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  1. Square One

    Happy Birthday, Square One!

    Thank you so much! :heart: I apologize for being a lurker sometimes, I miss you Farmers, and love this place. Beth, I am so glad to hear you are okay, my love and prayers go out to you, and also Patty, Kelly, Toni and whoever else has been affected.
  2. Square One

    Happy New Year Farmers!

    Happy New Year! Wishing the best to everyone in 2012!
  3. Square One

    Happy Birthday, Marion!

    Happy Birthday Marion, I hope you have a wonderful day!!
  4. Square One

    Happy Birthday Emmie!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Square One

    Happy Brithday SingsinFrench!

    Happy Birthday Susan! Sorry I missed it, but I hope you had a great day!!
  6. Square One

    Jackson Browne Concert Nov 17

    Thank you again Susie for posting about the show, it was a really wonderful evening! Your school is beautiful! Jackson was incredible, and he was so funny. Sharon, it was so good to see you too, and Lotta and Shianne as well! I would love to see pictures too!
  7. Square One

    Happy Birthday Square One!

    Thank you so much!!
  8. Square One

    Tom Petty to Release Live Album & Play Benefit!!

    ^ Lol, Toni, it was so nice to meet you last night!! This is the first chance I’ve had today to read about the show and see the videos that have been posted. Lizzie, I love your review, you really described the evening great! It was awesome to get to spend time with you and everyone else that met up beforehand and afterwards. I was thrilled to get a ticket for this and it was undoubtedly one of the most wonderful, fun, incredible shows I have ever been to. The energy of the band, and the audience, the entire evening was just kind of, amazing. I love that they did this for KCSN, the station is like a breath of fresh air here in L.A. and I hope it continues to get the support it needs to really thrive. I can’t wait to hear about the show tonight, those people are probably having such a great time right now!
  9. Square One

    My photo of Jackson and I.....

    What a nice picture Beth! I don't think you look tired, you look really happy! I'm going to see him in November and I'm really looking forward to it.
  10. Square One

    Happy Birthday Pettyphile

    Happy Birthday Marcia, it looks like you had a great day!
  11. Square One

    Happy Birthday Wild1Forever

    Happy Birthday Toni!
  12. Square One

    Happy Birthday, Tom Petty!!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Tom! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  13. Square One

    Tom Petty to Release Live Album & Play Benefit!!

    ^^ I haven't gotten an email yet either. Good luck Lizzie! I'm going to try the pledge if I don't get the HCC ticket. Congratulations Muddy! Also, if you see this Brandon, congratulations to you and your wife!! That's such wonderful news!
  14. Square One

    Happy Birthday, weird monkey!!!

    Marcia, hope you had a very Happy Birthday and enjoyed your day!!
  15. Square One

    Tom Petty to Release Live Album & Play Benefit!!

    ^ Susan, we live near CSUN, so I'm going to see if one of us (me or my husband) can go to the Performing Arts Center today and find out if we can get tickets or not. I will let you know what they say or if we're able to buy them!