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  1. About three. How many cups of coffee or tea do you drink per day?
  2. Mozzarella sticks Socks or slippers
  3. Five (including garage.) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  4. Black tea Powder or liquid laundry detergent?
  5. I cheated (lasik surgery.) Mac or PC?
  6. One. How many pets do you own?
  7. I guess it will be BBQ ribs for dinner.
  8. Make a HUGE batch of marinara sauce. My high school buddy is having spinal/cervical disc surgery on Friday. I'm making meals for her and freezing them. Lasagna, stuffed bell peppers, manicotti, chicken-tater tot casserole, pasta salad....etc. I just wish my iPod would sync with iTunes......so frustrating. I need to "kitchen bliss."
  9. Will double check when I get back from feeding my two hungry teens who want breakfast. It's Sunday.....I'm notta cooking until dinner. Okay.. quote=LizzieB;277478]Lynette, are you sure that's a local band? There's a fairly famous band from San Antonio by the same name that have been around since the early 80s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butthole_Surfers A couple of their albums are Electriclarryland and Hairway to Steven. Haha! Their live shows are a bit disturbing. When I saw them a couple years ago they had videos of Charlie's Angels and dental surgery going.
  10. My back is killing me and I really need a pedicure........ Oh sorry, wrong "whine." LOL
  11. LOL Lizzie. 10 hours would be a "coma" for me! Menopause is a beotch, but she's met a formidable opponent! ; )
  12. 409 Two types of fabric for Stevie Nicks.
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