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  1. ^ Thanks Lisa. Congrats on your nice tickets too. It sounds like we are lucky we didn't try for Chicago tickets.
  2. I haven't been to a show in a while, so I just treated myself and a friend to a pair of premium tickets to Philly: 2nd row, center section! I can't say it went smoothly, since the pass code was emailed to me like, 10 minutes before the presale this morning! But all is well now. I like how they actually tell you the exact seat locations for the Premium tickets now. I remember when they used to hold that info. until you picked up your tickets at will call. They cost about $340 each for the Premium package for the Philly show. I'm not going to any other shows.
  3. Shianne, when you have a moment, please pass the Kleenex to Tom. Sinus infections are no fun. Well wishes to everyone.
  4. Oh bummer! I'm so sorry for everyone involved! I hope Tom recovers quickly and they can reschedule the show soon.
  5. Great thread! Thanks for all the great stories and photos about your great concert experience. Lizzie, your photos are really outstanding. I want your camera too. lol! Sugar, Holly is adorable!
  6. So glad you guys had a great time! I'll check out your photos when you get them up, Lizzie.
  7. Didn't Mike say once that he never forgets a face? It must be true. How great that he still recognizes you from 2004, Donna. I'm so glad you and your family had such a great time at the shows. It sounds like that was just what you needed after such a challenging year. It must have been great getting together with Robbie and Jill and the others too.
  8. Yes, Shar, this thread does bring back those fun memories from our Gainesville tour last year. I would have loved to check out Devil's Milhopper but they were closed when we were there. The pictures kind of remind me of Watkins Glen Park, closer to where I'm from, so I think I sort of get the idea. Devil's Mil, you walk way down to the spring, right? At Watkins Glen, you walk up, and up, and up, to the top of the waterfall/creek/glen. It's all good. lol. I love the outdoors.
  9. Really excellent pictures, Donna. Well done! So glad you enjoyed your show.
  10. Very exciting reviews and stories, everyone. I love the group photo under the sign. Very nice, but what is Teresa looking at, I wonder? lol Yes, Patty, it would be easy to get lost in Gainesville these days, as big as it is.
  11. Hey, this dork had her Gainesville tour last year with Marion and Pete as my guides, of course! I LOVED it! It's just something I've always wanted to see for myself, having heard so much about it over so many years. And just going to Florida was a first for me too. Now I can finally check it off my list. Reading your posts brought it all back for me. What fun! Gainesville was bigger than I thought it would be, at least now.
  12. Awesome. Can't wait to hear the details of the show and the Gainesville tour.
  13. I got my HCC poster today. It's in mint condition. It printed as well as can be expected on that uncoated stock, in my opinion. It would have printed a little sharper on a coated stock, but it doesn't bother me.
  14. Awesome! Congrats Sugar, Holly, and all other winners, whoever they may be. :003:
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