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  1. Everyday i listen to (his) (my) her heart. Everyday !!! Yesterday, to the the olympic (Last DJ) show (2002) on dvd. It's still unbelievable.
  2. Another random thought here.(sorry) What do you think about trumps statement, for calling out jerusalem for the capital city of israel ? I think, that city should belong to everyone, to the jewish, as well as for the muslim, or the christs, or maybe the buddhists, if they kinda like it, or non religios people. Simply, for everyone who's feeling warm in their hearts. I'm so scared about whats going on in the world.
  3. Although the grief, about an angel we have lost, might seem to be unstoppable This one helps: “I dreamed you, I saw your face Caught my lifeline when drifting through space I saw an angel, I saw my fate I can only thank God it was not too late”
  4. Happy belated birthday Marion, (sorry for the 2 days delay) Thank you, for all the share of TP's words, songs, videos, simply: THE BEST OF EVERYTHING !!!
  5. 4 weeks ago. Each and everyday i listened to TPATH. Sometimes with a grin, but most of the time with tears in my eyes. It's still disbelief. For me, can't say if i'm happy, or sad listening now to the old ones, but it will be hard if any "NEW" song will be released. Because it has been written about something that happened in the past. And then again i can't say if i'm happy, or sad listening.
  6. As you said: "perhaps he'd go into some of his working with Tom and the Heartbreakers in the late 80s period, his take on the Wilburys experience" I totally agree with you !
  7. I'm a little bit sad that Bob honored Tom only once in his US Fall Tour. Till now. But maybe he will write something about his, and ours honest friend. But if it takes 32 years to be revealed or written (if Roll On John on his Tempest Album is about John Lennon), we'll have to wait until 2049.
  8. Glory lasts anytime someone sings. GRIEF
  9. So many, so many great songs ! As Echo, Letting you go, Dark of the sun have been mentioned before, we must not forget Like a diamond or Louisiana Rain.
  10. Can't stop crying. No one could explain it. ... There's no one as honest as those in pain Oh honey can't you see me? Will you let me inside? It's a restless world, uncertain times You said hope was getting hard to find But time rolls on, days go by What about the broken ones? What about the lonely ones? Oh honey I'm having trouble letting you go It's off in the distance, somewhere up the road There's some easy answer for the tears you've cried And it makes me uneasy, makes me feel different Do you get scared when you close your eyes? I'm having trouble letting you go !!! We're having trouble letting you go ! Thank you for all tom !
  11. Me too ! Feels like somebody ripped out your soul.
  12. Well, to me the whole concert was awesome. From one of my favorite songs Listen To Her Heart to a f***ing loud American Girl at the end, and the heavy thunderstorm that went down after the show. What a great night it was !!! Yeah, and i remember, as well as TwoGunslingers, what Tom promised us at the end of the show !!! So, we are in the majority against him ! Greets
  13. still, working as a system programmer. love my job, too.
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