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  1. Benmont Tench

    Here's the set list from the Largo show: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/benmont-tench/2017/largo-at-the-coronet-los-angeles-ca-33e0bc1d.html
  2. Radio Tributes to Tom

    Btw, that live version of SOAD was from one of the Bridge School Benefits! That was really neat. I kinda of gave em' hell on their Facebook page because when they first announced they were going to do a tribute to Tom, it seemed like they were only going to do maybe one album. I told them they could do better than that because they constantly do huge marathons and tributes to several different artists for their drives to raise money for the station (again it's a public funded station). One money drive they did was they did a tribute to the Band and played every song from their catalog. Another time they did the top 100 Neil Young songs etc. You get the idea. So I mentioned how a station that takes pride in playing the roots of rock, Americana, folk, alt country should do a bigger tribute to one of rock's most underrated artists who loved radio and got black listed because of it. They didn't disappoint lol.
  3. Radio Tributes to Tom

    It's been a month now since his passing and I was wondering if anyone's local radio stations have done any tributes to Tom. Around these parts, Exit 97.7 (WEXT, an NPR affiliate) was the only station around here to really do something and do a pretty significant tribute. For a week they played an album in full starting at 6 P.M. They played: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Moon Fever, Wildflowers, The Last DJ, Southern Accents, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 and Hypnotic Eye. After that, they did a Tom Petty 50 and played 50 of his songs in a row. That playlist looks like this: It'll All Work Out I Should Have Known It The Best of Everything A Higher Place Crystal River Waiting For Tonight Peace in L.A. Yer So Bad Square One Rebels Last Night Casa Dega Love Is A Long Road Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid) (Live) Tweeter and the Monkey Man Dreamville Free Girl Now Hometown Blues Lonesome Sundown American Dream Plan B The Wild One, Forever Echo Straight into Darkness Insider Scare Easy Jammin' Me You Wreck Me You Got Lucky Learning to Fly Change of Heart You Don't Know How It Feels Even the Losers Southern Accents Mary Jane's Last Dance Here Comes My Girl Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Walls (Circus) Don't Do Me Like That Into the Great Wide Open I Need to Know I Won't Back Down Room at the Top Breakdown The Waiting Runnin' Down A Dream Listen to Her Heart Free Fallin' Don't Come Around Here No More Refugee American Girl Was a really good job. I was wondering if anybody else's local radio station had done something similar or some form of tribute to the man
  4. '95 Saratoga Good Sound Quality with brief soundcheck

    ^^ Same lol. Been really wanting to listen to the rare "A Higher Place" live to see if it's just as great if not better live with those ringing 12 string guitars.
  5. How was Full Moon Fever initially received by fans?

    And Howie and Ben lol. They're not wrong. It is overrated.
  6. iPhone X

    My iPhone 6 is bent to shit, but it's still somehow working fine so until she finally craps the bed.....I'll hold off on sinking a grand into a phone lol.
  7. TPATH Guests

    Crosby, Stills and Nash Derek Trucks Band
  8. How was Full Moon Fever initially received by fans?

    Yeah they did cherry pick stuff from the old Behind the Music from 99 so there isn't much in the way of Stan which is a shame because I would really like to hear an updated opinion and view he has on the whole experience. But I gotta disagree with him not being a team player. If I was probably in his position, I too would probably be putting up a fight and trying to have some input on the material that's being worked on. Sure it's Tom's vision but they were a band, a cohesive unit, not just session musicians. They are the Heartbreakers, not the Wrecking Crew. One of the things that makes this band so great is the fact there was basically no lineup changes for 40 years. There aren't many bands that can say they were able to stay together as a unit for that long. Also, the way you hear how Iovine and others talk about Stan, you can tell it's overly critical. The man is the most underrated member of the band. He was the engine that set the beat for nearly 20 years and helped drive those songs. So Stan may have been volatile and pissy at times, but Tom was as well. That's why they butt heads, both have strong personalities. I don't blame him for that. And I don't blame him for being mad on being asked to tour and play the songs off FMF after being told you weren't good enough and wanted for the actual making of the album. I'm glad the HBs did back him on that tour because who knows what would have become of the band and if they would still be a thing after 94 but still, I get where Stan was coming from.
  9. Tour history 1976 - 2017

    Fucking Nightro lol. Gets me every time.
  10. Hard To Handle...Live

    Their version of "Knockin' on Heavens Door", "I'll Remember You" and "Like a Rolling Stone" are just simply amazing.
  11. ECHO - the most real, honest, genuine heartfelt album.

    I remember that thread now lol!
  12. Unfortuanately I never learned to play guitar period but if I did I always wanted to start with a 12 string. I really do love that sound. Also doesn't help that Rickenbackers are ridiculously expensive lol
  13. I absolutely love the 12 string sound. It's something I just bask in and enjoy. It's one of the reasons I think the live version of "Here Comes My Girl" from 1980 is the best version because Mike plays the 620/12 on it throughout and the end solo being played on that instead of the Broadcaster just sounds absolutely divine. McGuinn, George, Peter Buck and Mike just know how to get the most beautiful jangle out of those things. It's literally the sound of angels. One of these days, I will learn how to play a 12 string guitar. Just absolutely beautiful
  14. The Last Dj---what works what doesn't

    So I said two years ago I would be giving my thoughts on this album because I am in the minority and rate the album very highly. Unfortunately, it seems I totally forgot or got sidetracked and never gave my thoughts on it, though I know I have in other threads. So, since we have people revisiting this after Tom's untimely death, I guess I'll finally dive deep into why I love this album so. Before diving into the songs themselves, I will start off by saying, my entire life, all 28 years of it so far, I have loved TPATH. My dad has always been a big fan and 2002 is the year I went from being a 12 year old casual fan to a fanatic of the band and them becoming my favorite musical group of all time. I can still remember the countless copies of TPATH cassettes (of the albums and singles) he had in the car and in a case that he kept them all in. It's the reason why when I finally got Playback for Christmas in 2005 that when I heard "Trailer" and "Casa Dega" that I remember hearing them a long time ago and it all clicked in my head. I guess it's a benefit for your dad to work at a Universal Record Plant before it closed in 2000 and be able to get all those things lol. July 5th, 2002 was the day I got to go to see the band live for the first time with my dad at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). I had asked him a couple of days before the show if we could go as something to do together after seeing online that they were touring. Luckily, he said absolutely. I thought we were only going to get lawn tickets to the show because that was what my dad had said he always had gotten when he was a younger man and would go to see the band there. After getting the tickets and being excited all day to see them, before we left I left my glasses at home so I wouldn't look like a dork (this was a big mistake because I've always been damn near blind so my visual memory of the show isn't fantastic because of it lol.) When we get on the road to drive out to the show, we're listening to a mix of Damn the Torpedoes, Hard Promises, Long After Dark, Full Moon Fever and Wildflowers. He tells me to take a look in the center console to take a look at the tickets and to my surprise, he had managed to get us 13th row tickets to the show. He had said when he and my mom had gone to Ticketmaster (yes, you use to be able to go to a local Ticketmaster to buy tickets!) and they asked for 2 lawn seats, the person waiting on them said they still had seats in the amphitheater and asked if they wanted to get them. It was our lucky day. When we got to the show, on our walk around the area, he was regaling me with his stories of when he and his friends would drive to see the band and all the crazy antics and stuff they would do and see at these shows. It was great to get to hear him tell his stories, things to potentially look forward to lol. We bought 2 TPATH shirts in the parking lot for 15 bucks a piece (crazy I know) and got to listen to a guy smoking a joint for the line in the bathroom bullshit with his buddy telling him how he knows Tom and how their great friends. The show had the Brian Setzer Trio open things and I got to listen to my Dad tell me how they use to be the Stray Cats and played 50s style rock and roll. I remember really liking their set and at least knowing "Stray Cat Strut". After waiting 30 minutes, TPATH opened up and kicked things off with "Runnin' Down a Dream". My dad remarked and told me that it looked like Ron Blair was up there playing bass and not Howie and how he hadn't been in the band for 20 years. Every song they played, he would tell me what album they came off and how much he loved them as he sand along to the songs. Also, being the summer tour before The Last DJ came out, we were treated to 3 of the best songs from that album: "Can't Stop the Sun", "Lost Children", and "Have Love Will Travel", the last being featured on The Live Anthology from that very show. The set list just was great, getting to listen to a 8 minute jammed out version of "Too Much Ain't Enough", some new songs, an acoustic version of "Rebels". etc. It was just a great first show and experience that is something my dad and I share and got me to want to hear everything from the band and get to know more about them. Luckily, a couple years later, I would find a bootleg of the show and add it to the collection. It's during this time period between this show and Christmas they announced their new album, Tom making an appearance on The Simpsons to promote it, and waiting to get my hands on the new album. Luckily for me, I got The Last DJ, DTT, their first album and FMF for Christmas and the first album I listened to from that bunch on my new, big 6 CD player. And the experience I had was amazing. Now, part 2 that talks about the album itself will come in another post. This is just kind of a introduction into the emotional, nostalgic ties I have to the album. So, see you in a nother post lol.
  15. ECHO - the most real, honest, genuine heartfelt album.

    What I want to know is, is there an actual copy of the album that exists that has the band name and the album name on it? I have never seen a picture of that until the other day when I saw that Yahoo article that had all the albums listed in chronological order and when you got to Echo, it had this as the cover for it: Not only that, it looks like Howie was added to the cover on the right and not Scott. By the way, how come Steve wasn't on the cover?