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  1. Freefallin64

    The Damage You've Done Live ~ Fan Video

    Thanks..I have always loved this song but have never heard it live.
  2. Freefallin64

    Help Me

    Thanks! I just moved it on to my ipod. I am hoping that they release it too. Was it supposed to be on Mojo?
  3. Freefallin64

    Help Me

    I love their version of "Help Me" in the Making Mojo video..will this ever be available to download? I found it done originally by Sonny Boy Williamson but really want the Heartbreakers version.
  4. Freefallin64

    Summer 2010 - New Album and Tour?

    I know, I thought it was too...almost went into cardiac arrest!
  5. Freefallin64

    This Band Needs To Tour!

    We need a tour this summer! Come to Milwaukee's Summerfest!
  6. Freefallin64

    This Band Needs To Tour!

    We need a tour! I can't wait for two years in between TP concerts--it is not good for my health!
  7. Freefallin64

    Poll of the Day--5/24/09

    I don't eat them now but used to love Hostess cupcakes as a kid-- I used to remove the "sheet" of frosting and eat the cake first!
  8. Freefallin64

    Favorite Mudcrutch Lyrics

    I like " Well I was flying half mast on the 4th of July in a bar in Lake City with a western tie" from The Wrong Thing to Do. Also " Sun going down on a canyon wall, I got a soul that ain't never been blessed" from Scare Easy. And..." Fair lady give a drunkard a chance got a brand new suit I got two pair of pants, Easy on the eyes and I love to dance" from House of Stone. I could go on and on....I love the album!
  9. Freefallin64

    Question of the Day - 05/22/09

    Argued with my teen daughter!
  10. Freefallin64

    Friday Five - 05/22/09

    1. Have you ever called the police? Yes. 2. Name a movie that brings you to tears -- or as close to tears as you'll ever get: Terms of Endearment. 3. Chicken pox -- have you had them? Yes-when I was 30. 4. What is the kindest thing you've done for someone else in the last month? Tried to help my daughter deal with a troubled friend. 5. What is the most uncomfortable outfit that you have ever worn? Silver bridesmaid dress.
  11. Freefallin64

    When did you become a fan?

    I am so glad that there are others who understand my obsession!
  12. Freefallin64

    When did you become a fan?

    I became a fan in the late 70s when I was in middle school. I remember hearing them on the radio and loving their sound. They were just about all I listened to throughout high school and college. ( It drove my roommate crazy) I am embarrassed to admit that I dated a guy in high school only because he looked like Tom!
  13. Freefallin64


    How do you insert a quote from a previous posting? I've tried to click on the quote box at the bottom and it doesn't work. Thanks.
  14. Freefallin64

    Photo of the Day - Part II

    Let's talk more about the pants......!
  15. Freefallin64


    Never mind...I figured it out.