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  1. Thanks guys!! I had an awesome beach party!
  2. I passed my AP european history test!! yesssssss!
  3. In our history class, we watched this documentary where a guy had to live as a Muslim for 30 days. The Muslims have a wake-up prayer alarm every morning and it just sounds like middle-eastern music. The guy living as a Muslim goes out and he questions people about it. He plays the prayer music for them and he asks them "What would you do if you heard your neighbors playing this at 5am?" and one guy answered "Well, I would blast my Tom Petty albums right back at them."
  4. Something Good Coming I cant get enough of it, it's so beautiful
  5. This definitely made me laugh. the boys are so adorable! :heart: (I'm not sure if this is already posted) I don't know how to embed a video, so here's the link
  6. I got it, hope it loads well for everyone:
  7. I can't stop listening to this song!! <3
  8. I can't stop listening to this song!! <3
  9. good golly, that was soooo good. the definition of what real music is.
  10. good golly, that was soooo good. the definition of what real music is.
  11. I know how you feel, Marion Every new song that's been released was my favorite until the next release.
  12. I haven't gotten the email yet this prize sounds amazing though, I'd love to get a chance to win
  13. thank you, I'm sure I will! my second TPATH concert
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