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  1. TwoGunslingers

    New Box Set

    Whoever is responsible for not putting out All The Rest, in case it doesn't get put out. Please don't take statements from me like that too seriously.
  2. TwoGunslingers

    New Box Set

    All in all, I'm really excited about this! How couldn't I be? But (and I'm sure you sensed that coming) it depends on how exactly the set is organized - and if it includes "All The Rest" in its originally intended form. If it doesn't, I won't be THAT excited anymore; and I'll hope they will release that later this year. Otherwise I'll get really angry. But, hey, 60 unreleased songs/tracks/versions - I'm not a bootleg collector, so I'm really looking forward to the release!
  3. TwoGunslingers

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    When I started playing the drums (back in the early nineties) I copied a lot of Stan's beats and fills. Specifically I remember Even The Losers and Don't Do Me Like That. His is a way of drumming that instantly spoke to me and was very easy for me to feel, so to speak.
  4. TwoGunslingers

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    That's a beautiful expression and describes Stan's approach pretty well, I agree. He didn't just provide a backbeat (with the notable exception of ITGWO, maybe, where that was exactly what he was requested to do) but played a kind of a drum arrangement that complemented the other instruments. The Ringo way of doing it. But with a very unique feel you recognize easily. Which is quite an achievement, because he never overplayed. He's a tragically underrated drummer when you think about it.
  5. TwoGunslingers

    The TP & Stevie Nicks Collborations Thread

    So not really a must-have. Thanks, guys! 👍
  6. TwoGunslingers

    The TP & Stevie Nicks Collborations Thread

    Does anybody know this recording? Is it worth listening to or even worth buying?
  7. TwoGunslingers

    Sound like TPATH

    Reminds me I finally should buy myself a Tele and/or a Ric... plus a couple more effect pedals than just my Boss Fender distortion and the Reverb-Echo-pedal of my Vox-amp... I'm kind of lazy when it comes to effects and electric guitar, though. That's one of the reasons I enjoy the acoustics more; you spend most of the time trying to get their acoustic sound across properly and do not necessarily have to torment yourself with questions like, "what effect would fit this or that song best?". That can really drive you nuts. Except you only play covers, then all you have to do is emulate the original... and that's expensive enough, I guess.
  8. TwoGunslingers

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    Same with me. Mary Jane to me rather conjures up the images Tom sings about than what happens in the video, as brilliant as it is. And I heard DCAHNM years before I saw the video for the first time, so the video is rather loosely connected to the song in my head.
  9. TwoGunslingers

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    Well, this thread took an interesting turn here! I like it! Although a great playlist this already is (especially that melancholy twist towards the end!), I also endorse the idea of including Driving Down To Georgia. I don't know, but somebody must have put them there ages ago and nobody ever had the ba*** to set them free. So it's up to us.
  10. TwoGunslingers

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    Very well put! I think that was his approach the last two-and-a-half decades probably.
  11. TwoGunslingers

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    Nowadays, the way to go would not be a disc - save for vinyl probably - but a playlist that introduces people to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. MAYBE a cassette tape; I've seen those having a kind of hipster revival. But a playlist frees us from restrictions of albums. Length doesn't matter, which means hits do not necessarily matter. I've always found there are tracks in TP's catalog that are very accessible but were not hits. Letting You Go for example, or California, or Trip to Pirate's Cove, or Flirting With Time. To name a few. So compiling a playlist could be a whole new undertaking. The beginner's guide to Tom Petty, maybe (ok, I can see how this is bound to unravel...).
  12. TwoGunslingers

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    - Why live? Because it sounds... well, livelier... and is played by the Heartbreakers, which in this case makes a difference (not so, imo, with Saving Grace, on the other hand). - What version? Preferably Gainesville 2006. Not the one on the Live Anthology. Ben's piano in the last verse is especially sweet in Gainesville. I know you open a can of worms once you throw one live version in ("Why not The Last DJ live?" "Why not You Wreck Me?" And so forth...), because you run the risk of undermining the whole concept of a Greatest Hits/Best Of, which usually has Studio tracks only. But I figured one live track couldn't hurt... it could also be declared a bonus track at the end of the album. After all, we're talking about a strange kind of parallel reality in which such a compilation is utterly possible. I'm not preparing an official release from WB here. Thanks for asking!
  13. TwoGunslingers

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    To me, the Greatest Hits were like a map to all the earlier albums. I only knew ITGWO and Greatest Hits at the time, and Wildflowers had not yet been released. So, maybe a second "Greatest Hits" (which would not deserve the title in the same way the original collection does) could be a map to later albums, as others already mentioned. It will never happen, granted, and I know potential fans need to hear all the original albums, or at least DTT, FMF and ITGWO. But why not toy around with the idea a bit? That's why I updated the list I made three years ago in the "Your tracklist for a Greatest Hits II"-thread that Shelter posted the link to. Not exactly hits only, not exactly only the best songs... but maybe an accessible collection of Tom (and the band)'s latter-day material. 1. You Wreck Me 2. You Don't Know How It Feels 3. Walls (Circus) 4. Angel Dream 5. Counting on You 6. The Last DJ 7. Saving Grace 8. Down South (live) 9. Square One 11. I Should Have Known It 12. Good Enough 13. American Dream, Plan B 14. Fault Lines 15. Shadow People
  14. Well, I didn't say the band from the video is the band I'm talking about.
  15. Which is always kind of sad, because you get the feeling something could have been done about it - had the communication worked more effectively. I've seen marriages break up because of that (not my own, fortunately!). Another proof, however unnecessary, that bands and marriages are a lot alike... I think that's the only reasonable way to look at it in hindsight.