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  1. Yeah, it was a great day! And some more pictures from me We are ready to meet! and I am after the show absolutely happy too!:051:
  2. Yes, he's incredible! :heart: But I think this is such small part of what I could make! And many interesting moments are missed. I wish I were at the concert again and make it better!
  3. Excellent video, fanfan!!! Thank you so much! Especially for large plans. Wind in Tom's hair on "Learning to Fly" so symbolic! :051:
  4. Thanks a lot Marion! I just love them very much)
  5. :039: One more part of photos with details and portraits Welcom to see more pics: http://lira-joggi.livejournal.com/91508.html#cutid1 :035:
  6. Excellent words from Tom for goodbye: "I promise we'll be back!" I hope for this! :heart:
  7. One more portrait from the same series!
  8. Hi everybody! I want to share with you a stunning portrait of Tom from concert at Horsens! I like it very very much! :049: Amazing smile and eyes!
  9. Lena, thanks for the video "Something Good Coming"! You're a great master to find an exclusive! :023: I would like once again to visit that concert!
  10. Thanks a lot LizzieB! I'm glad you like it! I made film effect manually:) Soon will be some more photos!
  11. Thanks everybody for your kind words and comments!
  12. Thank you very much, SingsInFrench! I just tried to make good shots on the memory)
  13. Especially for you, nurktwin!
  14. Yes, I have some photos! I'll make and share here
  15. I am very pleased to hear this from you!
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