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  1. conmae

    Wedding Pictures!

    Beautiful pictures..you both look very happy!!
  2. conmae

    I won the HCC Buried Treasure Contest!!!

    VERY COOL!!!!! Genuinely happy for you, Susan!! Not only a fellow farmer but a Wisconsin gal at that!! give Tom a big hug from all of us!!
  3. conmae

    Happy First Day of Spring!

    Spring? Really? We still have snow on the ground, cold & rainy today with highs in the 30's later this week. Oh and the kids have spring break this week-yippee!
  4. conmae

    Friday Five - 03/18/11

    1. What's the weather like where you live? High of 46*, overcast, gloomy, but the snow is melting 2. Where are you on your way to? the shower soon 3. Are you good with directions? not really 4. Do you know your neighbors? most of the immediate ones 5. What do you smell? sadly EVERYTHING as pregnancy intesifies an already sensitive nose
  5. conmae

    of the Day - 03/18/11

    Prefer is such a strong word...which one made me less nauseous, maybe...
  6. conmae

    Question of the Day - 03/15/11

    Always have cookies here & I share. Right now a couple boxes of Girl Scout cookies and some Chewy Chips Ahoy.
  7. conmae

    What's Happened to Linda?

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, Linda!! :039:
  8. conmae

    Question of the Day - 02/24/11

    Definitely...I worry too much about Griffy to not be able to be found 24/7.
  9. conmae

    Rest in Peace, dear Howie

    The only Heartbreaker I ever met (Dingo too). Hoping Howie has found peace on the other side..
  10. conmae

    Thankful Thursday - 02/17/11

    Thankful Rhiannon's surgery went well, severe pain last night but not even asking for meds this morning. Thankful the hospital staff took such great care of her!!
  11. conmae

    The Wednesday Gripe - 02/16/11

    My daughter has to have knee surgery today. My one healthy, typical child and now this happens. She has been in a lot of pain for over a week so hoping she gets relief after today.
  12. conmae

    Sunday Sixpack - 02/13/11

    1. Name your favorite cold beverage and when was the last time you had it? Diet Pepsi, 2 days ago. 2. Name your favorite hot beverage and when was the last time you had it? Coffee & it has been about 4 months. I love it but ever since this pregnancy it revolts me. 3. Do you consider yourself addicted to caffeine? no 4. Take this quiz: What is your coffee personality?You're Espresso! You are intense, driven, artistic, intelligent. You're also a ball of stress most of the time. People keep telling you all about your 'potential' and it's nigh driven you to the edge. So maybe it's time for you to chill out, just a little. Really, you don't have to be the best in the world before you graduate, I swear. Also, you're definitely addicted to caffeine. Maybe cut back, just a tad. 5. How do you feel about Starbucks? Love it! 6. If you could sit down for a cup of coffee or tea with any single person, ask any questions you wanted, who would you choose and why? Jesus...so many questions as to why things happen...
  13. conmae

    Question of the Day - 02/13/11

    ^Great idea...that gets my vote too.
  14. conmae

    Friday Five - 02/11/11

    1. Last person you told to shut up: Jordan...my teenager with attitude and a mouth! 2. Do you drink wine? When not pregnant, hell yes! 3. Ever fly on a plane? Many times, I used to work for the airlines. 4. Do you yell at your friends? Yell? not unless we are in a noisy bar. 5. Whose the last person to make you laugh till your sides hurt? Todd as always.
  15. conmae

    Question of the Day - 02/11/11

    TPATH Michael McDermott (saw him last night) Will Hoge