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  1. Thanks a lot, Amber, that`s been a nice one bit of educatoin ) Useful and fun!
  2. OMG...So sad. My favorite musician - after TP& the Heartbreakers and George Harrison...I`m so ganna miss his new records...RIP, JJ
  3. Thanks a lot! I missed the live broadcast, going to enjoy these videos.
  4. If anyone is still interested - http://vk.com/video6359956_165552238
  5. Hi guys,try this - http://vk.com/tompetty?z=video-584016_165341785%2Fvideos-584016
  6. Sweating like this, he doesn`t actually need any gym to stay fit :045:
  7. The size must be XS or even XXS. How conciderate of TPATHB!
  8. What a loss! Every time someone like him is taken away from us, it feels like a huge hole in the picture of the world...RIP
  9. I`d ask what was his greatest dream that has come true and what - apart from music - gives him the most pleasure in life. (Not for the contest`s sake, just really curious :icon_wink:)
  10. Happy Belated Birthday and many thanks for doing so much for the fellow Farmers!
  11. Great idea, loved the RS concert, looking forward to the next treat!
  12. Mike`s writing is so poetic, why not publish more of that sort? For dogs` sake and those whom it may concern...
  13. Mike`s so good at finding ways to help another dozen doggies around there:059:
  14. I wish you (and myself ) to have as much practice as possible
  15. Maybe the first time the band have seen it either?
  16. Absolutely wonderful! I`m sure they are really tired after the tour,but hope they enjoyed it to the fullest!
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