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  1. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    I would like to Pre-Order Option 4, please. 🌸
  2. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

    Hurt Restless Finding Out Come On Down To My House About To Give Out A Mind with a Heart of Its Own All You Can Carry Big Weekend Ankle Deep
  3. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    A complete TP discography and videography?

    Very cool - I have never seen the full-color image of that album before !
  4. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Echo in the Canyon

    Saw it today ... good stuff
  5. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    LP of the Week II

    Thank you for posting this (Live from London). I used to have this on a cassette tape, I recorded it from the original radio broadcast. Just great early Petty.
  6. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Fleetwood Mike question for our guitar experts

  7. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Tom Petty called...

    I'm sticking with the original... and staying out of the shadow
  8. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Lyric Question

    Yeah, that's when it happened The world caught fire that day
  9. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Ok, so now.. I'm crying..

    love it ....totally kicks ass...
  10. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    Are those 3 songs available anywhere
  11. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Lyric Question

    "You're confident but not really sure"
  12. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Happy Birthday Tom Petty

    " I was born in October / Turn the hourglass over"
  13. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Lyric Question

    - Yeah I just catch myself wondering waitin and worrying about some silly little thing that's gonna add up to nothin - I'm so tired of being tired / Sure as night will follow day / Most things I worry about / Never happen anyway - Now and again, I get the feeling / If I don't win, I'm gonna break even - I feel like a four letter word - I'm a loser at the top of my game
  14. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    TW 30th Anniversary

    The interesting dynamic of the WIlburys as a group is how their friendship was at the core of the whole thing. (As George references his role). Each had enormous individual talent but were all from different situations Orbison: Solo Artist Dylan: Solo Artist, but often working with a veteran back-up band (The Band , Heartbreakers, etc.) Petty: Single Leader of a Band Lynne: Leader within a Group Harrison: 3rd member of the greatest band ever, as well as Solo Artist Yet it all worked. No egos, no jealousy, respect for each other, appreciative of the opportunity that was in front of them.
  15. Speedball has always been one of my favorites characters. Joe is just trying to keep things simple ... aren't we all Others - The ranger, the chambermaid , the drunk sidekick and the Indian who shoots out the light - The girl in boots and silver spurs. - I have always wondered what happened in the bathroom and what was the concern?