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  1. I can't find this posted either here. How did we miss the article from Relix? Relix Article
  2. I don't see this posted here. If it has already been posted, please forgive me. I found this interesting article on Benmont today. I enjoyed reading it. Benmont Article
  3. The Raleigh Concert was great, and I was lucky enough to see Donna Lamb and Robbie Keaton again. We got to talk for a few minutes, and then I wanted to share a picture from where we all went to California to see the two Santa Barbara Concerts 13 years ago. It was probably the most fun and exciting trip I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. In the Santa Barbara picture is Diane Czybora Abesse, Marion Stolmeier, Donna, Robbie, and myself (Deborah Thomas).
  4. Happy Birthday Tom! I hope you have a wonderful day.
  5. Thirty-five years ago "Damn the Torpedos" was released on October 19, 1979. It is one of my favorite TPHB albums, and I still love the song and video, Refugee (my favorite TPHB song). Refugee
  6. I got a reply from Marty Jourard on the Gainesville Rock History Group. He is Jeff Jourard's brother, and he is currently writing a book about all the Gainesville, Florida, musicians. Here is his reply: Here are Robert Williams' comments about The Tremblers: [Robert Williams] "In late 1979 Peter wrote a song called "Steady Eddie". Shelter Records recording engineer Roger Harris brought in Stan, Ron & Mikey to play on it. I didn't see Jeff Jourard at all so he may be able to shed light on his contributions, may have been Steady Eddie as there were quite a few musicians involved with that tune and I wasn't involved yet. Peter took the tape to his friend Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys, Johnston took it to CBS Records, who had just offered him a label of his own. Then Stan introduced me to Peter, he and I immediately started pre-production in Feb of 1980 which included Mark Browne on Bass, John Farrar guitars, Phil Solem guitars, Greg Inhofer keyboards & myself on the drums. Dave Clark was Peter's good friend and once we got rolling Dave would hang out giving tips and shaking tambourines and maracas (unfortunately no drums), Nigel Olson hung out too. We recorded at Conway & Rumbo Studios. Stan co-wrote "Don't Say It" along with Kent Housman, who is pictured on the album cover with his back to you, left to right is Mark Browne, Greg Inhofer, Kent, Peter and me! Please let me know if you want further details. Cheers!" Obviously, Marty knows Robert Williams who was the drummer in this band. That sheds a little light on what part Dave Clark and the Heartbreakers had on this band.
  7. Thanks Benny! We had already looked at AllMusic, but we hadn't been to YouTube. Some of these do sound like TPHB type songs and one of them reminded me of The Cars. I wish AllMusic had the credits for each song. I didn't know Peter Noone had a Sirius XM Show either. Maybe with some more research it can be figured out if Mike, Ron, and Stan played on a lot of these songs or just a few. Thanks again!
  8. I am also on a Dave Clark Five board on which the following album information was posted about an album from 1980 the Tremblers--Twice Nightly, which featured Peter Noone. It lists contributions from Mike Campbell, Ron Blair, Stan Lynch, and Jeff Jourard. I was wondering if any of you are familiar with this album and might know which tracks Mike, Ron, Stan, and Jeff contributed to. Also, if anyone remembers much about this album, the DC5 fans wanted to know which tracks Dave Clark may have played drums on. Here is the front and I think back of the album cover.
  9. I don't see Raleigh--PNC Arena--September 18, 2014--listed on here. Unfortunately, we only got the same 18 songs as Hartford, CT. The Heartbreakers played great, but I thought the stage looked a bit cramped (maybe it was just me). Also the PNC Arena needs to work on their acoustics or sound center--some of Steve Winwood was actually blurry.
  10. Happy Birthday to the greatest keyboard player in the world. Benmont, I hope you have a wonderful, happy birthday. Thank you so much for all the great music you have given us over the years. I am so looking forward to Raleigh.
  11. This festival is set up on a farm out in the middle of what looks to be a rural area. I don't think they have to worry about a curfew. I didn't know they sold single tickets either Casa Dega. When the information came out, it really made you think you had to buy the package for four days; so I never gave it another thought. I really don't care for festivals anymore so Raleigh was a wiser choice for me too.
  12. Thanks Susan! The will call and traffic to the venue is what I worry about the most. I am planning to get there in plenty of time, but you never know how things will go traffic wise and what type of traffic flow they have set up on the day of the concert.
  13. I figured they would say no cameras. My daughter actually has a really expensive, good camera. Have any of you had any problems with security about using your phone cameras?
  14. Have any of you had problems with the will call and getting into the venue on time? Also, were regular cameras allowed to be used during the concerts?
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