what it is.
  2. TwoGunslingers

    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    That just goes to show how long the thing's already hanging around in some sort of waiting room for classic albums... maybe Mike forgot it had an appointment (to painfully stretch my analogy ).
  3. TwoGunslingers

    "Best Of Everything" album released

  4. Not to take anything away from this thread, but there's at least another one on this subject: It's great to see Highway Companion on your list, it's my no. 3 as well, with WF at no. 1 and ITGWO no 2. Though the only Heartbreaker playing on HC is Mike, if I'm not mistaken. Tom handled most of the instruments himself, and maybe Jeff Lynne plays one thing or another.
  5. TwoGunslingers

    Mike Campbell's fav records

    See, that's why I'm always having a hard time with stylistic categories. Don't want to go off-topic too much, but I always thought "Americana" means a blend of various American musical styles; I would not have thought country is a necessary ingredient, just the most common one. But maybe that's just me. Let's just say that The Band were important pioneers for what later became known as alt.country and Americana.
  6. TwoGunslingers

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    Just why does Coldplay come to my mind?......
  7. TwoGunslingers

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    If they played You Wreck Me, Stan must have played on it. Who else? He didn't let Ringo play, obviously.
  8. TwoGunslingers

    Mike Campbell's fav records

    Shelter summed it up. Better songs (than the Mystery Train version from The Last Waltz) to get into The Band might be Up on Cripple Creek, Don't Do It, The Weight and maybe The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. If you care for a certain type of "Americana" music, it's almost impossible not to like these. And in the rare case you really don't, they are at least interesting signposts in the history of popular music. Although they're definitely much more than just that. Watching The Last Waltz might help understand the importance of The Band. The first song just kills. Having said that, it is, of course, a complicated or even troubled movie, or at least the history of its conception is. Fantastic as an end product nevertheless. And as far as music goes it's probably the single most important document of its time.
  9. TwoGunslingers

    Mike Campbell's fav records

    I'm was born much too late to know The Band, but I simply love them. But if all I ever heard of them was this track from The Last Waltz, I would hate them. The Last Waltz is a brilliant concert film, but this Butterfield guy - no matter how important he is historically, and I know he is - freaks me out.
  10. TwoGunslingers

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    Don't get me wrong; I LOVE the Wildflowers album. No need to sell me on it. It opened doors for me I didn't even know were there. I just never felt it was as popular as FMF. You know what? It's probably the Atlantic divide. I guess WF never was as big in Germany as it was in the US. But for me, gosh, it meant THE WORLD. Musically. And over the years I've always kind of waited for another WF to come out, but it never did. Not from Tom, nor anybody else. There is only one album as mellow/wistful/rootsy/atmospheric/earthy as this one. Maybe Neil Young's Harvest comes close, but that's darker and not as strong song-wise. Well, maybe every songwriter has their own Wildflowers in them, translated into their own musical language. Paul Simon's Still Crazy After All These Years feels Wildflowerish to me, e.g. But we all know, there can be only one WF. By TP.
  11. TwoGunslingers

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    Maybe true for myself and probably most Petty fans of my generation. I was 15 when WF came out. Still, I always felt that FMF was even more popular, even back then.
  12. TwoGunslingers

    Thoughts on Playback

    OK, I'll relax and start breathing again. Thanks.
  13. TwoGunslingers

    Thoughts on Playback

    This is actually a pretty good idea! Seriously, I never thought of that... Boy, being practical is not my forte... Good point.
  14. TwoGunslingers

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    I can relate to that, although I enjoy the new verse in The Best of Everything. But all in all, it's the kind of revisionism that doesn't sit well with the longtime fan - and whether it is justified is highly debatable. AAT definitely, BOE not as much, because it is the standard procedure for record companies after an artist's passing. In my mind, it was a package deal: You can have BOE, but only if we get to do AAT. Something like that. But now they came out on two different labels AND Ryan Ulyate says Tom wanted to do a compilation like BOE very badly so my theory is a little shaky. Still: Wildflowers was not a Born To Run, not a breakthrough album or an iconic album like Full Moon Fever (to most people, Tom is Mr. Free Fallin', not Mr. You Don't Know How It Feels). So I can see how a record company could have second thoughts about a project like All The Rest, saleswise. I'm speculating: In addition to all those possible reasons (points 2 and 3 seem especially valid) Tom was maybe looking for a way of presenting All The Rest that was different from what Springsteen did with Born To Run, Darkness on The Edge of Town and The River. I'm sure he didn't want to come across like some imitator of the Springsteen archive release strategy. So I could see how this could have become rather tricky: Finding a new and original way of releasing an old album plus outtakes and do the whole project justice. After all, Wildflowers obviously held a very special place in Tom's heart and played a crucial role in how he perceived himself as a songwriter in his later years. In some regards it marks the end for the "old" (or younger) Petty and the birth of the "new" (or older) Petty.
  15. TwoGunslingers

    Thoughts on Playback

    Do that! (Please .) Well, I don't think HDCD would make much of a difference if the remastering was bad. Sh** in, sh** out, as the IT-guys put it. So Drakoulias must have done something right, I guess. Not to my knowledge, which, admittedly, is not very vast.