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  1. Not yet but I´m sure that´s going to happen someday
  2. No importa, ¡¡vamos Argentina ahora y siempre!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I´m looking forward to listening to it!
  4. In the day of our independence, Argentina won and we play the World Cup Final next Sunday!!
  5. I´m 25 and I´ve loved TPATH since I was 18. Due to this farm I learnt more and more about them cause I´m from Argentina and it was weird to hear about them around here. Fortunately things have changed in these seven years and I´m getting to know more fans. TPATH will always be my favorite band, it´s hard to explain how much they mean to me!
  6. I have an acoustic guitar and I´ve never played an electric one, so I´d definitely give that a go!
  7. Walking while listening some good music, or podcasts.
  8. Thank you, it´s always nice to come back and read your greetings and wishes. I was 19 when I created my MudFarm account, now I´ve turned 24... wow, time flies!
  9. The tradition continues: Happy birthday! :D

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