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  1. martin03345

    Did anyone read 33 1/3 Southern Accents? What did you think?

    I'll concede that if you read deeply between the lines on that last verse about Sherman's march, you could glean that maybe that person holds racial grudges due to them blaming him being a screw up on the fact that he's "born a rebel". However, most people while racist in the south and in the north at that time, I don't think Tom was getting that deep into the southern conscious because as we see for the rest of the album and from the outtakes, their just takes on being a poor white kid in the south. Most southerners were not rich, slave owners, but they did benefit from the race based class system. You may be a poor white, but at least your not black. Again, though I think Tom is a great song writer, I don't ever think his lyrics at that deep where a subtext needs to be dug up. He's as straightforward of a songwriter you'll ever see and that was his strength. Like I said, a better approach overall to the whole idea is Southern Rock Opera. If you like TPATH, then they are definitely in your musical wheel house. Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley get at the duality of the South. How they're branded as racist rednecks who are backwards, but how that's not who they are as a whole. How someone like George Wallace can define them for decades and that not be the real image of the south. Or how Wallace himself was considered for a time before his runs at governor to be a liberal judge and attorney and how by the time in the 1980s when he last served governor of Alabama he won 90% of the black vote. It's just a southern thing. Also, like Southern Accents, it does cover bits of Hood's own youth. If everyone remembers, Hood did write a great article about Tom after he died and he talked about how when Tom was playing a show in Alabama that he was at, that a drunken fight broke out and Tom chastised the crowd saying, "This shit's why I fucking left the South."
  2. martin03345

    Official Tom Petty forum down?

    I honestly didn't know it was still a thing. Thought it died back in like 05 *shrug* lol
  3. martin03345

    Did anyone read 33 1/3 Southern Accents? What did you think?

    For the last time on this subject matter, just because someone may interpret something that way, does not mean their opinion/idea/belief is valid or deserves to be recognized. The idea that "everyone interprets things in their own way and that's fine!" is nonsense if their opinion is based in ignorance. Three quarters of the song is about a failures woe's and the last verse ties back to his woe's by blaming it on the war and him being southern. Also, I didn't want to say it earlier because it sounds like I'm patting myself on the back but seeing as you brought up a amateur historians knowledge on the subject I should point out that I, as well am one too. On a side note, if anyone wants to listen to an actual complete southern rock concept, check out Drive By-Truckers Southern Rock Opera. It talks about the duality of southern life and culture.
  4. martin03345

    Did anyone read 33 1/3 Southern Accents? What did you think?

    1. By putting forth the argument, you're validating it when it does not deserve any validation. You may not have have been making that argument, but the fact you even brought it up deserves to be struck down immediately. Ignorance of American history is no excuse for defending the South's misguided cause. The Federal government during the Antebellum time period was as weak as ever in the period of US history with the federal government consistently bending over backwards to appease the South when they were in the minority,. President James Buchanan when the war broke out derided secession as illegal but thought the government had no power to do anything against it. If any state where to even think of seceding today, any US president would make sure the army would go down there to restore order and hang the traitors from the highest tree in the land like Andrew Jackson threatened early secessionists back in the 1830s. This countries union is perpetual: once you're in, you're in for life. Secession is illegal and is treason. 2. It's not contradictory at all. That last verse is in reference to Sherman's march to Georgia where he went and scorched the earth and left nothing of use for the South. It has to deal with the war yes, but not race as a whole. It has to deal with the idea that if it weren't for those damn Yankees, we'd still have our way of life. If it weren't for the North at the end of the war totally destroying the South, they'd still have something left and after the war, they had nothing left. After the war and Reconstruction, the South still hasn't fully recovered from the devastation wrought on their land. Though slavery was the crux of the war, in this song, Tom's not trying to get at that. He's not that deep in his lyrics folks. (See "JeffersoJericho Blues" as an example"). 3. And again, just because you have a certain interpretation of things, doesn't mean it's equally acceptable. If it comes from ignorance then your ignorance hinders your ability to understand because you don't have the necessary information to interpret the subject matter. I'm not saying these are your own ideas and interpretations, but if you put them out there, expect people who have a little foresight to shoot them down because they're filled with nonsense.
  5. martin03345

    Did anyone read 33 1/3 Southern Accents? What did you think?

    No, you can't make an argument about the Civil War being Federal vs. States Rights because it was about slavery. Confederate state constitutions state clearly the idea that slavery is necessary because "Negroes are inferior to whites and thus to be subservient to them". The whole states rights issue is southern revisionist bullshit. Here's the lyrics to the damn song: Honey don't walk out, I'm too drunk to followYou know you won't feel this way tomorrowWell, maybe a little rough around the edgesOr inside a little hollowI get faced with some things, sometimes That are so hard to swallow, hey!I was born a rebel, down in DixieOn a Sunday mornin'Yeah with one foot in the grave And one foot on the pedal, I was born a rebelShe picked me up in the mornin', and she paid all my ticketsThen she screamed in the car Left me out in the thicketWell I never woulda' dreamed That her heart was so wicked Yeah but I keep comin' back Cause it's so hard to kick it, hey, hey, hey(Chorus)Even before my father's father They called us all rebelsWhile they burned our cornfieldsAnd left our cities leveledI can still feel the eyes of those blue-bellied devils Yeah, when I'm walking round at night Through the concrete and metal, hey, hey, hey Nothing there about race folks. Just a drunk who can't get his shit together and blames it all on the fact that he's just born to be a rebel because of his heritage. This is my favorite song of all time, and after listening to it a billion times, theirs nothing grand about it besides the sound. That's a dichotomy. The sound is grand and happy while the message itself is not.
  6. martin03345

    Did anyone read 33 1/3 Southern Accents? What did you think?

    But the thing is, the song isn't about any of that. It's about a drunk loser who wallows in his own self-pity and blames the fact that because he's a Southerner, he's just born to "rebel". It's a great irony that's lost on many. Just like how "Born in the USA" isn't about America being great, but about a Vietnam Vet coming back and finding his life is turned upside down. There's nothing glamours about "Trailer", "Rebels", "Southern Accents" and "The Best of Everything". All the songs are dower and down. About being a poor misguided white guy in the south clinging onto the bullshit that get's propagated about how "The South Will Rise Again!". It's been over a 150 years and the South still can't get out of their own way.
  7. martin03345

    Melinda - soundstage - some love for this performance!

    They can put it on an album in jam form. Its not like their stuff since 1999 was getting any real radio play
  8. martin03345

    Unheard Song From The Mojo Sessions?

  9. martin03345

    Unheard Song From The Mojo Sessions?

    Yup! And at various times in 99. A nice version from 99 is from the Rockpalast show
  10. martin03345

    Unheard Song From The Mojo Sessions?

    "Help Me" is "Green Onions" but with lyrics. There's out fun fact for the day lol
  11. martin03345

    Unheard Song From The Mojo Sessions?

    Totally agree with that sentiment. A bloated album that would be much more palatable if they trimmed the fat. But as I said in another thread, if there's anything this band is good at, it's putting great songs in the vault as trash instead of releasing them. Honestly, the EP is a thing, and with the digital age being a thing for 25 years, when they were between albums, they could've and should've released stuff they knew was great but didn't fit their overall album mold as digital EPs and sell them for 8 bucks.
  12. martin03345

    Dirty Knobs are in studio!!!

    Like All The Rest, I'll believe it when I see it LMAO
  13. martin03345

    Melinda - soundstage - some love for this performance!

    A damn shame it never made it to a record. There's a lot of good lost stuff from 01-03. "Melinda", "Two Men Talkin'", "Black Leather Woman". It just goes to show the band was never a great judge of their random tracks. That's what EPs are for boys. 4 tracks don't fit the album you're making? Pump out an EP to hold people over.
  14. martin03345

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    I know Roger always joked in saying if "American Girl" was his song but I never got the Byrds comparison from it. Maybe it's because I'm such a big fan of both bands, but "American Girl" as we all know had more balls to it then anything the Byrds ever did. Nothing Byrds or Stones about that first album at all.