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  1. If so, please PM me, because I may have something of interest for you.
  2. seltaeb

    Compensation Of Heartbreakers

    I think Mike has done quite well, too, given that he has songwriting credits on some of the biggest songs, and producing credit on some of the biggest songs/albums. Those 2 things help a lot. Benmont and Ron have probably made less, but are still in good shape. Touring would net good money for any on stage member. For them to be together after nearly 40 years, I'm sure Tom has kept them happy.
  3. I can't believe there is going to be a third show. I have row 2 seats on 10/1, but now I'm wishing I didn't have them, because I'm flying in from San Diego... And it would be so much better if I could fly in on Friday for the 10/3 show and only miss 1 day of work. I hate this business of shows being added after the main announcement. It has burned me 3 times now this summer alone. I got LA tickets for Paul McCartney and months later a San Diego show was added. I got tickets to 3 TPATH shows and then when Red Rocks was announced, I got 10/1. I would exchange my Anaheim ticket if it was allowed. And now a 3rd red rocks show that would be way better for my schedule. I'm elated to get to see Paul and Tom, and that they're both still touring, but ticket purchasing has become more traumatizing every year. The HCC experience has been the best ever for this tour, but I wish we would have had the full schedule from day 1. I'm sure that wasn't possible, but knowing that, it should be permissible to opt out of the "Will Call only" policy if you can prove you are going to get tickets to the newly announced shows.
  4. seltaeb

    Npr And Hypnotic Eye Stream

    I think the most likely contenders are: American Dream Plan B All You Can Carry U Get Me High Red River in that order... Fault Lines and Power Drunk could make it. I don't like "Power Drunk," but Mike's comments in a recent interview seem to indicate it's one of his favorites. To me, it sounds too much like Mojo.
  5. seltaeb

    Hypnotic Eye Guitar Chords

    Here's a quick video I made of the riff in "All You Can Carry." And here's "American Dream Plan B." They were recorded in one take on my iPhone, so they're not that great, but if you want to play those songs, they should help.
  6. seltaeb

    Hypnotic Eye Guitar Chords

    Here's what I posted on the TomPetty.com board. American Dream Plan B... Verse = E (hit 1-2-3-4 two times in a row)... then use barre chords for G-A-G and back to E (1-2-3-4) (when they switch from A back to G, there's a bit of a muted, off-beat strike. So you may hear it as G-A-A-G. Does that make sense?) Chorus... D - A - C - G When going to the C cord, hit the following notes on the A-string (0-2-3)... then before hitting G, hit the following notes on the A-string (2-3-2) then the E string (3rd fret). Here is the tab for the chorus: E---2------------------------------3------- B---3-----2---------1--------------3------- G---2-----2---------0--------------0------- D---------2---------2--------------0------- A-------------0--2--3-----2--3--2--2------- E----------------------------------3------- Bit before the solo is these chords: E B (use 7th fret barre chords) E B D A (use 5th fret barre chords) B (7th fret barre chord) Red River Verse is Bb to G... Barre the 3rd fret (which is the bottom of a Bb barre chord). Then strike that chord once and then add the rest of your fingers for a G major barre chord. It looks like this tabbed out: E-----------3------------------------------ B---3-------3------------------------------ G---3-------4------------------------------ D---3-------5------------------------------ A-----------5------------------------------ E-----------3------------------------------ All You Can Carry (main riff) E---------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------------- D--------------5--------------------------5-----5s7-- A-------5--7------7--5--7-----------5--7-----7------- E----7---------------------------7------------------- Verse Chords: Bminor to A Chorus: ________ Am, D (I can't figure out the first chord yet) U Get Me High Intro: F# Verses: F# ...... A (at the end of each line) Pre-chorus riff. E---------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------- A---2--2--2--0-----0--2------------------------------ E---------------2------------------------------------ Chorus: F# E A
  7. Doh! I will be out of town. Glad to see them booking some dates though.
  8. seltaeb

    Saturday night Merry Minstrel ticket?

    Definitely worth the drive!
  9. seltaeb

    Saturday night Merry Minstrel ticket?

    (I wrote this for another forum I frequent, so some stuff is over-explained for our Mudcrutch crowd, but here you go ). Last night I went to the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA. The occasion was the 2nd annual Merry Minstrel Circus Guitar Jam, which is a charity show held for two purposes: to support the LA Unified School District’s music program, and the Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund. Those causes are supported by Jonathan Wilson and Mike Campbell, respectively. Last year they just held one show, but due to demand, they held two this year. Mike Campbell’s side band, The Dirty Knobs, led off with three songs, including Steppin’ Out from the Blues Breakers album. Mike was playing a black Les Paul custom with P90s. Benmont Tench added Hammond licks throughout. They also did a song called “Bride of Frankenstein” which is a nice rocker. I’ll see if I can find you guys a video clip of that from last night. It’s a cool riff. Mike then left the stage and Susanna Hoffs strolled on with two acoustic guitarists. She played Mike Nesmith’s/Linda Ronstadt's “Different Drum,” which was very well received by the audience. Next was Jonathan Wilson and his band. They did a few. As they were finishing one of their songs, I look towards the side door, where no one else is looking, and the door opens. In walks Jeff Lynne! He scurries up the stairs and into the backstage area. I don’t think anyone else saw him. It was such a shock to see him walk in. Mike came back up and said they had a special surprise. “Mr. Walsh?” he calls out. Joe Walsh strolls on stage. They launch into Funk 49. This isn’t a complete video, but it’s not bad. Mike is playing a 1967 360/12 O.S. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNhaeVYN4oE]Joe Walsh & Mike Campbell - Funk No. 49 (Merry Minstrel Circus, December 2013) - YouTube[/ame] After that, Joe switched guitars, turned up even louder, and then launched into this: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHBA38-nQqQ]Joe Walsh & Mike Campbell - Rocky Mountain Way (Merry Minstrel Circus, December 2013) - YouTube[/ame] The place was rocking’. I have seen Mike Campbell almost 20 times by now, and I feel like Mike was the most animated I’ve ever seen him on stage, just because he was enjoying playing with these guys so much. Once Rocky Mountain Way was over, Joe Walsh switched back to the Stratocaster. Mike then invites someone else on stage: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL4JRjZ9xDE]Jeff Lynne, Mike Campbell, Joe Walsh, Benmont Tench - Runaway (Merry Minstrel Circus, December 2013) - YouTube[/ame] If you didn’t hear at the beginning, Jeff says that the “first song we’re going to do is a request from Mike.” It was so cool to hear ‘Runaway’ done live by these guys. And how cool that Benmont Tench was there to provide the faithful keyboard part. Benmont is one of the unsung rock heroes of the past 30+ years in my opinion. Jeff and Joe hung around for one more song: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg4f12rUpgQ]Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench - Roll Over Beethoven - YouTube[/ame] That was a tough act to follow. Lucinda Williams came on next and did a few songs. She did “Change the Locks” and then “Rockin’ In the Free World” from Neil Young. The first song was a J.J. Cale song, but I can’t remember which one. Jackson Browne later came on and did about 5-6 songs. The last one was 'Doctor My Eyes,' which I'd never seen him do before. The last song was "Up On Cripple Creek," which featured everyone but Joe Walsh and Jeff Lynne, who had ducked out earlier. It was a fun night. My first time ever at the Troubadour. I didn’t order a Brandy Alexander, but next time!! If you’re in LA next year in the weekend preceding Christmas, this show is a must.
  10. seltaeb

    Saturday night Merry Minstrel ticket?

    I'm uploading some videos from last night... I got a few good ones. They're not complete of every song, but some are 3/4ths, which isn't bad.
  11. seltaeb

    Saturday night Merry Minstrel ticket?

    We got Lucinda Williams, Susanna Hoffs, Joe Walsh, Jeff Lynne, and Benmont!!!
  12. seltaeb

    Saturday night Merry Minstrel ticket?

    Got one. Leaving SD soon.
  13. seltaeb

    Saturday night Merry Minstrel ticket?

    I'm thinking about trying a craigslist option, but that scares me!
  14. Aloha! This is a complete shot in the dark, but why not. Just in case anyone has or hears of anyone that is trying to sell a ticket for Saturday's show at the Troubadour, I could drive up from San Diego and attend. Cash in hand. I didn't get a ticket when they went on sale because I was supposed to be out of state... alas, I am here in SD until Christmas. So if there's a ticket floating around, I'd go!
  15. seltaeb

    Fonda #4 -- unreal. SHUT DOWN BY FIRE MARSHALL

    Awesome news that the 6/8 show is available . I just PMed you. Unfortunately, that crowd shot is not from 6/8. Mike didn't use the black Rickenbacker that night because he only uses that on 'Refugee' this tour, and that song was 2 songs away when the fire marshal pulled the plug. That picture also isn't from 6/3 (which I also attended) because Tom had his green army type jacket on that night. So that means this photo is probably 6/4 or 6/6. (It's not 6/9 or 6/11 because Mike played the Gibson SG on Refugee those nights, meaning the black Rickenbacker was never played).