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  1. It's funny this thread is up and running, as I am experiencing this album, in its entirety, for the first time right now, as I type this! I have just completed the debut album in its entirety right before this. My thoughts: I love the raw, lean, rock feel of both this album and its predecesor. Almost a different band in comparison w/latter, late 90's material onward. Damn the Torpedoes and Hard Promises both rock too. This album and the debut may be among my favorites. It is really nice to see the entire band on the cover of this release. It would be nice to see that again on a new offering. You're Gonna Get It... I'm glad I got it! The Heartbreakers are great! P.S. Baby's a Rock N' Roller is playing right now!
  2. I had been in a band for around a decade. Knowing the strains that are prone to go along with being in a band, I think it's remarkable how the majority of the band is still intact (original members at that!)... that says a lot about the character of the individual members. As a sidenote, Benmont just plain rocks- the man oozes with verve and panache!
  3. The Wrong Thing To Do would be the perfect song for the next Mudcrutch video! That song is definitely "single" worthy!
  4. I finished listening to Playback yesterday- it is awesome and definitely worth owning! I honestly don't believe TPATHB can write a bad song! Thanks, guys, for the great recommendation!
  5. Someone else already said it- the entire album is good. But, if I HAD to pick a favorite, it would be, hmmm... maybe... Lover of the Bayou!
  6. Got mine in the mail today! I've listened to discs 3,4, and 5 so far... and am immensely enjoying them!
  7. PLEASE come to the Natural State!!!
  8. An open letter to Relic and All the kind people in the Mudcrutch Farm Community... I haven't been a member here long- maybe 2 weeks. I came here because I heard Mudcrutch's debut and loved it, and inadvertantly became a diehard TPATHB fan along the way. I have had several questions pertaining to these two wonderful bands, and everyone had been nice enough to indulge me and answer my questions in an effecient and kind hearted manner. Thanks to everyone! I would also like to say a specific thank you to Nurktwin for answering my private messages- questions I've had about Rickenbacker guitars. Not one message has gone unanswered, and Nurktwin had given me much helpful advice on where to purchase Rics and on what models to consider. And today, I received a marvelous book in the mail: Runnin' Down a Dream/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I had a question as to whether I should purchase this book or not, as I had already bought the dvd documentary. Everyone was kind enough to respond and tell me, "Yes! It was worth it!" And then, I received a message from Relic who told me that he had an extra copy and would simply send me one... just out of an act of kindness! On top of that, he was scheduled to leave for Alaska on vacation, but he told me he would make time to stick it in the mail before he left. Lo and behold, he did it, and now it is in my hands!!! On top of that, he even sent two fan made TPATHB Highway Companions buttons along with the book! There is no way I could repay Relic for his gracious generosity but, if I may be so bold, I would simply like to acknowledge publicly what he has done for me, and to say a genuine and heartfelt "Thank you, Relic! I sincerely appreciate the gift you've sent me, and I assure you I will read and treasure it!" Thank you, Relic; thank you, Nurktwin; thank you, friends in the Mudcrutch Farm! Sincerely, LoveroftheBayou
  9. Okay, thanks, Miami Steve. I saw where Let Me up... was reissued, but I guess it's not remastered. I was perplexed, as Southern Accents was released before Let Me up..., but I think SA is a more "popular" album, therefore it always remained "in print," hence it was never reissued. I've heard Echo for the first time today, as well as The Last Dj... both great albums in their own ways. I'm hearing Wildflowers, the album, for the first time right now. You Wreck Me is playing... what an instantly catchy melody!!!
  10. I've stated in other posts that I have Anthology and the subsequent albums: Wildflower, She's the One, Echo, The Last Dj and Highway Companion... I've ordered Playback (at the suggestion of many in this online community) and it should arrive soon. I've been enjoying the albums so much, I'm thinking, "To heck with it; I'm going to purchase the early albums too." I've noticed that many of the earlier albums are remastered and reissued. Is Let Me Up I've Had Enough merely a reissue, or is it also remastered? Is there a remaster for Southern Accents? I've just finished Echo for the second time through and I'm currently experiencing The Last Dj for the first time (hearing Dreamville right now). I proudly wore my Mudcrutch shirt out in public for the first time today. I'm diggin' Petty and the Heartbreakers, and I must say this has been the friendliest online community I have had the privelege to be a part of. Thanks guys! P.S. "My name's Joe; I'm the CEO... (killer intro!)"
  11. I can't THANK YOU enough, Relic! My sincere gratitude toward your kind act of generosity! I hope I get the opportunity to shake your hand and thank you in person at a Heartbreakers/Mudcrutch concert someday. How has your Alaskan vacation been?
  12. Sweet... I ordered a black Mudcrutch t-shirt from fanfire.com and it arrived yesterday! I am glad I got the XL, as it is "vintage" fit. My Tom Petty 30th Anniversary tour shirt should arrive soon. Where did the guys pic the tie-dyed Mudcrutch man logo from? It is too cool!
  13. I've noticed the Heartbreakers play a lot of Rickenbacher guitars. Does anyone know what Tom's six-string of choice is? It looks like maybe a 330 model, w/a fire-glo finish...?
  14. Okay guys, I trusted you all and I ordered it today! I'm especially looking forward to the early Mudcrutch songs. The box set has 3 discs worth of material I've never heard (plus a few songs I haven't heard peppered across the first 3 discs), so I decided it would be a worthwhile purchase- combined with the kudos it's getting from you guys. Thanks for the input. As a sidenote- I have REALLY been enjoying Highway Companion. I bought it about 4 days ago, and I must have played the entire album 5 times through by now. I've also just begun chapter 4 of Conversations with Tom Petty. It's been a great read so far! Wildflower, Echo, and She's the One will be arriving in the mail soon, so I'll probably be typing away about them after I give them a listen. I trust you guys will be patient with this "newbie..." I feel like a kid in a candy-store discovering a goldmine of this band's music all at once!
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