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  1. You might or might not remember me from long ago.... I wish to say how sad and devastated we are for the group and family at the sad news. My heart goes out to you all who mourn a genuinly great band leader gone much too soon. Love to all from Switzerland.
  2. Hope you were spoilt rotten!!
  3. Ah one little thing for all who dream to hit two Heartbreakers with one stone, in Europe, Tom & Heartbreakers are not so famous than in the US so a canceling could happen just anywhere. It's going to be a suspense right to the end.
  4. In vivo, at last! Two generations will go to the Zurich show for me (anyone else from the Farm???), my son is a big TPaTH & Ferrone fan. I'm really looking forward to seeing the band after all this listening, chatting and seeing most of all of you go to concerts. Tom better do a whole herbal tea treatment before the start of the Tour ;-)
  5. Hi Rick, First of all thanks and sorry for not backfeeding on your first intervention (translate from my English, my mother tongue is French). I spend much more time listening to music or on other hobbies than on the Farm and I missed your comment altogether. Yes of course, I'm always glad for corrections if they're justified and after checking you are absolutely correct. The changes will appear on August's update of the list. If I remember well, on Season 4, Marion did the recording and I tried to listen through the internet using fake names and emails for a trial, since it's not supposed to reach as far as Europe, +at the same time digging into allmusic to get names of songs and some record name where they came from: a total teamwork! The setlist was available nowhere then. Luckily, now it's much easier to follow now. My list is based on same system as my disc collection, i.e. through a database and you can therefore search for almost anything since each song is entered individually with performer etc... so you can also have a whole scale of outputs as you need it. At the time, Mark Felsot, the producer of the Buried Treasure Show did not have a list (can you imagine?). So on impulse, to show that a bunch of people all over the world were caring about the programme, I sent him an Excel file! So out of nowhere and by surprise I got my picture and autograph of Tom .. Have a great weekend ;-) Marlene Ps is that the alas late Clarence Clemons on your avatar?

  6. Congratulations Ben (and the Mom too). I forgot how small and cute they were...
  7. Many happy returns to you Marcia!
  8. Many happy returns Ryan and have a smashing day!
  9. Belated wishes from Switzerland and thanks for the many great songs to enjoy :058:
  10. Inner City Blues (make me wanna holler) Marvin Gaye
  11. A very happy belated birthday :confused: from a snowy cold place called Switzerland. I hope you had a glorious day. :111:
  12. A very happy birthday to you Marion, thank you for all the generous sharings and great infos you share. Have a gorgeous day.. maybe tomorrow you'll have Tom opening his buried treasures again for us...
  13. Sometimes the only solution to do all the things that interest me would be to clone me somehow or add extra hours in a day. Besides who do you call when you're down a real friend you know or a virtual one ???
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