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  1. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    What do you think of Hypnotic Eye four years later?

    I first have to get over the fact that its been 4 years
  2. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    'Llamas hold each other tight' and other mondegreens.

    The Waiting Honey, don't want to fool around, who told me 'about ODYSSEUS, said yeah, yeah.... Even The Losers Baby, time means nothing, when you think in years
  3. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Eddie Vedder Tom Petty tribute at the Oscars

    Posted about 6 weeks after Toms passing. Eddie Vedder does a Warren Zevon Tribute for David Letterman. Notice the TP on his guitar.
  4. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    TP Radio (XM) Special Announcement this week

    Agree 1981: 60 songs = 6 Albums x 8.98 = $53.88
  5. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    How dare you ... Shadow of Doubt ... not a hit ??? ... even the millennials know it. 😂 😂 😂
  6. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    If DTT can have 4 songs on the first Greatest Hits (Shadow of a Doubt, could have been on there as well, making it 5). Wildflowers probably deserves at least the same. - Wildflowers - You Don't Know How It Feels - You Wreck Me - Crawling Back To You You probably could even add Honey Bee or Its Good To Be King to make it 5 (all were also staples of the live show all the way into 2017) Other than that the songs posted by TwoGunslingers is about right. (Minus 1 or 2 Hypnotic Eye songs)
  7. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    On 1993’s Greatest Hits

    I will take your test with my Top 5 bands, but I will add what I think is their Best Album, because, that may not necessarily be my favorite. First TP Album Purchased: Damn the Torpedoes (age 13 / bought it when it came out / yes that dates me) Favorite TP Album: Damn the Torpedoes Best TP Album: Wildflowers Others First Neil Young Album Purchased: Rust Never Sleeps Favorite Neil Young Album: Freedom Best Neil Young Album: Rust Never Sleeps First Replacements Album Purchased: Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash Favorite Replacements Album: Let It Be Best Replacements Album: Let It Be FIrst Black Crowes Album Purchased: Shake Your Money Maker Favorite Black Crowes Album: Shake Your Money Maker Favorite Black Crowes Album: Shake Your Money Maker First Lou Reed Album Purchased: New York Favorite Lou Reed Album: New York Best Lou Reed Album: Transformer 3 out of 5
  8. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Woof! - Tom Petty vs Black Dog

    Greta Van Fleet
  9. 17. Pack Up The Plantation 16. She's the One 15. Let Me Up, I've Had Enough 14. The Last DJ 13. Mojo 12. Long After Dark 11. Into the Great Wide Open 10. Hypnotic Eye 09. Southern Accents 08. Highway Companion 07. Echo 06, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 05.Hard Promises 04. Your Gonna Get It 03 Full Moon Fever 02 Damn The Torpedoes 01. Wildflowers
  10. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Ann Wilson Reveals Tom Petty Luna On Upcoming Album

    Great song - awesome seeing Tom and Benmont sharing keyboards
  11. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Gainsville Tribute to Tom Petty

    The City of Gainsville wants your suggestions on how to honor Tom Petty. www.surveymonkey.com/r/TomPettyMemorial My write-in vote: Thomas Earl Petty Regional Airport. A very common tribute: Louis Armstrong AIrport (New Orleans), John Wayne Airport (Orange County), Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) Learning to Fly
  12. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Neil Young FREE recordings

    Just great stuff... true artist
  13. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    TPATH Acoustic Show STAN LYNCH on Guitar

    Great stuff... Billy Idol cameo... Stan on Guitar... Howie on slide ... love the Dylan-Country-Punk version of Refugee ...
  14. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    Buddy's Crickets did it....will Tom's Heartbreakers do it ?

    Would they: No Could they: I hope not Should they: Absolutely not Closest we should get is a tribute concert, similar to Concert for George and the Freddie Mercury Benefit. Have it at the Hollywood Bowl on the Anniversary of their last concert. The Heartbreakers with an amazing line-up. (Nicks, McGuinn, Dylan, Lynn, Grohl, Shelters, Leadon/Marsh, etc) .... That's it done. Shelter offers some additional possibilities, just miscellaneous musical contributions with friends, as long as it is not promoted as " The Heartbreakers" This band has always had integrity...keep it.
  15. WonderingWaitingWorrying

    The Shelters cover Tom Petty