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  1. The site's still up?!? Well fuck me. Lol. Good on everybody. Sorry to be off topic. But now that we know what's getting released that was studio worthy, I honestly can't wait to see how people will create and sequence the double album
  2. I'm just hoping that when the re-release hits that it has as many band takes as it does home, solo demos. As much as I like it, I'd hate to see the effort of the album just be solely shifted to a TP project when we all know there isn't such a thing outside of HC.
  3. That jam is the basis to the jams of It's Good to Be King and YDHIF. You can easily hear how that had riffs that would get thrown into those live performances down the road lol
  4. It's also fun to see that LAD which is a major forum favorite finish that strongly. Tom may have disliked that album for it being a tread water album, but the rest of it love it for being a no nonsense rocker
  5. I know it's probably not a possibility, but with tech these days, be kind of cool to see a zoom meeting to wrap this place up. Give this place the 20 year send of it deserves.
  6. It is fun to see how Echo is in the second half of the pack when a lot of people here talk about their love for it. Polarizing yes, but thought it'd much high in the tally of your rank choice count than that. Pretty intersting
  7. Ok Boomer. Again, just because in the 60s a TV was a luxury doesn't mean that the previous day's luxury's are now necessities. Cellphones and the internet are necessities. Saying having a fridge is a necessity. Time marches on and nobody cares that you only had 3 channels. And no, wages have not kept up with inflation. Just because they've gone up, doesn't mean they've gone up at the rate to which the dollar is valued. And no, most economists aren't a secret cabal of left leaning commies, they tend to be more conservative as well. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/08/07/for-most-us-workers-real-wages-have-barely-budged-for-decades/ Also, when that technology grows and becomes more pervasive, it becomes cheaper too. Big screen TVs used to be thousands of dollars. Now you can't even buy a tv under 32 inches and it's only a 150 for one. Not just as demand rises but as the means of production become cheaper does the price of said goods drop as well. And ok, you're right, supply side economics is the proper nomenclature. Got me there! But hey, if it was so profitable, again, why haven't wages been more responsive to that growth? Why then have a great deal of jobs been outsourced to foreign nations leaving this countries industry to rot to the core? If economic growth benefits all, wouldn't a healthcare system that is actually efficient and responsive to their customers promote a healthier nation which in turn be a more productive society? Wouldn't we not all be a bunch of fat asses? Would not all be pissed off that it takes our insurance 4 months to send a bill back for a visit that by that time 95% who make it won't remember? Why are we paying for services that we won't know of until months on end after service is rendered? If someone is in dire need of healthcare are they going to turn it down if in the long run it may bankrupt them because they won't know till it's too late? These are market inefficiencies. If you want private insurance, then the price needs to be posted point of service, otherwise you're in for a ass fucking. Finally on my education: when it came to economics, my professors were all apolitical. But the fact you swear to the dogma that is everything must be free market shows you truly don't know how to be flexible. Like I said, not once have I argued for a Marxist government or economy. If wanting for socialized healthcare makes me a commie, then you have no understanding of the term. Enjoy you're 5k deductible. May when the cancer hits your asshole that it tries to find God when you try to figure out how to pay for that chemo.
  8. Nobody is saying when they advocate for socialized medicine that they are saying that the government is prone to be corrupt or inefficient. However, because it is a government agency that will have mass dollars put into it by the public, the public will have a greater desire and need to make sure that it does what the public wants. It'll be much more responsive. Also, most health insurance plans aren't even selected by people in a truly free market place, they are selected by their employers and the employee can become a slave to their job because of it. You may argue you have the freedom to break away from your work if you are unsatisfied but if you have a family that relies on your wages and whatever healthcare coverage you may have, you in reality do not have a choice. Also if you're someone like me who comes from an area of a small amount of decent jobs, you are essentially tethered to your job. Tying healthcare to your work empowers your employers and not the workers. Secondly, most medical developments are brought about through public tax dollars that go to the R and D. As you claim for me to be a slave to the government, you are a slave in thinking the private sector is the answer to all. As I said before, I'm not and most people are not advocating for a truly Marxists government or economy. But again, there are inefficiencies in things like healthcare that private industry cannot fill. If they had you wouldn't get billed for getting cancer at 60k for treatment. Thirdly, if again, every other developed nation has socialized healthcare that is well received and has seen lesser levels in obesity and mental health, why would that ruin the US? Is it because we're that vastly different? Not at all. Private industry does not have the ability or desire to help those with pre-existing conditions. To force business to deal with it restricts their "freedom". Finally you pay into social security and disability your entire working life. That's your pay roll tax, the government isn't allotting that money to anything else. If they spend it elsewhere then you have to be a smart enough citizen to raise your voice. Again it's called accountability. Use your freedom to protest it if it doesn't work. And if anything, why not give it a try for a decade. We've done this private insurance dance for 50 years and most people are pretty fucking sick of their insurance. If Medicare for all is so bad, then you can excise it from law. And don't call the ACA socialized medicine when all it did was fine those who mainly can't afford insurance and create a slightly bigger "marketplace" for insurance instead of a true public option
  9. ^ Well you happen for someone who has a degree in economics to have a poor grasp of economics. Trickle down benefits of the current and administrations past since the 80s have not seen a major boon to American worker wages as they have stagnated for 40 years even though productivity and company profits have hit an all time high. That's an economic system that can't sustain itself as we have seen in prior years. The profits to do not reach the people who help generate them. Period. And you think Tom wouldn't be more supportive of the oppression of non-whites? the fact he disavowed the use of the Battle Flag of Virginia is because people were rallying against it as a symbol of slavery, tyranny and of the unequal treatment of African Americans. Which that whole debate was sparked when there was an uptick in violence against the African American community. Why even bring it up to disavow it if there wasn't an on going harm to the them? Thirdly, as I said before, have you ever had to try to apply and get these great benefits that the government hands out? And if you haven't why are so many people still living in squalor if they can live off the glorious teet that is American communism? What we offer as a society is much less than any other nation because people like you think it's there problem and not ours as a whole. Poverty, poorer education, underemployment, these are all societal ills that require the backing of society. To sit here and say "well you got a free phone and internet! what else could you need!" is beyond ignorant. Those tools that were once considered luxuries are now necessities. Almost all businesses require you to apply via internet to get a job. That is not a luxury. Most business require you to have access to a phone and a home address if you want a job. If you're homeless, you don't have that. Period. Let's see you start from nothing. Socializing such industries is not a socialization of the entire economy. It's a wonder Europe got along just fine doing that with out us. It doesn't mean advocating for the end of retail, etc. The fact you keep going back to your Marxist well shows you don't know what it is. Pushing for worker rights and autonomy is not communist. If that's the case, the laborers who toiled for 40 hour work weeks, end to child labor and paid time off are Marxists because they kept businesses from maximizing their profits. Much of the benefits you have and got where gained through the toil of people who toiled harder than you ever and ever could have imagined. It is under your generation's watch that you took everything that was fought so hard for and to make this country what it is and waste it away for yourselves and throw it to the way side for your children and grandchildren. There will be a reckoning and a price to pay for it. It your starting to see it with Gen Zers and Millennials who are tired of the being shafted. You had several opportunities to try and build on the previous progress that was made and decided to throw it away for your own comfort. Youyr wisdom is not wanted as your generation squandered and frittered away our nation's fortune several times over. What makes you horrible people beyond having decent, structural, intellectual conversations with is the fact that it's the equivalent of talking to a brick wall. You don't budge, you have a self-righteous streak about you. For the 80th time, actually look up what communism is. You and every other dumb son of a bitch from your generation don't know the difference between the multitude of types of government and economic systems. I'll piss and burn on the American flag to trigger you're group of snowflakes because dissent is the greatest form of patriotism. Knowing when somethings wrong and trying to fix it is much braver than shouting "Kevin Bacon wasn't in Footloose". May the souls you're generation sent to die in illegal wars like Iraq and Afghanistan haunt you forever. And may the economic disaster your generation bring destroy your 401k right before you're about to slip into retirement. It may not take you but it'll take your friends. It's on your hands and conscience, not ours. We have only just begun our struggle to have a voice in the government that represents the few like you and the many like us. And may that same ill be wished upon us when we over stay our welcome.
  10. I agree with that but again, as I said before, I can have civil discussions with people, and do frequently as I am someone who lives in a rural, conservative area of NY but also at the same time have little patience for discourse for people who make statements to things they do not understand and speak from great ignorance. Welfare abuse is one of them. Everyone may know one person but it's a rare abuse. And one that is minuscule compared to let's say, our government's bloated military spending. And if you're a hardworking American, you shouldn't just be worried about how your taxes are spent, but how corporations and other people's taxes that are being gathered at a lower effective rate then you is being ignored because you can't get a good tax lawyer and that our tax code is screwed. As I said before, you shouldn't punch down but punch up. Even if someone abused our welfare system, it isn't nearly generous enough or easy to get that should make you envious of someone who receives it. It's a public good like a road or education. You may not have kids but you still have to pay school taxes because the education of our nation is a highly valuable commodity. Same thing goes for healthcare. It does no one no good for someone to rot and die of cancer, obesity etc. It's better for us as a society to use our tax dollars to ensure all of us our healthy. From a pure economic stance alone: a healthy nation makes a more productive nation. Imagine what we could do if millions of people haven't been paralyzed by obesity, drug addiction, depression and suicide at rates that other nations don't see. I'm not advocating for COMMUNISM. Or a totally socialized government. But for socialized areas of life such as healthcare and safety nets because it benefits society. Private business alone is unfit to make sure a nation is healthy. It's not profitable in a sustainable way. That's where the government comes in. The government has a vested interest in keeping it's citizen healthy because that's your revenue base. That's not necessarily true for private health care because whether your healthy doesn't matter, as long as you buy the medicine that you need at an exorbitant rate to keep you healthy they won't care. That brings us to a more moral question: is it moral to raise money on the lives and health of others? Most people would say no.
  11. As I said in an earlier post, (and I may be more civil with you MJLD because you don't come across as truly out there" a majority of people who receive any relief aren't defrauding the system. And the benefits they receive are not great. And they're not that easy to get. If it where, most people would opt not to work. It's a myth. Also keep this in mind, some states during this pandemic opened up earlier than advised just so they could kick people off of unemployment rolls. Now look at how it's gotten worse. Food for thought
  12. Whether people are scamming the system is not the problem. The fact you have to question it shows your skepticism. Also, have you ever actually tried to get benefits like Food Stamps, Welfare or Unemployment? It's not that fucking easy. And the amount you get is minute. We're in the middle of a pandemic and the governments of every major industrialized nation on the earth is paying their citizens to stay at home and flatten the curve. Here in the States: you got 1200 dollars and were told to make it last. That's a disconnect from reality that not just Republicans, but a majority of Democrats have. The Federal Reserve is printing money and handing it over to businesses left and right to keep this bubble economy afloat so they can make money and regular Joe's and small businesses get screwed over. The cruise industry shouldn't have gotten a bailout. If you were truly for the free market and liberty you should have said "tough shit, you go under" and we move on as a society from there. But we didn't. You can't not be mad or ignore stuff like that but be upset if Joe Schmoe might screw the system. You punch up and not down. And she was against Amazon locating their due to the enormous tax break they were going to get. If you don't like the taxes of the area, build somewhere else. They can pay. And as someone who actually works in logistics and has done that type of labor: if you want to say be grateful for the 16 dollars they want to pay you for that job, I say you go do it and see how long you last. Because you have no idea. And again,the fact you make these glorious suppositions show that you cannot relate or empathize with the plight of people. I honestly would like to know why you're so Reganomic happy. Where the 80s that great for you Boomer?
  13. The fact you bother to say progressiveism is Marxism shows that you are completely ignorant. It's not the same. Democratic socialism and Marxism are not the same? Have you ever bothered to read Marx? Or Adam Smith? Or actually read the Constitution? Are you someone who has actually dedidcated an inordinate amount of time to studying a vast scope of political/economic/historical material or just someone who read an article on the Internet and declared themselves a Constitutional scholar on what constitutes freedom? Is being made to wear a mask during a pandemic considered an oppression of your freedoms because the greater good and health of society outweighs your selfish need to be inconvenienced by a mask? Do you not know the difference between a social safety net that our tax dollars go to to make sure everyone has the chance to not be ruined by something such as medical debt or losing a job or is that just tough shit to them? If there's this grand conspiracy of the left controlling the media and education, then why aren't more conservative people pushing to improve their status? And the left doesn't control the media. Most outlets that you refer to as "left" are center right neoliberal bastions. CNN is not left. Left of the modern Republican party but not left in politics. Know the difference. Also, being a progressive and left leaning person doesn't make you a socialist just because you support socialized medicine (us using our tax dollars to make sure everyone is guaranteed healthcare), strong worker rights and a social safety net. Socializing industries that should be socialized is not communism. And most artists aren't people living in a rich bubble. Most artists don't make a damn thing but do it for the joy they get from creating and living out that fantasy. Just because Hollywood is narcissistic and has their head up their own asses doesn't speak for the majority of people who are artists. And to bring Hitler into that discussion shows you're empty on actual coherent thoughts. Breaking out Godwin's Law! And you don't think Tom would say the US government life hell for non-whites? Did he not disavow the use of the "Confederate Flag"? I'm pretty sure he did. And to who are you to say as someone who I'll assume for this post is white to say that a group of non-whites feel that this country as made their life a living hell? The fact you can't even listen to their plight and dismiss the issues minority communities with impunity shows you're a narcissistic person. When someone's baby dies, you don't say "yeah well my kid got sick!" That's being an insensitive prick. Keep think you're the boomer in total control of being a free thinker. You're the type of person from your post that shows that you are too damn and old and too set in your ways to know that the wind of change is blowing, the ship is coming in and you time in history will be marked with a scar.
  14. Minority opinion? You conservatives own the White House and the Senate. It's not that great of a minority. The whole woe-is-me act is annoying from conservatives that act like they've been under attacked for centuries. You haven't been a minority since the 70s. Again, this goes back to my ignorance point. Just because you are ignorant of other forces around you doesn't mean that your opinion gets a pass. Also, though anecdotal, from my personal experience, most people who are left leaning are more into the arts because most arts require a better sense and ability to empathize and sympathize which most people with conservative views are not able to. The whole bootstrap mentality doesn't jive with a welfare system: because those that support it realize either they may need it and it serves as a public good compared to "just get a job you lazy sod". I find it one of the great ironies of life that my favorite TPATH song "Rebels", isn't a song glorifying the South, rebellion or anything of the sort, but is about a worthless drunk who self-aggrandizes when they're trouble is created by them and not others around them
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