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  1. Awesome! I would have LOVED to have heard this one live. I was at the Fonda on 6/3 and 6/8, so I barely missed it, but at least we have the video. This is a great track with great guitar interplay, and I love Tom's vocals.
  2. Thank you so much! After watching the "Making of Mojo" mini documentary years ago, I instantly wondered why "Help Me" wasn't on the actual album. I agree it would have made it a better album. Would have been a great live song, too.
  3. Just heard it for the first time. How cool! I've always wished that this song had made it onto the actual album. Scott does a great job on the harmonica on this track, and the rest of the band is locked in as usual.
  4. I am so happy that they are releasing this song. It's an excellent sounding cover, and it grabbed me right when I first heard it in the "Making of Mojo" documentary years ago. I can't wait to hear it.
  5. It would, indeed, be great if this song is on the Dirty Knobs 1st album. Great riff.
  6. Thank you for sharing that. Is there a source for this? I have always wondered how "The Best of Everything" got out. I think that's the one that Tom would have been displeased of, especially given his oppositions to the Greatest Hits album in 1993. So your reasoning about MCA/Warner makes a lot of sense.
  7. That's a great call! It does sound a lot like Cold Turkey.
  8. Very cool... neither Tom nor Mike are using a pick on this performance... J.J. really didn't...
  9. I have always loved this song. It is one of the songs I most hoped they would perform live. I think this could have gone over very well at one of the Beacon or Fonda shows in 2013.
  10. I didn't see the detail about Boston. I'm watching World Cup at the same time. That's the culprit. The Live Nation thing kinda sucks. I hate "exclusives" and "limited edition" and all that. Just make everything available in one place, name your price, and let us choose.
  11. Nevermind... I see the news about the Boston 1976 gig now. That I did not get.
  12. What is the problem? Are you just missing the digital download?
  13. When I ordered, I had to enter a phone number, and that action somehow added a 2nd Super Deluxe set, so I had to change the quantity back to 1, then it was $149 again.
  14. Check your confirmation email. The digital download link is in there. I never entered any code, yet I already got the download.
  15. I didn't enter the Live Nation code, but already got the digital download. (I ordered the Super Deluxe set directly from tp.com). In the email confirmation, you get a link to the digital download. It's already in my iTunes.
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