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  1. Thats so sad for him, him and snoop are twwo of the few rappers i listen to.
  2. Scarface Al Pacino is Amazing in it.
  3. I Love Ronnie I Hope he can beat the battle.
  4. If you had to choose between listening to the Beatles or The Stones, who would choose? i'd choose the stones.
  5. Al Pacino & Hugh Laurie. I Love House!
  6. I was at the show omg it was just purely amazing. i flipped out it was my first show and it was just great. Refugee and Baby Please Don't Go were the best i just loved them.
  7. TP&THB The Stones The Jimi Hendrix Experience The Beatles Bob Dylan Chuck Berry Queen The Who B.B. King The Traveling Wilbury's and so many more
  8. I feel bad for you. i personaly hate the jonas brothers there a typical boy band.
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