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  1. _Imagine_

    Free Fallin'...Live

    Yes heartbreaker! I also meant to mention refugee after seeing him perform it the other day here in texas. I mean...it was nice to hear that song the way it originally came out but it was undeniably not live when it came to that chorus. Damn, ive gotta go to work now but Im really going to look up that 05 06 version u said. It doesnt bother me too much about free fallin, i was just curious but now that u say that, ur right-he probobly could never hit it that much out of the studio.
  2. _Imagine_

    top ten favorite bands

    01. The Beatles 02. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 03. Bob Dylan 04. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 05. Nirvana 06. Johnny Cash 07. The White Stripes 08. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 09. Traveling Wilburys 10. My Chemical Romance
  3. _Imagine_

    Selma Rocked

    it was amazing for me...absolutely beautiful. I was so happy when he played end of the line. I was expecting handle me with care but when that riff came in..oh i was overjoyus. And of course at the end he made me the happiest person in the world with American Girl. I bought the red tour shirt and the hoodie. I love that hoodie! i always wear it now even when its hot lol.
  4. _Imagine_

    Free Fallin'...Live

    hey everyone, I've pondered over this for some time. And i'm certain i'm right but I just wanted your opinions. Pretty much any performance I've heard of Free Fallin' sounds like it has pre-recorded vocals for the chorus. I'd understand in the sense that that chorus is hard as hell to sing. Has anyone heard it live otherwise? I think the earliest i have is 97? Almost 10 years later.
  5. _Imagine_

    Mudcrutch Vinyl Singles....

    has anyone got an mp3 of the up in mississippi single + the b side of it? pm me plz =(
  6. _Imagine_

    Poll of the Day--9/18/07

    Yes, if the dress code is free of choice <3
  7. i registered. Who knows, maybe I win and if i cant go, sell the tickets. That should be a purty penny.
  8. _Imagine_

    Tuesday's Twist - 09/18/07

    Jelly Beans are Terrible.
  9. _Imagine_

    Favourite Song?

    I actually meant your favorite TPATH song, but Endless love is cool! hehe
  10. _Imagine_

    Favourite Song?

    Walls is wonderful. I Love playing Free Fallin' on guitar, its a great song.
  11. _Imagine_

    Emmy Awards - what got censored

    They cut the only good stuff.
  12. _Imagine_

    Derek And The Dominos

    Wow that is so awsome. My favorite song from them has to be "Tales of Great Ulysses". Their rendition of "Lawdy Mama" is good too. And I've always loved "Anyone For Tennis" haha.
  13. _Imagine_

    Three Word Story Game

    The corner of
  14. _Imagine_

    Five Lettered Word Game

    Charlie Often Underestimates New Trees SPECK
  15. _Imagine_

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I Started A Joke - Bee Gees <3