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  1. Well, they surely could become the most sought-after studio band, that's for sure. And I wouldn't see a reason why they should not back up other artists on their albums. Live it's a different story, however... I can't see them doing that, but I'm absolutely convinced if they ever become somebody's backing band onstage, they will do it with immaculate taste.
  2. Traveling Wilburys Book

    For a change I'll judge a book by its cover and say: This doesn't look very promising. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong!
  3. How was Full Moon Fever initially received by fans?

    I think on FMF and ITGWO, you can hear Tom anticipating Steve. Blame Jeff Lynne for that, maybe. That's the aesthetic Tom was after, drumwise, and Stan did not fit the picture. Personal issues aside.
  4. How was Full Moon Fever initially received by fans?

    Well, it's understandable that the Heartbreakers as well as some (all?) fans didn't like the album at the beginning. 1) Heartbreakers: Tom and the band sort of hit a low point in the mid eighties, creatively. Let Me Up was not very successful and neither was the tour behind it. Then all of a sudden Tom is working on great material and the Heartbreakers are not welcomed (except Mike). How would anybody react to that? You hear something and you know it's great, but it's different from what you've been doing and you're obviously not planned to be part of it... that's tough. I think when Howie came to the session when he could have recorded the bass for Free Fallin' and said he didn't like the song, he already felt like an outsider. Or an intruder. And Benmont got told what to play, Stan wasn't even invited... (even though they sure had their reasons for that) 2) Fans: I came to know and love Tom's music through ITGWO and Wildflowers. These are mellower albums with a focus on the acoustic guitar. Or layers of acoustic guitars. So Full Moon Fever was perfectly in the same vein (it came out earlier, but I discovered it later). I'm sometimes having a hard time with the band's bluesier side (as some Farmers might remember ). So I did not like all of the earlier stuff when I first heard it and do still not like most of Mojo and Hypnotic Eye. I imagine when it's the other way round - you're a fan from the first or second album on, maybe since Damn The Torpedoes, and here comes Jeff Lynne through your speakers all of a sudden with lots of acoustics and layered Instrumentation - it's a similar feeling: What you loved about the band is put aside while Tom is flexing his singer/songwriter muscle. I can see why not everybody liked/likes that.
  5. 2018 Jeff Lynne Tour

    He's coming to Munich and I'm going!!! September 2018.
  6. Dylan covers Petty

    I think because Dylan covered Learning to Fly we can safely assume that Dylan thought of Tom not only as his peer, but also as a friend.
  7. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    Nice bit by Fred Schruers for Billboard. "Coping with the gut punch of Tom Petty's death at 66" http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/7988614/tom-petty-remembrance?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_2136461
  8. TPATH Guests

    Jonathan Wilson (2012) Chris Stapleton (not sure what year, 15, 16, 17?) And didn't Taj Mahal as well as ZZ Top open for Tom in the nineties?
  9. ECHO - the most real, honest, genuine heartfelt album.

    At least you know what to expect! And what to wear... I've never been there (I probably would do the same as you if I lived that close! ), it looks so great in videos.
  10. ECHO - the most real, honest, genuine heartfelt album.

    Not strictly album talk, but I like the version of Swingin' they did at Red Rocks this year. The sound on YouTube is a bit distorted (bassdrum), but the groove is soooo fine. Tom looks exhausted, must have been a hell of a night, with the weather and all (funny, during Neil Young's performance at Red Rocks as seen on "Road Rock Vol. 1" it also started to rain), but the overall feel is great. Such a simple song, and so good.
  11. Dylan covers Petty

    Good point(s)! Although in my mind Dylan's choice would have come about much more intuitively. I would have guessed, since I read somewhere that Dylan liked Petty's Something Big, he would have made a stab at that. But the more beautiful, and of course better-known, song is LtF.
  12. The Last Dj---what works what doesn't

    To happily contradict my opinion from two years back: I listened to The Last DJ this morning in the car on my way to work and absolutely enjoyed it! Sometimes time puts things in a new perspective.
  13. Dylan covers Petty

    This is wonderful! I mean, how many artists are there that Dylan covers? Tom's in good company! Bob put his own spin on the song, as usual... the band seems to do the obvious, more or less, but the way he sings goes against the grain in a way only Dylan can.... I like his version very much, it's a great (and due) honor to Petty and the song itself. Would love to have a recording of it. Any Dylanologists out there trying to analyze why Dylan chose Learning to Fly? Here's a challenge!
  14. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Now it seems more or less official Tom had a tiny fracture in his hip that caused him a lot of pain. I think I read it on Rolling Stone, Dimitriades told it. He wanted to have it operated after the tour. Peter Wolf from J Geils Band also said Tom was in a lot of pain. So maybe he was on a lot of medication, or at least a bit of medication, on that last tour. And sometimes you're not exactly yourself when on medication. He might have been a bit drowsy or a bit high, so to speak, from painkillers or whatever. But I, too, don't buy into the idea that he and the band knew he was not going to live much longer. Nothing so far indicates that, imo.