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  1. Speedball has always been one of my favorites characters. Joe is just trying to keep things simple ... aren't we all Others - The ranger, the chambermaid , the drunk sidekick and the Indian who shoots out the light - The girl in boots and silver spurs. - I have always wondered what happened in the bathroom and what was the concern?
  2. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    A big question

    Not sure if this was posted somewhere else ... its really great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbIBDppicQY ... there's so much more...
  3. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    Isn't "Bus to Tampa Bay" pretty much "Down South" from Highway Companion
  4. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Question of the day 9/25/18

    Sorry - did not mean to turn this into a Prince thread
  5. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Question of the day 9/25/18

    Two cars parked on the overpass (Even the Losers) You break me in two (You Wreck Me) "Out on 441" (American Girl) "Yeah, I got a permit to wear this .38" (Nightwatchman) Hey, I remember you back in '72 (Same Old You) We could buy a '62 Cadillac (Same Old You) Turn up to ten, let that sucker blast (Same Old You) Yeah with one foot in the grave / And one foot on the pedal (Rebels) Does " 2 Much Ain't Enough " count ?
  6. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Question of the day 9/25/18

    And really one of the best lines of recent years... " Well I feel like a four letter word"
  7. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Question of the day 9/25/18

    Century CIty Insider And I'm the one who oughta' know I'm the one you couldn't trustI'm the lonely silent oneI'm the one left in the dust And I'm the one who oughta knowI'm the one you left to rustNot one of your twisted friendsI'm the one you couldn't love
  8. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Gainsville (Outtake 1998) coming up next

    The beginning sounds like an early version of a combination of the opening of American Dream Plan B + Red River. I am not a musician so I have no idea if this is accurate or not... just sounded familiar
  9. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    To all you Peterans out there....

    Agree - start at the beginning and enjoy the progression. If you want the abridged version Start with DTT and FMF (both classics, pure TP) Then go to; You're Gonna Get It (provides an introduction to the early TP&HBs and the lead into DTT) Wildflowers (post FMF solo work that illustrates the coming of age of a true craftsman) Enjoy !
  10. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

    Yes - " Best of Everything" ... the live version posted here is great I would add: No Second Thoughts ( an early gem) Finding Out (I like the video of them playing it in studio ) Too Much Ain't Enough (I know this group knows this sone - but the general public has never heard it) You and I Will Meet Again (play this at my funeral) Come on Down to My House (just a full-out rocker) A Mind with a Heart of Its Own ( "My middle name is Earl" .... enough said !) Something Good Coming (perfect song) All You Can Carry ( on all my more recent Petty Playlist) Oh Maria (another gem) I Forgive it All (another perfect song) Save Your Water (exactly what I want from Mudcrutch)
  11. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    What do you think of Hypnotic Eye four years later?

    I first have to get over the fact that its been 4 years
  12. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    'Llamas hold each other tight' and other mondegreens.

    The Waiting Honey, don't want to fool around, who told me 'about ODYSSEUS, said yeah, yeah.... Even The Losers Baby, time means nothing, when you think in years
  13. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Eddie Vedder Tom Petty tribute at the Oscars

    Posted about 6 weeks after Toms passing. Eddie Vedder does a Warren Zevon Tribute for David Letterman. Notice the TP on his guitar.
  14. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    TP Radio (XM) Special Announcement this week

    Agree 1981: 60 songs = 6 Albums x 8.98 = $53.88
  15. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    How dare you ... Shadow of Doubt ... not a hit ??? ... even the millennials know it. 😂 😂 😂