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  2. I wish I was in Hawaii! Don't mind if I do!!
  3. That it is very painful to be hit in your mouth with a baseball after having a dental herbst device installed a few hours earlier. Pain!!!
  4. Anyone headed to the September Tulsa Oklahoma Show? I can't wait! I was so dissapointed when it wasn't on their tour list. I had a tiny thread of hope left that they might add it, but it didn't seem likely and when I least expected it... :spin2::spin2::spin2:
  5. Wow - I haven't been back in forever! Hey guys ! :)

  6. ^damn! That's too bad. Lucky enough to see them here in tulsa ok in august.
  7. I played it... so much fun, especially when you try to sing AND play an instrument! lol I aint good!
  8. ^yeah that always makes me sad when say a lifetime friend just passed away and all the news is focused on a death that happened three months ago.
  9. I will always remember this... this is a terrible event that will never vanish or dissapear... rip forever http://strawberryfields.tripod.com/give-peace.jpg
  10. My day's been pretty good... so far *peeks out the window to make sure a tree doesn't fall on his house* Good luck at college pettyjunkie and pumpkinbumpkin!
  11. I heard about this on a music blog.. I never heard of him but he sounds like a great guy, RIP
  12. Awesome! Thanks for telling us! welcome to the farm!
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