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  1. Hello, and happy birthday to you.

  2. Knocking on Heavens Door-Bob Dylan
  3. Go to work and finish watching No Direction Home haha
  4. I think Ron is cute in his own way. Hes not typical lookign which I think is cool.

  5. I won't back down Swingin' vs. Walls
  6. Who are the people that sing in churches? Concert Ticket
  7. Everybody must get stoned! come on it's Friday. haha
  8. 1. Do you ever eat your cupcakes with the frosting side down? Haha no 2. Ice cubes: crushed or cubes? Crushed! 3. Are your photographs organized?Nooo 4. Could you live with your inlaws and live to tell about it?I'm not even nearly close to having in-laws yet haha 5. If you were a singer, would you be a solo act? Or part of a band?Band no doubt
  9. I loooove that today is going ot FUN
  10. haha me too :D they're all so cute. Only Ron Blair isn't so cute to me for some reason

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