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  1. TwoGunslingers

    Highway Companion the great lost opportunity!

    YES! It has that great delay-or-whatever sound to it! It's brilliant! The only thing missing in the arrangement is Ben's piano, which he played especially heartbreakingly on the 2006 recording in Gainesville. I really appreciate your newfound appreciation of HC, Shelter. It's a fine little album that also serves as a masterclass in songwriting, in my book. Anyone who wants to learn how much you can do with just a few words and chords (the right words and chords!) will have one epiphany or the other here. Tom was really inspired around the time he wrote the songs for the album. Saving Grace stands out because he wrote it much later in the process than all the others. According to Conversations (the Zollo book). They should have left off "Jack" and put on "Home" instead, I think we all agree on that... but apart from that, HC is a wonderful album that I still love to give a spin. And regarding production, well... the one argument in favor of HC's sound I haven't already made is maybe this: Tom wrote all those songs on acoustic guitar (well, maybe not "Saving Grace"), so I think the approach was: Let's capture them the way they were written, more or less. Hence the constant strumming. But I don't really want to go there again. Made my case three years ago, I guess.
  2. TwoGunslingers

    Lyric Question

    But also "Oh my my, oh hell yes Honey put on that party dress"
  3. TwoGunslingers

    Lyric Question

    Hard to say... I can't narrow it down to one line, I'm afraid. I love "So if I come to your door Let me sleep on your floor I'll give you all I have and a little more."
  4. Well, Eddie certainly plays an important role… he is the first one that comes to (my) mind. But he isn’t, to me, what really makes the song. That’s in the guitars. Much more interesting to me is the English refugee in „Louisiana Rain“. I don’t know why, maybe because Petty draws such a strange, realistic picture. Who is this guy? He’s a bit scary. My favorite is maybe the cast of „Crawling Back to You“: The ranger came with burning eyes The chambermaid awoke surprised Thought she'd seen the last of him She shook her head, let him in (…) It was me and my sidekick He was drunk and I was sick We were caught up in a barroom fight 'Til an Indian shot out the lights Boy, I love those verses!!! Each one is like a short story.
  5. TwoGunslingers

    Happy Birthday TwoGunslingers

    Hey, thank you very much! Didn't see this until now... I had a great day with my family, thanks!
  6. TwoGunslingers

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    I thought so, too, but TBOE comes out on Geffen. So that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I don't find it that bad, actually, that they release such a package. True, we already have "Greatest Hits", and it's the only real greatest hits, with the songs that actually were hits. But didn't we ourselves discuss in another thread possible tracklistings for a Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 or something to that effect? So here it is now... sort of. Even Anthology- Through The Years ends in 2000. This will be the first traditional Best Of-release covering the 2000s, if I'm not mistaken. I don't think this is THAT outrageous. Maybe they planned American Treasure for the longtime fans (us) while TBOE is aimed at younger music lovers who are yet to discover Tom. It could become their "Greatest Hits". With signposts to all the wonderful original albums. And even if not - it's a collection of brilliant music, you can't argue with that. We don't have to buy it if we don't want to.
  7. TwoGunslingers

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    Yeah, that's probably closer to the truth. I've been getting cynical more and more lately. Sorry bout that. Yes, I totally understand that. I've been growing fonder and fonder of American Treasure, though. It's really an interesting and beautiful collection that avoids the usual pitfalls of straightforward greatest hits collections or anthologies and offers a different perspective on Tom's work. I can't help but thinking it was mostly Benmont Tench who picked the tracks. They're just so sophisticatedly chosen.
  8. TwoGunslingers

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    I agree. The album version is ragged... but right. Anyway, I didn't know Stan played in the early days of the Wildflowers sessions! Or maybe I just forgot... is that mentioned in Conversations or in Zanes' book? I was surprised to read Stan's name as drummer of Wake Up Time here. As usual, sadly, he does a beautiful job, whether he liked the new stylistic direction Tom went into or not. His playing has a swing to it, a looseness... they didn't do too many songs in 3/4 time with Stan, did they? His feel is just perfect.
  9. TwoGunslingers

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    Well, let's have a look at the statistics: there are 10 previously unreleased tracks, 13 live recordings, 17 album tracks - and 15 alternate versions / takes (the rest is miscellaneous). Almost as many as album tracks. You could read into that: We (the Heartbreakers) are happy with about half our official outtput, and we'd like to change the rest. It's hard to tell, though, because they need to justify a release like this one with things we(the longtime fans) haven't heard. They removed the "samples" from Rebels and Damage, and more than once there's talk of "de-glossing" in the liner notes, which means put the band to the fore again. I like what that does to the songs, don't get me wrong, but it also discards the work of the mixers and producers back then. That's what I mean by revisionism. We're not happy anymore with how some tracks sound, let's uncover our tracks and remove some of the production work. Two random examples: Straight Into Darkness and Deliver Me appear in their original tempos. The versions are, other than that, not significantly different from the album versions. They do not add anything to how we already know these two songs (except I now know why the album version of Strait Into Darkness is in a weird key between C and C#). It's nothing more than saying: Here's what we ACTUALLY played. But, like I said, they're entitled. I think the Heartbreakers, consciously or not, like to stress their contribution to Petty's music. Thus, we now get a different perspective: We used to hear the songs with the producers' ears, so to speak, their versions of them (at least, as Scoppa points out in the notes, up until Wildflowers); we now hear the songs as the band hears them. Which is perfectly fine, but also an act of revisionism. A strong word, admittedly, it sounds more negative than I intended.
  10. TwoGunslingers

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    It actually made me smile when I read the tracklisting and saw this. I thought, maybe someone in Petty camp discovered your thread! :-D Yes, I agree. They are perfect picks. I'm also not sure how they did it, what their criteria were... But the collection as such is really nicely done. It's not a Greatest Hits, which would have been somewhat pointless (an argument that does not stop other Major artists from releasing another and yet another and then yet another collection of the same well-known tunes), it's not a live collection, and it's not a collection of outtakes and b-sides, either... but it works. It's really interesting and there are beautiful things to discover on every disc. I imagine it's very difficult to do, but they did a great job. To put more emphasis on the Lynne years would have meant more of the all-too-familiar. It's an almost unbelievable fact - and speaks volumes - that there is no Free Fallin' here, no Runnin' Down a Dream, no Learning to Fly, and no You Wreck Me. I Won't Back Down surfaces in an acoustic arrangement (ok, we had this on the Live Anthology, but still) and Into The Great Wide Open was not played live too often in recent years, if I'm not mistaken. So, all in all - a brave project that satisfies long-time fans and maybe will win some new ones (music geeks?) who are willing to delve deeper into Petty's rich body of work. And, yes... the notes on the songs could have been a bit more insightful at times. Bud Scoppa's essay is also much too short, which is a shame, because he is one of rock history's sharpest writers, I think.
  11. TwoGunslingers

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    I'll start with a quick overview of things that first struck me... First of all: great sound! The version of ITGWO that's on disc 3 is the same as on my old bootleg from the Oakland-shows, but sounds - hardly surprisingly - 80 per cent better. Second: I feel a tendency of revisionism creeping in. I think this release marks the point in history where the Heartbreakers' perspective takes over, or at least Mike and Ben's (as opposed to Petty's). We're presented with mixes they didn't like, or don't like any more. I can see why in the case of Rebels, less so in the case of The Best of Everything. It's the Heartbreakers filter; but they're absolutely entitled. Also, the Lynne-period gets treated a bit superficially. The new songs are good, some better than others. Lonesome Dave is fun, but it's a song I could do without. Gainesville is not even fun, I don't get this composition. Great arrangement, but strange writing. Musically. Not in a good way, imho. The rest of the new ones is great, and I really like the early take of King of The Hill! Much better than the released version.
  12. TwoGunslingers

    Remembering Mindbender - 25 Years Later

    Took me some time to wrap my head around this thread... (note the rhyme!) Now I know what this is abou; I only knew fan fictions in different contexts. Great job, actually, you almost had me fooled the first time around! I really came close to believing there could have been an unreleased album that once was almost finished. 1993 definitely seems to have been a transitional period for Tom; he tried to figure out where to go next. I find it fascinating that he chose a mellower path in the end, recording and releasing Wildflowers, instead of his version of grunge (which seems to have been a serious option for a while there), or Mindbender, as we should henceforth call it! Have to think more about that topic. I feel honored to be mentioned in the list of names above, by the way.
  13. TwoGunslingers

    Mary's Jane's.... Last Spliff....

    I think everything of substance (no pun intended) on the matter has already been said here... but being the sucker for redundance that I am, I'll go on anyway! It's clearly an evidence for Tom's incredibly sophisticated songwriting, I think, that he threw out the "Hey, Indiana Girl"-Chorus and came up with the one we all know and love. Sometimes being direct and unambiguous works (see I Won't Back Down), but it better be pretty good. Which isn't to say that being ambiguous is easy. I think it's an idea that is as simple as it is effective to use Mary Jane as the girl's name... the chorus thus lending the whole song an almost desperate edge. It's about goodbye, but is the character in the song saying goodbye to a girl? To his life? Her life? Who is leaving who? Is it about somebody dying? Suicide? Or just a guy hopelessly in love? Pretty heavy stuff. And that's only the lyrics!
  14. TwoGunslingers

    Music-related book & film

    I read Juliet Naked and I think it's hilarious. Wonderful book. Reminded me of the Farm sometimes, which was a tiny bit unsettling. High Fidelity - the book - didn't connect with me, either. But I love the movie with John (and Joan) Cusack.
  15. TwoGunslingers

    Tom Petty: Long or Short Hair?

    It's always a reasonable investment to buy a vest. Pun not intended...