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  1. It is like most TPATH videos, overly dramatized but nonetheless, a fun video. Even if the song is drab and the colors in the video are that peak late 90s monochrome. It's now over 20 years and Echo as I've said before is an underrated album by the band and in the eyes of the public but it's well remembered in the fandom. Yes the band as a whole may have been in a bad, miserable place but the effort is noted and leaves a lot of bright spots like "Swingin'". It probably holds some of the bands best playing as a band moments since Long After Dark and wouldn't be replicated until Hypnotic Eye. Ben and Mike are in top form and they get to expand on that Rick Rubin sound that's been going on since 92.
  2. The most important part of that video is the fact it stars Luke Wilson
  3. It is but it's thicker in most places lol. Just to give you and others an idea because most people don't realize this but upstate is everything north of Yonkers. To give some perspective, I live in the Adirondacks but right where the begin at the southernmost part and not near the Canadian border lol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upstate_New_York#/media/File:Map_of_New_York_Economic_Regions.svg
  4. As you too sir. But outside of the daily grind at work, I've been using the quarrantine time at home to more or less go on more walks around the neighborhood. Luckily because I live in a not so densely populated area in upstate NY, I can use that downtime to kind of meaner without anyone else around while listening to an inordinate amount of podcasts and Drive-By Trucker songs
  5. Yeah they made it more similar to the cover version DBT did
  6. Quality assurance at a Walmart grocery distribution center.
  7. That genuinely made me laugh out loud. Well played. Made me imagine him passing out mid line during that last triumph spelling out of the name before the song goes back to the chorus to end. Well played indeed. At least when I like something that's trashy and admittedly not great and flawed, I'll take it in stride and say you make some great points on that lol.
  8. As someone who is employed in essential industry, my days have continue to go the same as before but now we have masks to have fun with
  9. LOL. I know a lot of people here dislike "Gloria" but I enjoy the crunchy drawn out riff on the more drawn out versions they would do. I also greatly enjoy him talking about Sally Jesse Raphael. That and it's just more upbeat and fun to sing along to than him doing a poor man's acoustic rendition of his "Learning to Fly" talk that got old ages ago to an overall mediocre Them track. Tic-for-tac on that one though.
  10. You are right. There are parts that are hypocritical, been grappling with that for years lol. But I think the overall theme is what carries the album overall. Whether it be janky at times or not. And I do agree, TMWLW is a bad song, but I still enjoy it for the nonsense filler it is and I do think that WAKGB is kind of a clunker but it doesn't diminish the album as a whole. . Maybe if I ever finish writing my review for it in that one thread on the subject I'll go more in detail ;). But I wouldn't hold my breath lol
  11. Mystic Eyes is garbage LMAO. Give me Gloria any day of the week. That should've been on the Live Anthology.
  12. It's more just a saying than an actual blessing from most people. Think when people sneeze. I'm pretty close to being an atheist but I'll still say "God dammit" or "God bless you" Plus, I concur with Nurk on this one. Believe what you want and will as long as it harms no one, just don't go around proselytizing to others and telling them how their not living their lives to scripture or dogma. We have free will for a reason
  13. So glad they put that on there because before then I'd never heard it and it is amazing. Same with "County Farm". Just so damn good
  14. That in all honesty is probably my favorite cover they ever done. It's up there.
  15. I'm personally fond of their cover of "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". A rarely played cover but they do the best rock song ever justice.
  16. Benmont in the early 80s. Honestly, the band looked their best from DTT to LAD
  17. I'm fine with that being the case lol. Makes it legendary.
  18. I agree with the take outs except "Dogs on the Run." It's a great track and good late album filler right before you get to "The Best of Everything" as an album closer. Also, I disagree with opening with "Southern Accents". It's tempo is much more in line with being an A-Side closer to put a wrap on the albums motif and sound. "Rebels" is the one and only track that fits to open the album. To slide it in anywhere else would be a bastardization of sorts. Kind of like if FMF swapped "Free Fallin" for "Love is a Long Road", it'd make for a better flowing album, and plus, LIALR would've been a great opener. I hope that anyone who does go and resquence albums listens to their new track order to see how it flows and if it makes sense as a concept lol.
  19. And I'm not the biggest Bruce fan but Darkness, The River and Born in the USA are all great albums. Darkness is worth the price of admission just for "Factory" and "Darkness on the Edge of Town".
  20. You'd be surprised lol. Trying to figure out how to tackle it
  21. Darkness on the Edge of Town is his masterpiece and a great LP period lol.
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