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  1. Break out Dr Byrds and Mr. Hyde Roger and some Desert Rose Band Chris!
  2. martin03345

    The Dirty Knobs - Rumble

    I still have the note that Dave signed when I bought the Romeo Delta album lol. I still love "Somebody's Lady". The demo version they originally had on MySpace was also great. Wish it was still up.
  3. martin03345

    The Dirty Knobs - Rumble

    They did a cover of Iggy Pop's "Raw Power".
  4. martin03345

    The Dirty Knobs - Rumble

    And Romeo Delta was on that Starcraft 2 soundtrack as well
  5. martin03345

    Let Me Up (the album)

    It'll All Work Out is overrated. Just about every acoustical composition ever but to tape is overrated lol
  6. martin03345

    TomPetty.com on the Wayback Machine (image-heavy!)

    Ahh, the ol' Vox Lounge. Use to go on there everyday in school for info on what was going on with the band and possible tour dates lol
  7. And saying LMU is a jumble is correct, but it's not worse in it's cohesiveness then Southern Accents. Not by a long shot.
  8. "Runaway Trains" which I do like, is just Mike's second attempt at getting the band to do "Boys of Summer" lmao
  9. "Ain't Love Strange" is one of the greatest throw away tracks ever. I absolutely love it. I agree with the sentiment that LMU is an underrated album
  10. martin03345

    New TPATH??

    I have Torpedoes in Texas and New York Shuffle. It's legal to sell the radio broadcasts if you own the rights to them. I bought those 2 at FYE as a curiosity last year because I already have the bootlegs of them. I find the "detailed" liner notes hilarious because a lot of it is incorrect information: like calling "Dog on the Run" an early version of "Dogs on the Run" lol,
  11. martin03345

    Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    So from what I gather here is that TwoGunslingers doesn't like straight ahead rock 'n' roll and probably detests punk music for being bare bones on substance lol. "Come on Down to My House" is a simple, lyrically lite rocker that is made great by how unabashedly straight forward and full-steam ahead it is with it's garage rock. And I fucking love it. One of my favorite songs by the band actually. Anytime it comes on, I crank my radio/speakers as loud as they go and revel in it's amazingness.
  12. martin03345

    Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    This is why you're my spirit poster. "Deliver Me" and "Finding Out" are great. As is "The Same Old You". Great rocking songs
  13. martin03345

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I'm sure she's had a piece of Mike more than once lmao
  14. martin03345

    Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    The full quote from Admiral David Farragut is, "Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!" lol
  15. martin03345

    Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    Joke went over your head I guess