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  1. Danny they were even worse today! I gave it a go just to see and just searching for 2, 3 or 4 tix I was all over. Section 110, section 210, section 111...just all over! I'd say we did well the other day!!!
  2. We just pulled some regular seats this year. Ended up in section 115 finally (after buying some in section 114 so I need to cross my fingers on trying to sell those ). So that is where we will be for Orlando. Then we are doing Estero in a side section also. Couldn't pull ANY floor seats. It was pretty crazy and reminds me how much I hate buying tickets. Makes me wonder if they are truly all going to the VIP packages? Just couldn't afford $250 per ticket! Yikes. If anyone is going to the Florida shows would love to say hi before the gig!!
  3. ^Lizzie how long ago did you see AM?! They are coming to Hard Rock Orlando in Oct and I'm excited to see them for the first time!!!
  4. I like this guy named Alexander Ebert. He is also part of a band called Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, who I saw at the Dave Matthews Caravan this summer in Chicago. This is his solo stuff and for some reason I could see Tom singing these lyrics. I think this song is pretty great. Hopefully I posted this properly!!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUnXgucl748]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUnXgucl748[/ame]
  5. Marion are you going?? If so, both days? Also, before buying tickets, people have been having issues with the VIP. I guess for some reason if you paid more for a reserved VIP seat you are getting put at the veryyyy opposite end of the stage and you wont have access to the field for the headliners. So just FYI check out the site for what others have said!
  6. havent been on here in forever!! i plan on trying to go to the saturday show since i live in orlando and am beyond excited!! JACK WHITE YESSS!!! also this is supposedly the killers only us show scheduled as of now and i believe they have been on a hiatus, so that would be pretty cool. Also the pixies:))).
  7. ^Completely agree with Marion. Can't wait to hear more about it, Susan!
  8. pictures! pictures! pictures! can't wait to see them and SO HAPPY for you!!
  9. ^Lizzie, have you ever seen them before? I'm going to my first festival near the end of May. It's called the Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, AL and the Foos will be playing one night. I'm excited to see them!
  10. So glad Pete is okay! I'm so sorry about this!!! Sending nothing but good, good thoughts your way Marion!!!:heart::heart:
  11. AHH haven't been on here in awhile because of school and saw this thread but SO HAPPY to hear you are okay Linda...take care of yourself!!:heart:
  12. Thanks Ref. I love him and think he is a great actor AND musician. I miss The Hammerheads!!
  13. THANK YOU to everyone posting pictures...times like these it really sucks to live all the way out in FL. I like Mike's Gators sticker of course! Glad everyone had such a great time being together and seeing a fantastic show.
  14. I forgot to set my DVR....anyone find Howlin For You up somewhere?! I'll check Hulu....
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