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  1. seltaeb

    New TPATH Releases

    Thank you for sharing that. Is there a source for this? I have always wondered how "The Best of Everything" got out. I think that's the one that Tom would have been displeased of, especially given his oppositions to the Greatest Hits album in 1993. So your reasoning about MCA/Warner makes a lot of sense.
  2. seltaeb

    Peace in LA video

    That's a great call! It does sound a lot like Cold Turkey.
  3. seltaeb

    Travelling Light Live Orlando Florida 5/3/2012

    Very cool... neither Tom nor Mike are using a pick on this performance... J.J. really didn't...
  4. I have always loved this song. It is one of the songs I most hoped they would perform live. I think this could have gone over very well at one of the Beacon or Fonda shows in 2013.
  5. I didn't see the detail about Boston. I'm watching World Cup at the same time. That's the culprit. The Live Nation thing kinda sucks. I hate "exclusives" and "limited edition" and all that. Just make everything available in one place, name your price, and let us choose.
  6. Nevermind... I see the news about the Boston 1976 gig now. That I did not get.
  7. What is the problem? Are you just missing the digital download?
  8. When I ordered, I had to enter a phone number, and that action somehow added a 2nd Super Deluxe set, so I had to change the quantity back to 1, then it was $149 again.
  9. Check your confirmation email. The digital download link is in there. I never entered any code, yet I already got the download.
  10. I didn't enter the Live Nation code, but already got the digital download. (I ordered the Super Deluxe set directly from tp.com). In the email confirmation, you get a link to the digital download. It's already in my iTunes.
  11. For sure the super set. The book and the lithograph alone are worth it. You'll be glad that you did.
  12. seltaeb

    New Box Set

    "All the Rest" will be released. There's already been multiple reports that the project is done and ready to go. I think this is a timing issue. It makes sense that the first release since Tom's passing is a career-spanning release, rather than limited to one album. (And trust me, I want 'All the Rest' as much as you.). I personally think we'll see it in 2019, since it's a nice clean 25th anniversary of Wildflowers (1994) and makes a lot of marketing sense in that way.
  13. seltaeb

    Tom Petty Wishlist

    Those are very cool, and I hadn't seen them before.
  14. Pretty standard for a package like this. I went Super Deluxe. Sadly, you'll save the money on the concert tickets you won't be able to buy in 2018, 2019, and forever there after. 😔