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  1. Well that's an awful thread title but I couldn't think of anything better that would fit the theme of the thread lol. Any who, as some of you might know, I think Southern Accents is one of the great lost opportunities in the TPATH discography. What was suppose to be a double album with a roots rock concept and sound ended up mired in a cocaine induced 80s nightmare of excess that was a far cry of it's original goal. It's a shame really. Now I don't often like to go back and try to think of what could have been because often times when you do try do that, you don't make things that much better. Alas, this has always been a case where I make an exception seeing as the band hasn't ever came close to the concept again. So what I would like to do is try to piece together a more roots rock/southern rock version of this album with what we know was recorded during the time period and some left overs from prior albums that also could have made the cut. So before I try to make a possible new track list, I'd like to see what you guys think could have been added to the album, dropped to the album, what we know was recorded at the time and what people think of the album as a whole
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    1989 MTV News promo for Full Moon Fever

    That's it!
  3. martin03345

    New TPATH Releases

    All I know is after all this time, it better have more than 10 tracks attached to it lol. the DTT re-release was incredibly underwhelming due to the lack of new material
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    New TPATH Releases

    Gotcha. Only got a chance to read the legal PDF so far
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    New TPATH Releases

    Did I miss something in all this noise? Who, when and where was any of that stuff mentioned?
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    New TPATH Releases

    And they've been saying for 20 years how they want to release an album on their Fillmore stand and still have not done so. You can't believe this band for anything when it comes to releasing new unreleased gems, deep cuts and or live music. That is literally this bands greatest sin. They released only 1 live album with a few live DVDs and VHSs that should've been also put out as LPs and other shows that should've been put out as well. Pack Up though charming at times is a bastardization of them live and though the Live Anthology offers a great scope of them as a band over 35 years, there never was a true release of them as a band at their peak and that's a fucking crime.
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    Mike Campbell's fav records

    There's no reason to put quotes around Americana. It's an actual genre of music, also known in it's earlier days as alt-country. And the Band isn't doesn't ever really tread into that genre. Outside of the odd number like "Evangeline", (which is great btw), they're just a nice amalgamation of rock, blues, folk and soul, that make their own brand and genre defining music. They're not really any country roots to be found in their music. It's not a bad thing but that's more of a keen observation from someone who loves Americana.
  8. martin03345

    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    I'm gonna laugh when they finally release All the Rest and it's just a reissue of She's the One
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    Thoughts on Playback

    Playback would only have to sell a little over 180,000 copies to go platinum. 6 discs in the bundle means 1 copy sold counts as 6.
  10. martin03345

    Thoughts on Playback

    I want you to think of the mid to early 70s pop/rock music scene and then look at "Depot Street" and then the stuff that was hitting the charts then. That song is a terrible choice for a single. "Lost in Your Eyes" is a better choice for a single and so is "I Can't Fight It". Look, just because we here are die hard TPATH and Mudcrutch fans doesn't mean that what we think is great would've been the A & R choice for songs to hit the masses. As much as we all love "Keeping Me Alive" and think it should've been on an album, it doesn't mean it's a better choice as a single than "You Got Lucky". can't be the only one with that same thought process
  11. martin03345

    Thoughts on Playback

    "Depot Street" shows why Mudcrutch wasn't gonna last as a band. It's a nifty song but hardly worthy of being a single. It's like the record label was trying to kill them. Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again "Come On Down to My House" is one of their most underrated songs they've ever done. It's no bullshit rock 'n' roll.
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    Let Me Up (the album)

    And the way his arm is bent and touching his hat forms a little play button in the sky between his arm and head as if to say, "You're gonna want to play this album, all the time." LOL
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    Let Me Up (the album)

    Nashville Skyline is a country masterpiece though and was even well received now and in its own time. It's Self-Portrait that got lambasted for being terrible. And remember, the time to make his classics Bringing it All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited was truncated as well. It was a different time in the 60s. If you didn't have 2 LPs a year, you were slacking. Also, after having labored over Southern Accents for years, the rushed production and making of Let Me Up was a welcomed difference. It may be disjointed yes, but it's the bands most underrated album by far.
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    Zollo and Zanes books on Petty, what do you think?

    I haven't read the Zane's book yet even though my mom has had it since it came out but I do know one thing that annoyed me about Zane's book, though not his fault, is the fact about Tom opening about his own heroin addiction when he essentially buried Howie in Conversations for his problems with addiction. I believe it's in the Howie chapter where they talk about his heroin use and Tom does say that he tried it but always stayed away from it because of how he felt when he took it. It just comes off as super hypocritical. Still think the book is a great read though
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    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    At the end of the day it's okay that this album was never fully realized because the Drive-By Truckes Southern Rock Opera would surpass the idea as a concept album and make it, well, a rock opera lol. Seriously check it out. Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley are amazingly underrated in their work and Hood was the one who wrote that great article about Tom after his death and calling TPATH and REM the two greatest southern rock bands ever. He ain't wrong. Except in the fact he didn't mention DBT
  16. And got a terrible 80s dance remix as well lol.
  17. Not a fan either. But I tolerate it live on Pack Up just because the opening guitar riff is good
  18. martin03345

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    It is a B-Side from DTT but it's an amazing song, with an amazing sound that fits the whole southern motif of Southern Accents. As much as I love the song and it may very well be a top 10er for me, DTT is my favorite album of all time and it's a perfect entity as it is. So if it was to make it's way onto an album, SA would be the album it'd fit on the most if they truly went the way of a southern rock/country rock album, which was it's original intention. Now, seeing as it's been 2 years since this thread has been made, "Walkin' From the Fire" could easily fit on there, and as much as I love the alternate version of "Rebels", I do think the overproduction of "Rebels" works in the same way as "20th Century Man" does for the Kinks Muswell Hillbillies.
  19. martin03345

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    Drop "Sins of My Youth", a generic song that didn't fit the album and sound all that great and put it in betweem "Forgotten Man" and "Power Drunk". "Shadow People" is way too good of a track to be dropped
  20. martin03345

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    What the hell is "You Like Me"? lol. As soon as I got halfway through "Walkin' From the Fire"m, it dawned on me that it was the protoype for "My Life/Your World" because I was like, " I know these lyrics but from where?!?" An interesting song and again another treasure from the archives for Southern Accents that shows the boys were too coked up to make any good decisions. "Two Men Talking" just keeps on showing why it should've been put on an album. The version of "Keeping Me Alive" is much better than the Playback version but not as good as the Runnin' Down a Dream version. It almost makes you wonder why that version was ever put out with how muted it sounds in comparison to these two versions. The alternate versions of songs from LAD and the cut songs from it show that they basically made two albums during that period. It doesn't seem at all like Tom wrote a handful of songs that didn't fit with LAD's straight ahead rock and new wave song, but that he had an album's worth of songs that could have been their own album. The alternate take on "The Best of Everything" is great as it isn't muddied by Robbie Robertson's overproduction and sounds more like a cleaner cut. And although this version of "Rebels" is great and interesting to hear the overproduction stripped back into a clean, meaner sound that it was originally intended to have, it just doesn't beat what made the album. It's kind of like with the Kinks song "20th Century Man" and how it is an overproduced song compared to the rest of the songs on Muswell Hillbillies, it works just like that for "Rebels" imho." The version of "Surrender" on here shows why Stan said on The Live Anthology why they just had never recorded the song well lol. Though not a bad performance sonically, Tom's vocals are very, very weak on that track. The Damn the Torpedoes version is vastly superior and the penultimate version of the song. If there's a few songs that should've been on here that aren't, and that's a studio version of "Black Leather Woman", "Dog on the Run" "Melinda" and "Sweet William", just for the sake of posterity. Last but not least for this quick overview of this album: Ryan Ulyate has shown why he is an amazing producer/engineer with his work. The sound quality on this and all his works with the band are nothing but short of fantastic. How he cleaned up and remastered the muddied sound of all the stuff from YGGI makes me want to hear him remaster that whole album so it doesn't sound like it was recorded under water in a submarine lol.
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    Tom Petty(coat) and the Heartbreakers....

    Though they may have loved Fleetwood's music, they probably wanted to avoid the total shit show that was their band dynamic. If there is anything that is amazing about TPATH is that they basically had only one lineup change their entire span. That's amazing.
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    Essential listening outside of Heartbreakers albums?

    Great album. I call it Del Shannon and the Heartbreakers- Hard Promises 1.0
  23. Break out Dr Byrds and Mr. Hyde Roger and some Desert Rose Band Chris!
  24. martin03345

    The Dirty Knobs - Rumble

    I still have the note that Dave signed when I bought the Romeo Delta album lol. I still love "Somebody's Lady". The demo version they originally had on MySpace was also great. Wish it was still up.
  25. martin03345

    The Dirty Knobs - Rumble

    They did a cover of Iggy Pop's "Raw Power".