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  1. Thanks..I have always loved this song but have never heard it live.
  2. Thanks! I just moved it on to my ipod. I am hoping that they release it too. Was it supposed to be on Mojo?
  3. I love their version of "Help Me" in the Making Mojo video..will this ever be available to download? I found it done originally by Sonny Boy Williamson but really want the Heartbreakers version.
  4. I know, I thought it was too...almost went into cardiac arrest!
  5. We need a tour this summer! Come to Milwaukee's Summerfest!
  6. We need a tour! I can't wait for two years in between TP concerts--it is not good for my health!
  7. I don't eat them now but used to love Hostess cupcakes as a kid-- I used to remove the "sheet" of frosting and eat the cake first!
  8. I like " Well I was flying half mast on the 4th of July in a bar in Lake City with a western tie" from The Wrong Thing to Do. Also " Sun going down on a canyon wall, I got a soul that ain't never been blessed" from Scare Easy. And..." Fair lady give a drunkard a chance got a brand new suit I got two pair of pants, Easy on the eyes and I love to dance" from House of Stone. I could go on and on....I love the album!
  9. 1. Have you ever called the police? Yes. 2. Name a movie that brings you to tears -- or as close to tears as you'll ever get: Terms of Endearment. 3. Chicken pox -- have you had them? Yes-when I was 30. 4. What is the kindest thing you've done for someone else in the last month? Tried to help my daughter deal with a troubled friend. 5. What is the most uncomfortable outfit that you have ever worn? Silver bridesmaid dress.
  10. I am so glad that there are others who understand my obsession!
  11. I became a fan in the late 70s when I was in middle school. I remember hearing them on the radio and loving their sound. They were just about all I listened to throughout high school and college. ( It drove my roommate crazy) I am embarrassed to admit that I dated a guy in high school only because he looked like Tom!
  12. How do you insert a quote from a previous posting? I've tried to click on the quote box at the bottom and it doesn't work. Thanks.
  13. Let's talk more about the pants......!
  14. Never mind...I figured it out.
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