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  1. Wow - I haven't been back in forever! Hey guys ! :)

  2. anyway, how's it going?

  3. nice! first time I really had a chance to see it.

  4. wondering if you're watching the beatles anthology or if you read this tomorrow if you watched it! I don't think that sentence was structured right o.O anyway, you've probably seen it, just wondering if you saw it. seeya!

  5. Not much around now. You?

  6. Hey there ryan, how are you?

  7. lol I love benmont's look in your background pic :D Anyway how's it going?

  8. Your welcome :) Sorry for the confusion!

  9. Hi there! welcome to the farm :)

  10. I like your background! :)

  11. Oooh good luck! I'm doing pretty good thanks.

  12. Haha! Pretty good myself thanks. Just been lazy for the past week, I can finally just stop moving around for a while :P

  13. Haha yep! So what's up with you?

  14. yep! It's great to get back together every so often. he didn't tell me that he got tickets for steve winwood and eric clapton! *faints* his apartment is about a mile away from my hotel so he can hide stuff... *mumble mumble..*

  15. so anything exciting for you? :D

  16. yeah they're great! anyway I visited my nephew and brother a few weeks back to spend a week with them in florida, loved the beach :P and of course I'm hanging with my high school friend in dallas right now. we get to see eric clapton and steve winwood on tuesday! *drools* for the rest of the summer I'm looking for a new band and pretty much hanging around oklahoma... laziness. is there anything better? haha :P

  17. just hanging with a friend really. spending the days being lazy and buying stuff we probably won't need haha :P we're buds from high school so we haven't seen each other in forever! it's good to catch up with each other :)

  18. HAHA that's really funny! Tbh, I'm not exactly sure but he mentioned something about it sometime in april. I'm still jealous :P his band is 'caroline's spine' by the way.

  19. nice to hear! :) don't be too lazy without me now! :P pretty good thanks, been visiting dallas texas for the heck of it... I've had kind of a rough last week so I'm just kind of cooling down and stuff.

  20. ooh welcome back! school's out, yay! :) congrats! sorry for the delayed answer, I'm in a hotel and the connection is terrible! OOOOH how was the wallflowers? jakob dylan... awesome :) my drum teacher's band actually opened for them and he met bob! *faints*

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