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  1. I'm thankful that my temps are above zero, but I am so sick of snow! 4 more inches last night. When will this winter end???
  2. 41 degrees??? is that why everything in NYC is drippy and disgusting?
  3. music festivals, always music festivals!
  4. yes, i love it. Downton, Call the Midwife, , documentaries, my favorite is Charlie Rose, it the best talk show in the world!
  5. ...that I had a cold the week before Christmas, and then I caught another one two days before the new year. I've been sick for a month!
  6. it was 5 when I left the house today. I had to stop along the way walking to work in NYC, I couldn't make it the whole way with the wind blowing. Stupid polar vortex.
  7. I have to shout out JJ Grey and Mofro. I saw them this Sunday night in the pouring rain at the Festy Experience in VA. Their set blew me away!
  8. I'm still driving my 2001 Chevy Cavalier - it was the one and only car I ever bought new. I think about getting a new car (I would get a Cadillac CTS coupe) but then I think about how nice it is to NOT have a car payment. So my hooptie keeps on rolling.
  9. I'm not sure how much gas cost when I started driving (1994), but I remember that when I was in college gas was so low, like 99 cents/gallon. I don't drive much now, but last time I filled up it was about $45.
  10. I saw a bulldozer breaking up a section of the boardwalk - making a trench to stop it spreading? The wind is making this worse, that's my worry
  11. I wrote a song about Mad Cow Disease. So wierd, I know! And another one called "Get yer a$$ outta bed" When I was in college, we didn't have smart phones or constant access to the internet, so we amused ourselves!
  12. I was working in NYC at a news channel, only 4 miles away from the towers. I was stuck in Manhattan for 3 days solid, couldn't even go home until Thursday 9/13. I remember a lot about that day, those days... It was hot out, Indian summer just like today. I saw everything on tv on an endless loop - it was my job. Only thing was, when I had had enough and couldn't stand to see any more, I didn't have the luxury of turning off the tv and walking away. It went on for months. The wreckage burned until mid November. So every day for two months I saw the smoke. And the smell of it...I will never forget it for as long as I live. I was 24 and at my first real job out of college, and I remember feeling like I grew up a lot very quickly. I had never actually felt real fear in my life until that day.
  13. kelly

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    ...Victoria Azarenka's pink Nikes:heart:
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