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  1. Trishia4


    Loved it, thanks!
  2. Hope you had a great birthday!
  3. I also got The Waiting, very accurate!
  4. Happy New Year everyone!!
  5. Very hot, 97 degrees, happy in my pool.
  6. Cats wanting to be fed and I always look forward to my breakfast and a good cup of coffee.
  7. Trishia4

    RIP Prince

    There was no one like him, will always be remembered.
  8. Trishia4

    Beautiful World

    Love the lyrics to Beautiful World. Happy for another glimpse of whats ahead for Mudcrutch.
  9. Loved this interview while driving to work through a surprise Spring snowstorm. Tom's laughter precious! Also enjoyed Mickey's responses and the Monkees music, some songs I have not heard in awhile. Wonder who is the next cool person. TP radio such a gift.
  10. The best to you Mike, Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy New Year Farmers!
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