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    Perhaps Wildflowers, I love them all
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    Movies, music, books, George Harrison, Brian May and TPATH!!!
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    Spanish-English and French Professor/ Film Making Student/ Musicaholic

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  1. Yer so bad

    Happy Birthday Benmont!

    Have a wonderful day dear Ben!
  2. Yer so bad

    Where are the younger fans?

    Not yet but I´m sure that´s going to happen someday
  3. No importa, ¡¡vamos Argentina ahora y siempre!!

  4. Yer so bad

    Get Ready For Tom Petty: Exclusive Interview Airs July 17

    Thanks for sharing, I´m looking forward to listening to it!
  5. Yer so bad

    I'm Excited!!

    In the day of our independence, Argentina won and we play the World Cup Final next Sunday!!
  6. Yer so bad

    Where are the younger fans?

    I´m 25 and I´ve loved TPATH since I was 18. Due to this farm I learnt more and more about them cause I´m from Argentina and it was weird to hear about them around here. Fortunately things have changed in these seven years and I´m getting to know more fans. TPATH will always be my favorite band, it´s hard to explain how much they mean to me!
  7. I missed our birthday.... so HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!

    1. Yer so bad

      Yer so bad

      I´m so sorry, happy birthday to you! I´ve been doing so many things since the year started that I barely notice my birthday. How was yours? How old are you now?

  8. Yer so bad

    Poll of the day 2/16/14

    I have an acoustic guitar and I´ve never played an electric one, so I´d definitely give that a go!
  9. Yer so bad

    Poll of the day 2/15/14

    I´m not interested.
  10. Yer so bad

    Poll of the day 2/9/14

    Yeah, but far later.
  11. Yer so bad

    Photo of the Day - Part II

    Susan, I adore your pictures!
  12. Yer so bad

    Photo of the Day - Part II

    Hahaha, so young!
  13. Yer so bad

    Poll of the Day 08/07/2013

    As the come in
  14. Yer so bad

    Joing Mudcrutch Farm