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  1. Another_troublemaker

    Poll of the Day--7/10/09

    Awful. Sleeping is great, being awake is horrible. Can it please be september yet?
  2. Another_troublemaker

    of the Day - 07/04/09

    Out of these, it is the Breakfast club. But what about American Grafitti? That movie had the BEST SOUNDTRACK!!
  3. Another_troublemaker

    What Song Did You Wake Up With in Your Head?

    Hitler/ Khan Love duet--RSC
  4. Another_troublemaker

    Poll of the Day--7/3/09

    Welllll, considering we haven't had rain since April, I doubt it. Theres a major burn ban...This fourth of july is going to bite unless it rains 7 inches today. And its bright and sunny outside. So I doubt it. Maybe next year...*Sigh*
  5. Another_troublemaker

    Billy Mays Found Dead

    Gosh...I'm still part of the FAN club... Farrah? Micheal? Billy? I guess Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon needed Guests... RIP guys... :'(
  6. Another_troublemaker

    Poll of the Day--6/24/09

    I say...yes. I mean, some people eat without thinking. =/
  7. Another_troublemaker

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I love hacking into my sisters account. Hi all! I like penguins
  8. Another_troublemaker

    Johnny Depp as The Madhatter - First Picture

    This movie looks AWFUL...But I think I'll go see it for Helena Bonham Carter. Shes an AMAZING actress...
  9. Another_troublemaker

    How Many???

    I have NEVER gotten a Headache. How many shakespeare plays have you read?
  10. Another_troublemaker

    Poll of the Day--6/19/09

    I am also a Saxophone playing Buddhist Vegetarian... When I discovered Lisa Simpson, it was perfect
  11. Another_troublemaker


    Kate Micucci- Mr.Moon One day The moon got tired of being Up in the sky He wandered Down through the starlight And landed on the oceanside And he smiled while He jumped in the water And laughed about As he danced in the sand He put on His swim trunks and snorkel And guess what Mr. Moon swam Did I tell you That moonbeams are heavy? And therefore Mr. Moon sank He fell down Through the seawalls of seaweed And landed At the bottom of a tank And he sat there With the starfish and jellyfish And laughed about The sharks and the whales They drank lots Of Miller Lights and Heinekens And laughed about All of their tales Oh, Mr. Moon The stars are shining for you in the night sky Please come home Oh, Mr. Moon The sun is shining for you until it goes away And then it's dark And then it's dark And then it's dark
  12. Another_troublemaker

    Happy Birthday Sir Paul

    Happy Birthday Paul!! ...The older you get, the more you and Angela Lansbury look like twins
  13. Another_troublemaker

    What Song Did You Wake Up With in Your Head?

    Pregnant Women are smug- Garfunkel and Oates
  14. Another_troublemaker

    Rock & Roll facts

    John Lennon was Best man at Peter Boyle's wedding... I always kinda though that was interesting (:
  15. Another_troublemaker

    Beatles, Apple Boutique 40th Anniversary..

    Ohhhh, I got *Chills* at the end when they projected the image on the store... Wooooow. Thanks for sharing that.