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  1. So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I think it's unfair to compare Fleetwood Mac - the post-Peter Green-Mac - to Petty & the Heartbreakers. I mean, come on, how many artists and bands play in that league (Petty's)? A handful, tops. As far as pop bands go, Fleetwood Mac certainly were better than many and they sure had their moments. I always found Crowded House ways worse (no offence to Neil Finn). But does that mean Mike can't ever play with a band like them? He sure has the freedom to do whatever he wants, at this point in his life (at least that's what I would guess), and Fleetwood Mac will not be the only band that asked him. So if he plays with them, he sure has good reasons. And if Stevie is one of those reasons - or the major reason, as I, too, would assume - so be it. My wife suspected already - jokingly - that Stevie hires all the Heartbreakers now, little by little, one after another, until she's finally reached her goal.
  2. Covers of Tom Petty songs

    Thank you very much, MJ2LD and Shelter! Good idea! I thought so myself when I watched it yesterday! That certainly was unintentional. But he left some deep trackmarks, I guess...
  3. Covers of Tom Petty songs

    Thanks! Sweaty guy in the hat.
  4. Covers of Tom Petty songs

    OK, so this is a little embarassing, because A I started this thread and B we've already had some great versions of Mary Jane, but what the heck. Here's our "version". We hadn't done it in a long time, but March was our first concert since Tom passed away, so I just had to do it. Oh, and our name is not KiSH, as one might assume, but Giftwood. Enjoy! ;-)
  5. Mike's tribute to Tom

    Wow. What a moving performance. It's great Mike chose Something Good Coming. He sounds a bit like Randy Newman on it. Thanks for sharing this, nurktwin; only a few hours ago the whole thing caught up with me again... now I feel better.
  6. So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    And another interesting question: Is this the only offer a (former) Heartbreaker has received? Or have other big-time bands already been knocking at their doors?
  7. So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    At first I thought: Wow, great, good for Fleetwood Mac, you know? Campbell and Finn... not a bad addition to the lineup! But then I saw they fired Buckingham. Now THAT I find rather strange. Why, on earth? After all this time? They still seem to dwell on whatever hurt feelings have piled up over the years. Sad.
  8. Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    To this day I haven't bought the Damn The Torpedoes anniversary edition or whatever it is called, even though I love Tom more than all those artists (as much as I love them). Because it's not done well.
  9. Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    OK, I'll boil down my preferences for so-called rereleases or deluxe box sets or whatever as follows: - Original album - "Alternative" album, if there is one, and there is almost always one, consisting of session outtakes and b-sides; not necessarily mere versions of album songs, unless they go somewhere the album versions don't - documentary about the creation of the album, meaning interviews with those involved (band, producer, manager...) - at least one live concert from the era If all of this is neatly packaged with nice artwork, if it comes across as a tribute of sorts to a particular album, then such a release really has an advantage over digital only releases and streaming. The Springsteen box sets for Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town and The River, the Simon & Garfunkel deluxe reissue of Bridge Over Troubled Water, Billy Joel's "The Bridge" about his concerts in Russia in the late eighties are examples here. It can be done, and it can be done well, and for sets such as these I am very willing to spend some money.
  10. Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    Well, that goes without saying... who actually likes that? Hmmmm.... I have ITGWO on CD and cassette tape only and Take The Highway only on DVD... so I wouldn't mind buying a box set. In general I agree, but the Dylan Bootleg Series has become something of a cash cow undertaking in a few instances. Here the rationale was to renew copyright (I don't know if that's the correct description of the legal situation, but it had to do with copyright) that without a release would have expired. I think this applied to the complete 1966 concerts and the Cutting Edge. And this is, frankly, where I feel ripped off. Why should I listen to, let alone PAY, for 20 (!) versions/takes of Like a Rolling Stone? So I'll be more than happy not having to buy something like that from Petty's back catalog.
  11. Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    I'm not talking random stuff here. Releasing Take The Highway Live in a package with ITGWO - to dwell on that a bit more - would be historically consistent, wouldn' it? It's a snapshot of that tour, and it was their last big one for a decade or so. Similarly, they could have saved 400 days for a release of All The Rest, instead of "hiding" it - in somewhat random fashion, I might add - in the Live Anthology. What saves re-releases from being nothing more than selling the same old stuff for more money is when an album gets contextualized with its time: how it came about, how it was recorded, what came immediately after the original release. (Would have been interesting with Full Moon Fever, too; although that story may have been told often enough. Or Mojo, perhaps, as the odd one out.) 400 days does that for Wildflowers already, it shows both the context of its creation and its rebirth, if you will, on stage. But instead of releasing it together with that album - because the film really makes one curious about the album - and adding outtakes, B-sides, well, All The Rest, they put it in the Anthology. A missed chance, imho. So... I don't know how much we can actually expect from future (live) releases... apart from being nothing more than regular albums (only without new songs, probably). For other artists, that might be just fine. But Petty was too important, too big.
  12. Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    Maybe also a book(let) with essays on the album, to contextualize it within its time and Tom's carreer.
  13. Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    Right, I keep forgetting about that one. IMO, it just wasn't... enough. Oh, I'm definitely a fan of that format as long as it gives you enough interesting material. DTT was such an important album, they could have at least included that Classic Albums-doc in the package (ok, most of the time there are legal issues), concert footage from the tour on DVD, all the tracks in live versions... SOMETHING. Weeell... maybe because it was a highly successful album thanks to singles Learning to Fly and the title track? Maybe not so much in the US, but in Europe. Would have made for a nice bundle: original album, extra disc with outtakes and/or B-sides, or maybe two discs of the Take The Highway Live concerts; plus a BluRay or DVD containing the videos for the singles and Take The Highway Live, of course. I could not say no to such an offering.
  14. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    I think it's unfair to lump Springsteen together with Seger and Mellencamp. Seger is definitely a great one, but not on Springsteen's scale. While I don't like Mellencamp too much, I think the same applies to him. I think of the three guys mentioned, only Springsteen really is at Tom's level in terms of long lasting influence, songwriting Quality, artistic vision (in lack of a better term) and overall impact on popular culture. I remember that! I was 15 when Wildflowers came out and loved it (obviously). While Bruce at least showed up as a line on the horizon with "Streets of Philadelphia" around that time, the other two practically didn't exist in the mind of your ordinary 90s teenanger. But I couldn't really say why that was, why Wildflowers and Tom were so popular and somehow in sync, if you will, with the times. It may have something to do with the MTV Unplugged-thing that still was pretty popular then (especially Eric Clapton's unplugged album, on which, maybe only seemingly incicentally, Ferrone played the drums): I think Wildflowers fit in that acoustic-based, rootsy mood.
  15. Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    Although he outneiled and outbruced both of them with the Live Anthology. But that was an exception. There are no anniversary editions of Damn The Torpedoes or Full Moon Fever, of Wildflowers or ITGWO.... with making of-films and outtakes and live footage.... So who knows what will happen to those live albums Ferrone mentions.