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  1. As you probably know, there's been loud whispers about a possible Wildflowers tour. Nothing for sure yet but I have a feeling there will be an upcoming announcement, within the next month. Read on to hear my theory =) So my Highway Companions membership was set to expire today. I wrote to them (via the contact email provided in the "better hurry and renew your membership" email) and asked what the benefits are of re-upping (the listed benefits are the same as they were 2 years ago, including a copy of Highway Companions, streaming Buried Treasures show, etc). They didn't write back. I wrote again today. Then checked my account and the benefits listed are still there, however the expiration date is now 9/23/16. Anyone else think there's an announcement brewing?
  2. Off topic but strange coincidence-- this news story made me think of the Rebel Yell because that's the coaster I was riding when my favorite hat blew off. I was severely blue about it and even called Kings Dominion to beg for its return should they find it. They warned me that they find hundreds of caps below that ride but said they would look. In the end they found the cap and mailed it back. I was happily surprised... no, shocked... to get it in the mail a few weeks later! I definitely feel for this kids' family, but he did have other options available.
  3. oh, Relic, the shot of Mike singing about the tattoo... Just... wow....
  4. Whoa... sounds like we were inches apart... we were row H on the far, far left (Mike's side). Were you in the folding chairs? Any chance you saw a guy down on one knee after End of The Line? That's when my boyfriend proposed to me! =O
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