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  1. Love it, Sarah Jo! You're an amazing artist!
  2. I hope to goodness this works. At about :55 in.... qcTdw1ql9G0
  3. No, I've given it up I played clarinet all through elementary. I quit in 8th grade.
  4. This is a rant in story form. Bear with me. After a bad day at school (I may fail Health and I completely forgot about today's History test), I went into my room to feed my two guinea pigs. Red, the pig who never lets me touch him, was laying by his food bowl asleep. I reached in and petted his back. Turns out Red wasn't sleeping, but had died while I was at school. My mom was nice and got his body out for me, but it still sucked. After getting Red's body and Raider (the other, living pig) out, I decided to move Raider into my rabbit's old cage since it was smaller. I got the new plastic cage into my room, no problem. The old iron cage I dropped on my big toe. Life has pretty much stunk today.
  5. Usually Cool 98, but I surf around on commercials.
  6. My mom is an amazing woman whom I love and am very close to. She just finished up her degree to be a funeral director and is getting her license at the end of the month. She understands the computer very well. You can barely get her off Facebook and Ebay. We're going out to dinner this evening, then we'll go go home for gifts and cake.
  7. No, I've never broken anything.
  8. No. I don't watch any late night shows.
  9. 1. Watched a bunch of All in the Family 2. Got inducted into NHS 3. Went degu shopping
  10. I'm sure they are just saying it to scare people. They're all hardcore Republicans that decided the world would end shortly after Obama was elected. And they use socialism and communism interchangeably.
  11. Most of the people I know who are opposed to the new health care bill say they're against it because they believe it's a step towards communism. I don't think the system is perfect right now, but I'm sure it will improve over time and certainly won't make America communist.
  12. Chocolate chip cookie dough on a cone, please.
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