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  1. JohnsonBibbyWag

    What is Next for TPATH?

  2. JohnsonBibbyWag

    The "I Wish" Thread

    I wish I was in Hawaii! Don't mind if I do!!
  3. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Today I Learned...

    That it is very painful to be hit in your mouth with a baseball after having a dental herbst device installed a few hours earlier. Pain!!!
  4. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Tulsa Show

    Anyone headed to the September Tulsa Oklahoma Show? I can't wait! I was so dissapointed when it wasn't on their tour list. I had a tiny thread of hope left that they might add it, but it didn't seem likely and when I least expected it... :spin2::spin2::spin2:
  5. Wow - I haven't been back in forever! Hey guys ! :)

  6. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Def Leppard, Cheap Trick finalize third leg

    ^damn! That's too bad. Lucky enough to see them here in tulsa ok in august.
  7. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Chat Event - Sunday Oct 25 at 8pm EST

    joining in! Should be awesome!
  8. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Happy birthday to Mr. Tom Petty!

    Happy birthday tom!!
  9. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Happy Birthday, Weird Monkey!

    Happy bday!
  10. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Beatles rock band

    I played it... so much fun, especially when you try to sing AND play an instrument! lol I aint good!
  11. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Julian Lennon sings the DC5

    Pretty cool!
  12. JohnsonBibbyWag

    Lucinda and Tom wed