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  1. TwoGunslingers

    I bought another guitar!!!!

    Thanks! Sunburst! Looks really beautiful. I got lucky, because they only had two sunburst left (imagine: at Europe's biggest music store); and I got the b-stock for 365 Euros. So far I have not encountered any flaws.
  2. TwoGunslingers

    I bought another guitar!!!!

    In the meantime I bought one, too. Not only did I read your post here but shortly afterwards I met a musician friend who also plays it. And I thought, well, that must be a sign! At least that's what I took it for... It's an amazing guitar, considering the price. The pickup really makes a great acoustic sound!
  3. TwoGunslingers

    "...with a sausage"

    Sure does. Getting sick already.
  4. TwoGunslingers

    "...with a sausage"

    I meant unnecessarily of course...
  5. TwoGunslingers

    I bought another guitar!!!!

    With an L.R. Baggs you can't go wrong, of course. Is that nanoflex (it's the nanoflex, isn't it?) also as good? Do you get a similar sound?
  6. TwoGunslingers

    I bought another guitar!!!!

    Seems perfectly reasonable. "People" meaning people in the band or in the audience? Because the places we play in (in the rare occasions that we play at all) are easily small enough for beer leakage onto the stage...
  7. TwoGunslingers

    "...with a sausage"

    Let's take this to an artsy level. The Last DJ With a Sausage - a postmodern statue commenting on the unholy alliance of modern media, art and the food industry Down South With a Sausage - the memoir of a former Civil War soldier who developed a strange and rare addiction to meat products ... working title: A Wasted Life With a Sausage... Even The Losers With a Sausage - collection of stream-of-consciousness poems telling the generation-spanning rags-to-riches story of an outsider family in the food industry The Trip to Pirate's Cove With a Sausage - surrealistic painting in a necessarily great multitude of bright colors
  8. TwoGunslingers

    I bought another guitar!!!!

    Two years ago, I bought a guitar I hope will end my guitar buying days. At least as far as acoustics go. It's a Takamine P6N and the most thrilling thing about it - apart from sound and playability - is its preamp system and that it allowed me to use the built-in pickup in combination with my LR Baggs active soundhole pickup. It really gets the sound I want. But seeing this Epiphone really makes me itchy... what a beauty! And not expensive! Have you tested the pickups, nurktwin?
  9. TwoGunslingers

    This is a question.

    In the case of DTT, Iovine indeed could have been the catalyst of a quantum leap. He and Tom seemed to have been quite close, they talked a lot during that period and everything; it's probably hard to overestimate Iovine's (and Yakus') influence on the sound of DTT and Hard Promises, including Tom's vocal style. Maybe he got more confidence through Iovine. I guess it's hard to figure out how to sing on the first recordings you do. Mostly, especially in those days, singers performed live, not paying too much attention to exactly how they sing, before they got a record deal. Even on demos, you still would have said, well, this is only a demo, on a proper recording I would make sure to get it right. And then, all of a sudden (even if it actually wasn't THAT sudden, but it may have been like Christmas... "all of a sudden" it's here and you don't have any presents), Tom struck gold, got his record deal, along with the right band, and was faced with the situation that his vocals were put on albums that were distributed internationally. And that, I imagine, can throw you a little. So he experimented a bit, maybe being ashamed of how he sounded naturally. It's true, Petty's vocals on the first two albums sound odd, but intriguingly so. Not being a native speaker, I couldn't have pinpointed what it was. But if you guys say it's the accent that's a bit strange, that makes sense to me. I always thought it was Tom's... colloquial language at the time, if you will, he used on Breakdown. Now I've learned it's some kind of a fake Spanish Accent! Maybe what he was doing was trying to get into a certain character for each song. I don't know. Having said that, I really like the way(s) he sings Breakdown and American Girl. It makes you listen up.
  10. TwoGunslingers

    Lyric Question

    Oh yes, that's a good one! Another one: She said, daddy, you've been a mother to me.
  11. TwoGunslingers

    Highway Companion the great lost opportunity!

    YES! It has that great delay-or-whatever sound to it! It's brilliant! The only thing missing in the arrangement is Ben's piano, which he played especially heartbreakingly on the 2006 recording in Gainesville. I really appreciate your newfound appreciation of HC, Shelter. It's a fine little album that also serves as a masterclass in songwriting, in my book. Anyone who wants to learn how much you can do with just a few words and chords (the right words and chords!) will have one epiphany or the other here. Tom was really inspired around the time he wrote the songs for the album. Saving Grace stands out because he wrote it much later in the process than all the others. According to Conversations (the Zollo book). They should have left off "Jack" and put on "Home" instead, I think we all agree on that... but apart from that, HC is a wonderful album that I still love to give a spin. And regarding production, well... the one argument in favor of HC's sound I haven't already made is maybe this: Tom wrote all those songs on acoustic guitar (well, maybe not "Saving Grace"), so I think the approach was: Let's capture them the way they were written, more or less. Hence the constant strumming. But I don't really want to go there again. Made my case three years ago, I guess.
  12. TwoGunslingers

    Lyric Question

    But also "Oh my my, oh hell yes Honey put on that party dress"
  13. TwoGunslingers

    Lyric Question

    Hard to say... I can't narrow it down to one line, I'm afraid. I love "So if I come to your door Let me sleep on your floor I'll give you all I have and a little more."
  14. Well, Eddie certainly plays an important role… he is the first one that comes to (my) mind. But he isn’t, to me, what really makes the song. That’s in the guitars. Much more interesting to me is the English refugee in „Louisiana Rain“. I don’t know why, maybe because Petty draws such a strange, realistic picture. Who is this guy? He’s a bit scary. My favorite is maybe the cast of „Crawling Back to You“: The ranger came with burning eyes The chambermaid awoke surprised Thought she'd seen the last of him She shook her head, let him in (…) It was me and my sidekick He was drunk and I was sick We were caught up in a barroom fight 'Til an Indian shot out the lights Boy, I love those verses!!! Each one is like a short story.
  15. TwoGunslingers

    Happy Birthday TwoGunslingers

    Hey, thank you very much! Didn't see this until now... I had a great day with my family, thanks!