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  1. At this point, I've moved on. Bring the Drive-By Truckers new album and leave me satisfied for all of 2020 lol
  2. No but it's just a fantastic film with Jeff Daniels *shrug* lol
  3. If you like that, watch his film The Squid and the Whale
  4. The end cover of "Route 66" is still an amazing banger. Love the guitar sound on that version. It's their definitive version of it
  5. Do yourself a favor and listen to more John Prine. The modern day Mark Twain
  6. I agree, they do have a right to privacy. I don't have any interest in their private life, but if they put bits of it out for consumption, their decisions can be scrutinized. And it is hypocritical to say in the Zullo book that you tried heroin and never did it again in the 80s because of how addictive it is to admitting later on that you were an addict as well. How that isn't the very definition of hypocrisy, I'll never know
  7. Yeah Shelter, don't get me wrong, there's a bunch of double standards and hypocrisy with TPATH. They had their foibles, but it's never been enough to make me not like their music, think any less of it, it's just always made me grounded in the fact that their not beyond reproach
  8. I've grown to take Stan's side over the years. What, Benmont, Howie and Stan aren't good enough to play on the album but you'll have them do the songs live? That'd be annoying. Plus, the one thing that I found to be very irritating and hypocritical was how over the years, Tom was on the junk the same time Howie was but never brought it up until just a few years ago while lambasting Howie for it. Stan and Benmont were extremely close with Howie and I can see why Stan would be pissed about it. Tom's also been hypocritical about bashing the music industry on the Last DJ and not having corporate sponsors for his tour and then by the time 05 comes around, he's partnered up with Live Nation and TicketMaster. Now should Stan of stayed? No. If you insert him into any album post 94 it probably wouldn't have sounded right
  9. It'd have to be. "Out in the Cold" was never officially released as a single but hit number 1 on on the Rock Chart
  10. He says in the VH1 Behind the Music back in 1999 that he basically thought of it as a family, a band, and fun. When it stopped being fun, he left/got fired.
  11. Love the song and love that synth line. It would've been nice to see them do a totally new-wave style album despite Benmont hating those damn synths
  12. I concur. Just because they played and created some work that varied in styles and genres does not mean it's a key part of their core sound identity. Edit: Happy 1500th post to me lol
  13. I always found it interesting how any song Tom or Mike plays bass on that the mix is louder and more prominent than when Ron or Howie played. Just listen to the Mudcrutch albums or any song from the early days that Tom or Mike subbed in on bass. The mix is always more pronounce so you can hear and feel the bass line instead of being buried in the sound.
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