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  1. Read "conversations" with Petty. He is in control of most everything, he approves everything. Don't for one minute think TP is removed from the business end and this is just a marketing ploy by a recording company. Petty is a VERY smart professional musician AND businessman. If you are upset by this blatant rip off ( and I am not really), then realize that's your hero approving it. 100 percent. Not sure why it's so hard to realize it's a cold hard business for these bands, being a business, it's their job to try to make every dime possible. You don't have to buy it, but the comments of "how awful" and "this is bad" are a bit naive. Tom sells albums. Lots of em. Anyway he can. Especially now that he is not top 40 all the time and with the internet. I don't begrudge him or the band a thing. Hell ,Britney makes a gazillion bucks selling a photo of her kids and doesn't have a ounce of Petty's talent and brings none of the joy and fine music that will last forever like Tom Petty does. Tom is a genius and a poet, and a cold businessman making some dough. If Tom wants to repackage his underwear and sell it and somewhat wants a sniffer, then go for it Tom Petty, Godspeed!
  2. Why does the re-release suck for diehard fans?
  3. Then why is everyone griping about the re-release of RDAD?
  4. Wasn't I blasted by nearly everyone now complaining of this rip off, when I made a similar thread questioning Tom's relationship to his fans, how he is so distant and is just about marketing? Something he readily admits. I was told by many here that they " just care about his music, that is enough" and it doesnt bother them that Tom hates interviews, and meet and greets, and autographs, and does it all because it sells his albums. So apparently that is just big talk and snappy comebacks. Cause it does bother you to stare at the truth. The truth is being a TP fan is a cold and lonely road. You are gonna get it, the best music ever made, but it's gonna cost some cash. This is nothing new for the Heartbreakers, it goes all the way back to the multiple versions of albums, and releasing material on multiple albums, if a song can be re-re-released into into a merry christimas "breakdown" it will done! I remember talking to Danny Roberts and him telling me old rockers get reclusive and turn into mass merchandising schemers. They forget the very ones that bought the albums and the pride the fans have in the artist. Nobody should be upset for seeing the band as they really are, and everyone that blasted me for my motives and supposed "grudge" should apologize. I TRY to see the band for what they are, nothing more or less, a cold hard rocking machine that don't give two flips about any one of us. So the next time you say your heart skipped two beats cause Tom Smiled at ya, it's probably just because he had gas, he really don't care. Don't ever, ever, ever, think he does. He is a ruthless genius in marketing and music, don't ever forget it, or be surprised by it again. I have taken great pride in Mr.Petty in the past and still do because he was raised locally in Gainesville, but Tom's job is..... TO SELL ALBUMS!!! That's it. He does it to sell albums. He will re-market anything to sell albums. He is a PROFESSIONAL musician since age 14, to sell albums and make dough. Don't be pissed because he is trying to repackage and sell more albums. It's who he is.
  5. Haven't commented on any other post, so don't know what you are talking about, So I don't think I will shut up. We have had enough group hugs Menmouth. If you ain't got a sense of humor then lord help ya. Too many Awwww how sweet posts, the saccharine level is killing me. Lighten up.
  6. It's ok Mary Jane, you just got a bit carried away, and being the Ahole I am I pointed it out. I love ya. You will have better days, just sound depressed.
  7. What brings me here is to talk about the band, the MUSIC, the relationships of the people, the songwriting, the history Not how Tom Shaped my belief system and how NOTHING shapes my world except when Tom nods in the general direction of my front row seat. If people want to do that, cool, but if it's creepy why cant I say it's creepy? People say Margo was creepy. Is it just because she isn't here? We can talk about people behind their backs but not to their face? Personally I think it's a obsessed fan letter, and I am here to tell Mary Jane I love her, she has self worth, it's not defined by a band, and quit scaring the small children.
  8. No, I just recognize a wayyyyy over the top post... I read it again because at first I Thought it was just an emotional critquie of Echo. But no, it's just odd. If Tom or Dana read it they would say the same. A band shaping your beliefs?? C'mon. NOTHING in caps more special than Tom nodding in her direction? And everyone goes Awwww, then heads over to the obsessed fan thread and talks about how nuts Margo was.
  9. There is NOTHING more special...than the moment when Tom Petty smiles at you and nods. NOTHING. No one can tell you different. Same with Ben....just knowing that these were the guys that shaped your personality, the guys that shaped your beliefs Sorry Folks, I just don't get that deep into it. I love the music and all, but jeez this is kinda.... well.. kinda David Koresh Creepy??? Ok, that is mean, but Tom Petty shaping my personality and beliefs and NOTHING more special than Tom nodding??? Didn't we just have a Margo post on here somewhere....
  10. Sorry, she did say when considering the bands greatness, "put on echo, don't worry if your cry, that's what you are supposed to do" Sounds like that was a critique in itself? No? Sorry, Being a man fan I missed the deeper meaning of having a good cry and talking of feelings while listening to a depressing album the band hates. I forget sometimes this is girl world forum, I thought she was considering the bands greatness and reviewing the album. Carry on.
  11. I am watching this thinking it's my wife. For real. The cake, the axe, the dog. Jeez louise women are insane! I was laughing and crying at the same time. "I gotta get out of this place, if it's the last thing I ever do"
  12. Even Tom doesn't like Echo. Rhino skin? Eeech Room at the top? The song petty calls the most depressing song in the history of Rock. Eeech. Not a good album, sorry. Sales reflect that. It was the Petty lull period and is not really great tunes unless you are suicidal and want to lock yourself in a room with a big bag of blow at the top of the Mirage in Vegas. "I don't think Pain is too Romantic" to paraphrase TP in his happier days, and even he would agree this was a dark, dreary, time he would just as soon turn the page on and never look back. It's an album I never play, and I doubt Tom has listened to it since he made it.
  13. a tremendous disc. keeping me alive, I can't fight it, he should have brought out an album of this stuff by itself. would have went platinum. Tom has the ability, and likes to do covers where he almost parodies the orginals. Big boss man is one of those, it's like something he did with the wyatt earp ties in lake city, and he carried it over. He can sound like a country crooner, or change his voice to elvis, and he likes that. It's ok, but not original or that good.
  14. You... get..... me..... Higgghhhh.... TP does the most astounding phrasing and lyrical interpretation. The man is a genius pure and simple. I honestly think he thinks he is just a talented musician, one of many. But,I have yet to hear a peer when it comes to writing and phrasing. So impressive.
  15. Sorry not margo! I am not offended by a joke. When I wrote one time that Tom should send me a ham sandwich for all my support I got 50 emails saying why be hard of Tom, and how could I be so rude, So I know how jokes can be taken too seriously. If anyone thinks I am negative towards TP and the band you are wrong and right. I think they are the greatest band of all time. I also like to talk about ALL aspects of the band. For me it's a bit boring to just post how much I love em. Thanks to some members who get it and support others opinions.
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