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  1. Best - Every time I've seen them. Worst - I took my 16-year-old son (he's a huge fan thanks to dad!) to see them in Chicago in 2006. Right behind us was a group of 5 or 6 who were "relaxed." In this group were 2 women, directly behind us, who kept screaming "woo hoo" at the top of their lungs throughout most of the show - almost to the point of drowning out the music. I understand the dynamics of a rock show, I've been to hundreds, but these girls were really being obnoxious. I knew better, but I just couldn't resist saying something, so during one of their "woo hoo" breaks I made a comment - I honestly don't remember what I said but it was fairly innocuous, something along the lines of "give us a break, will you?" Of course my son was mortified and all I did was spur the "woo hoo" twins into a greater "woo hoo" frenzy. I ignored them and eventually they tired out, but they were just rude! Oh well... Kevin
  2. Question of the Day - 04/05/09

    Mark me down for Clarinet as well, in grade school. Once I got to HS I realized that chicks dig guitar players so I wheedled my parents into buying me a Sears "$20-wonder" acoustic guitar and never looked back... Kevin
  3. Thanks! I've been a fan since buying "Damn the Torpedoes" in college, 1980 or so... Kevin