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  1. Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    There are no clunkers on DTT. It's full steam ahead
  2. Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    DTT is perfect. Any alteration to it would be messing with a masterpiece. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Surrender" and "Casa Dega" (especially Casa Dega) were good enough to be on that album. "Surrender" and "Casa Dega" would have been an amazing 1-2 punch to start the album. The problem is that Tom wrote probably the greatest 1-2 punch ever in "Refugee" and "Here Comes My Girl". "Surrender" should have been on YGGI as it's a pretty weak album and would have been a much better opener than "When the Time Comes". Trust me, like I've said before, I love me some "Casa Dega", has amazing 12 string guitar harmonics on it and it just builds beautifully, but I can't replace "Louisiana Rain" for it as the closer because it could fit there or have it be the 1-2 punch of spoke of before because it's just not as good. I think they made the right call as it being a B-Side. If anyone would like to go about the daunting task of re-tracklisting a historical, ground breaking album, give it a shot and Shelter and I will be your A and R menand tell ya if it works or not lol
  3. So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I thought Mike said if the Heartbreaker gig didn't work out he'd join the Ramones? Lol. Aye! Oh! Let's go!
  4. So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Love that song and Split Enz was a good new wave band, though more of his older brother Tim's thing than Neil's. That song was the first song I remember my dad asking me to download for him off of Napster back in 1999 lol. And everyone knows Crowded House, "Don't Dream It's Over" was an even bigger hit
  5. Makin' Some Noise from 2005 question

    I remember before the days of YouTube, ZZ I believe had a bunch of these videos uploaded from that tour when he would follow them around and record them every show he'd go to and I'd get home from school and watch them on Google Video. Especially TTCA^^
  6. Ron Blair / Guitar & Vocals

    That's a great version of "Down South". Love it
  7. Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    No offense, why would ITGWO get a re-release? Unless that bonus disc as the outtakes from the abandoned 1993 HB album, I'd easily say no thank you lol
  8. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Which makes a huge difference. TP has had several hits on the rock chart. Just look at wikipedia. Out in the Cold was number 1 on there
  9. If you only had one live TPATH concert recording to share with someone?

    Melinda was on Live Anthology. Why Two Men Talkin' wasn't also on there, who the hell knows
  10. Still listening to only Tom Petty music daily

    I've been on a big Drive By Truckers, Justin Townes Earle and Wilco binge since that day with TPATH mixed in.
  11. 2017 - Good or Bad?

    It'll hinge on if the Bills make the playoffs lmao.
  12. Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Get Playback 2.0 out as well. No need to Indiana Jones this stuff anymore lol
  13. ^^ The Heartbroken would be a terribly cheesy name. Plus I'd say the comparison is totally different. The Crickets were only together for a couple of years with Buddy Holly, TPATH have been a cohesive unit for 40 years. Yes they both had charismatic front-men but the Crickets still could have gone on after Buddy Holly just for the reason they hadn't been around that long. I would just want to see more solo work come out from Benmont seeing as his first album is such a delight.
  14. Benmont Tench

    Here's the set list from the Largo show: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/benmont-tench/2017/largo-at-the-coronet-los-angeles-ca-33e0bc1d.html
  15. Radio Tributes to Tom

    Btw, that live version of SOAD was from one of the Bridge School Benefits! That was really neat. I kinda of gave em' hell on their Facebook page because when they first announced they were going to do a tribute to Tom, it seemed like they were only going to do maybe one album. I told them they could do better than that because they constantly do huge marathons and tributes to several different artists for their drives to raise money for the station (again it's a public funded station). One money drive they did was they did a tribute to the Band and played every song from their catalog. Another time they did the top 100 Neil Young songs etc. You get the idea. So I mentioned how a station that takes pride in playing the roots of rock, Americana, folk, alt country should do a bigger tribute to one of rock's most underrated artists who loved radio and got black listed because of it. They didn't disappoint lol.