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    Hi Susan, it was great to meet you too! I got Ryan's e-mail about the forum and thought I'd check it out. I'd love to be involved again, I just don't spend all that much time focused on the computer when I get home any more. Hopefully we will see eachother soon! Always feel free to call when you're going to be in So Cal. Hi Patty. Stewie is awesome!
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    I think that was because I tried to have it start the video at the point where Ron says "that was bloody brilliant!" Probably doesn't recognize it as a valid link.
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    Oh my god, that dub is hillarious.
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  6. I missed our birthday.... so HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!

    1. Yer so bad

      Yer so bad

      I´m so sorry, happy birthday to you! I´ve been doing so many things since the year started that I barely notice my birthday. How was yours? How old are you now?

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  8. The tradition continues: Happy birthday! :D

  9. Muddy Todd

    Jones House and Soho Stories and Reviews August 24-25

    I'm trying to get someone to go with me. I think I found someone, but I'm not buying tickets until I've got something confirmed.
  10. Muddy Todd

    Anyone Have Blue Stingrays Tabs?

    Love JuJu Beads. I think they played Goldfinger at a few. But that's not so novel anymore.
  11. Muddy Todd

    Anyone Have Blue Stingrays Tabs?

    Reviving this thread. I'm still looking for some good tabs. Thanks in advance.
  12. Muddy Todd

    Tom Petty Mentions/Sightings/Surprise Plays

    OMG I remember that. Lisa had the pencil and Kate had a giant shoe! I freaked when I saw that. I loved Drew Carey Show when I was young and watched the series all over a few months ago. yay!!!
  13. Muddy Todd

    Tom Petty to be in "Sound City"

    Love that. Especially Tom's voice at the end, "Sound City, that's it man."
  14. Muddy Todd

    Tabs? Requests

    Long time no see Farmers! I'm looking for some quality tabs for: Too Much Ain't Enough Out in the Cold (Yes, Still) Makin' Some Noise (Still) Finding Out (Sounds Simple enough but I'm terrible at figuring stuff out) Hometown Blues Any Blue Stingrays songs except Goldfinger I appreciate any help. I've been away at school for a long time, didn't bring a guitar with me this quarter and I'm going stir crazy!! Thanks again. Best wishes.